Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bob was gasping for air as the gas filled the room.  He opened an ancient bottle, thinking maybe it had a genie inside of it.  It did, but it did not bode well for Bob.  Angered at being disturbed, the genie cursed Bob.  For every impure thought he had, he would turn female and would only change back after orgasming as a woman.  However, each time he orgasmed, he would become hornier and hornier each time he became female, and he would stay female longer.  Unless he was able to not have impure thoughts for one month, the changes would be permanent.  The genie and bottle vanished.
It didn't take Bob long to think of what he could have done if he had control of the genie, and as his thoughts turned impure, he fell to the floor and whimpered in pleasure, his body morphing into a female.  Crying out in shame, his clothes changing to match his body, Bob quickly brought himself to orgasm after orgasm.  Fifteen minutes later, he changed back to normal.
"Damnit!  I need to stay calm and have no bad thoughts for one month!  I can do it" thought Bob.  He sat down and read a magazine or two, and managed to last 4 hours.  Turning on the TV, Bob had forgotten that he had been watching the Playboy channel!  As the playmates chatted about sex on one of those shows, he couldn't help but think impure thoughts... and morphed again, and changed faster!
Unable to stop herself, her pussy feeling so empty, Bobbie rolled over on his couch and thrust his fingers into his hot wet pussy.  Orgasm after orgasm hit him harder and harder, he felt his pussy clamp down on his fingers as they became soaked with his juices.  He fell asleep with his fingers inside of his pussy, slowly thrusting down onto them.
Waking up the next morning, Bob had again changed back to his male self.  Showering quickly, he dressed and went straight to work.  "I'll bury myself in work, not an impure thought to be had at the bank". 
Sure enough, he was able to go through the day staying the straight and narrow.  Heading home for the day, Bob got to his building, and was about to step on an elevator, when one of his neighbors came out of another elevator.  She had on a pink mini-skirt and black shoes, ready to go work out. 
Unable to stop his thoughts, Bob almost immediately changed into a duplicate of the girl, clothes and all!  Gasping at the sudden urges to pleasure herself, Bobbie quickly got into the elevator without paying attention to who was inside of it.  Bobbie immediately became insatiable, throwing herself onto the stranger.  Knowing a good thing when he had it, the stranger followed Bobbie to her apartment, which oddly enough had also changed with Bobbie!
Falling to the floor, the stranger took off his clothes and ripped off most Bobbie's clothing, and plunged his cock deep into her virgin pussy.  Eyes rolling back in pleasure, Bobbie could only grunt and moan as the strangers balls slapped against her throbbing pussy and clit, orgasm after orgasm washing over her.  It didn't take long for the stranger to cum, filling Bobbie's cunt with semen for the first time.

Waking up 12 hours later, the stranger had left, but Bobbie was still female.  All the changes were still in place, and her pussy was throbbing with need.  Looking around the room, which was still filled with female items, she spotted a large vibrator in the closet.  Fingering herself as she crawled from the bed to the floor, then to the closet, Bobbie proceeded to bring herself off again and again.

Bobbie had stayed female for 3 days, and had spent the entire time alone masterbating in her apartment.  She had porn on the entire time, dreaming of sucking cocks, watching the sluts on TV fucking... being used by men, loving every second.. she would take her soaked hand from playing with her pussy and lick it clean, as she used her other hand to continue to make herself cum.
Waking up on the 4th day, Bob had finally returned to normal... but noticed that he had retained some of his female traits.. his hair was long and he was shorter than before.  He had lost all of his muscle mass!  Sashaying across the room, he didn't notice he had walked like a woman, swaying his wider hips.  Putting the TV on Cartoon Network, he figured he would be safe watching TV there. 
He called in sick... He couldn't risk leaving his apartment!  Whimpering, he was scared he wouldn't make it.  He didn't want to become that insatiable slut he was before, unable to say no to men...
Unable to say no to sucking their huge cocks, of them fucking her ass, her pussy, her big tits, filling her with load after load of creamy thick warm cum...
Bobbie felt the changes as these impure thoughts flooded her now female mind... the effect of her thinking of being used by men instead of using women caused her changes to be incredibly dramatic, her ass and hips flaring out wider than ever before, her new heavy DDD tits swelling on her chest.  Mewling in pleasure, pulling on her nipples as they lengthened, her pussy literally dripping wet, Bobbie's mind filled with images of cock.

One month later, as Bobi Boobies was pounded from behind, her huge tits swaying beneath her, all she had now were impure thoughts of being used as a whore, cock after cock entering her ass, her pussy, and her mouth as she rode and sucked each one until they filled her body with their cream.
Screaming in delight as the huge cock fucked her pussy from behind, Bobi felt it throbbing and begin twitching, filling her pussy up with semen.  "OOohhh please give me more!!!  More cock please more now!! MMPPPPPPPHHHHHH" said Bobi as another cock entered her pussy from behind, and another cock slid across her enhanced cocksucker lips, filling her mouth.
Bobi heard a faint voice in her head, screaming she thought.  It was getting weaker every day.  She had used her money she had made being such a dirty slut to enhance herself, collagen in her lips, implants to GGG tits, permanent makeup so she wouldn't have to worry about cum removing her makeup.
Bob had lost to the curse.  Bobi Boobies was the newest porn star at Vivid.

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  1. As long as Bobbi is satisfied -er, satisfied with trying to get satisfied- with her new life it really shouldn't matter what Bob thinks now, should it!?!