Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fred whimpered in pleasure as his body finally completed the feminization process.  He had miscalculated, attempting to create a new process to lose weight and increase testosterone, creating muscle mass and making him as strong as Hercules...
When he took the shot, he felt the tingling... and watched in awe as his cock surprisingly increased in size, his balls becoming heavier with cream.  The rest of his body did the opposite, he shrunk in height, his body fat rearranging.  Crying out to his partner, Jack, who had convinced him to be the first test subject, "Jack, help me pleeeeaaasseeeee" his voice getting higher and higher...
Jack watched in fascination as Fred's body started changing, his hips widening over 40", his ass becoming the bubble butt that Jack had wanted Fred to have.  "Why, I am helping... myself that is.  I've always wanted a super slut..."
Fred cried out and moaned, his hands going to his chest as he felt first his nipples, then his chest expand out.  Becoming super sensitive, Fred moaned as they grew steadily.  Whimpering he felt his cock throbbing... unable to stop himself, he starts stroking its entire length, being so long it's leaking tip was within reach of his mouth. 
Tears flowing from his quickly changing face, the urge to suck on his own prick overwhelmed him.  Engulfing the head, Fred begins tonguing the tip and cum leaking slit, his balls growing, even as his body became more female.  Eyes opening wide, Fred felt his cock begin to twitch, his now small hands stroking it, and his huge balls suddenly rumble and empty up his shaft, shooting huge wads of cum into his now hungry mouth. 
Fred's balls quickly shrunk, emptying into his mouth, his eyes rolling back in bliss...
Waking up, she looks around the strange room.  Wearing lingerie and her heavy tits hanging down, Francine reaches between her legs finding a wet, hairless slit.  Immediately she feels empty, reaches over to the night stand, and picks up the 10" dildo, sliding it deep into her new pussy.
Jack walks over to the bed, his enhanced cock dripping a bit of precum, and smiles down at his creation.  She looks up and immediately grabs his cock and guides it into her mouth...
"It's just what I wanted... Mmmmm"


  1. Ooo, interesting transition, don't see one like that very often. I like seeing new ideas and approaches. Nice pic too, Fred's fem form is quite hot! :) I'd actually love to see this go further, perhaps a series?

  2. Why thank you Vixy, I'll see what I can do!

  3. While their muscle-growth compound may not have worked like Frank intended, I'm sure Francine has discovered the new power of Her-cute-titties to induce the desires of men to come pound her powerfully voluptuous body!!!

    Pretty HOT, Kayla!!!

  4. 2 and 1/2 months... You still with us hun?