Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Short Circuit

Stan Hill hated shopping with his wife, she'd always go and spend hours trying on clothing.  It had gotten to a point that he'd go to the bathroom, and jerk himself off... entertainment for him at least.
This time was different.  They ended up going to some weird shop in a former Circuit City, that carried antiques and such.  Stan wandered around as Carmen, his wife, talked with the shop owner, a small little old lady.  He didn't catch the name, didn't care.
At this point it looked like it was going to be a while, so he texted his wife he had to use the restroom.
Walking into the restroom, he was glad it was decent, being a former Circuit City it was nice sized, and look like the lady kept it clean.
He pulled out his phone, and found the web site he always went to, that had men transformed against their will into women.  He smiled, his hand finding his hard cock, as he read one of his favorite stories, about a guy that is changed into a girl by his girlfriend...
As he read, Stan didn't notice that the room was getting bigger, as he was shrinking down in size.  His hand stroked his big cock, which suddenly seemed to swell even bigger in his hand...  Stan's concentration was on the feeling of his cock and the story he read, not noticing that his hair had grown longer... framing his face, which was changing slowly.
His facial features changed into one of Asian decent...
His body hair seemed to retract into his body, leaving his long, black hair on his head.
Stan's usual quiet masturbation changed, as he started moaning and whimpering as he got even more heated up.  He didn't notice his nipples swell under his shirt, but did yelp at the appearance of nipple rings in each nipple.
His whimpers and moans became more and more high pitched, as his hips and ass spread on the toilet seat, his waist shrinking impossibly thin.  His shirt suddenly changed into a corset, his sneakers changed into high heeled black shoes, with stocking running up to his thighs.
As he continued stroking his cock and reading, what felt like little needles hit all over his face, and mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow all appeared on his face, permanently tattooed on.
He moaned as he felt a piercing suddenly appear at the tip of his cock, his precum drooling from the tip in large drops into the toilet.
The image on the phone changed suddenly, a man standing there stroking his large cock, the tip dripping with precum.  
Stan moaned loudly at the image, his mind imagining him on his knees in front of that man, sucking his cock...
Stan dropped his phone as he cried out, putting his hand over his mouth as his cock exploded, over and over, huge loads of cum squirting from the tip of his cock, as it started shrinking down.  His chest had the opposite effect as his breasts swelled with each orgasm, growing at least two cup sizes for each load of cum drained from him.
His balls shrunk down to the size of pees, until they disappeared, and a slit appearing between his legs.  His once large cock now no bigger than the tip of his finger, so much more sensitive now as he wriggled his wide ass on the toilet seat, his short legs barely touching the floor.
Stan leaned back, unable to see below his waist now because of his huge GGG cup tits, each one tipped with a swollen nipple pierced with large hoops, his hand stroking and teasing his clit as it placed itself in the newly created slit between his legs, and a large amount of juice drooled from her pussy.
"Stacy, what's taking you so long!" a loud voice says, banging open the bathroom door.
Stacy Hill whimpers, "I'm sorry Master, I.. I'm hurrying up..." she whimpers.
Carl Hill opens the bathroom door and walks over to Stacy's stall.  It's obvious what she had been doing.
"I see you couldn't stop yourself, slave." he sneered down at his wife.  He unzipped his pants, pulling out his 9 inch cock.  "Suck me off, and maybe I won't punish you too much for cumming."
Stacy moaned as her lips wrapped around her Masters cock, sucking him down, deep throating him.  Her hands went around to his ass and she pulled Carl towards her, her chin now on his balls.
"That's my eager little slut." Carl said, moaning slightly as he patted Stacy's head.  "Good girl."
It didn't take long for Carl to cum with Stacy's expert cock sucking abilities, throwing a thick load of semen down her throat.  Stacy swallowed each and every drop, being sure to clean Masters balls and shaft before tucking it back into his pants.
"Thanks Slut.  But that doesn't save you from tonight." he said, clipping Stacy's leash to her collar.  "Tonight you take on 6 guys in the gang-bang room, and after that, well, maybe more..."
Stacy nodded her head in excitement as she licked her lips.  She stood up, her body jiggling as she walked, following her husband and Master out into the sex club.  They had met here 3 years ago, with Stacy being one of the slaves, and Carl a new patron.  He had bought Stacy from the owners 3 weeks later, having fallen in love with her.  He had been amazed at how submissive she was to him, and how devoted she was to being a slave.  
She could feel her juices running down her legs as she walked, thinking of all of the cocks she was going to be used by tonight.  In the back of Stacy's mind, Stan Hill cried out, wondering what had happened...


  1. Thanks for sharing another hot story with us!

  2. Damn that was a good one Kayla. I loved it!!!

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