Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Jed wanted to go to the Sandal's resort in the tropics, but couldn't afford to go.  His boss Chet overheard him and suggested that Jed wear their new bio suit, and he could go with him, since his wife and him had gotten a divorce, and he didn't want to waste the tickets.  But they had to keep it a secret!

Jed thought about it, and said ok, as long as all they had to do was just hang out.

Jed was a nobody with no family and wouldn't be missed.  Before leaving on vacation, Chet had put in the paperwork for Jed being fired immediately for underperforming in his duties. Now it would be simple to not have Jed return when Chet did.

During the flight, Jed wore the simple version of the bio suit.  Or what he thought was the  simple version.  Chet was able to make changes as the flight went on using the Bluetooth connection to his cell phone.

It had been simple to reprogram the suit on the flight.  Jed didn't even notice the changes to his body as they happened, since they were set to start after 1am that first night.  

Jed woke up confused, and horny, playing with his new fat tits with one hand, his new sopping pussy with the other, trying to cum, but unable to do so.

Chet heard him whimpering  in the next room of their suite, and grinned.  He had made it so that the only way Jed would orgasm would be with a cock in her somewhere.  Masturbating would only make it worse.

Chet rushed into the room, asking if all was ok... naked of course.  Jed's eyes locked onto his cock and he dove to her knees, and started sucking on him like a crazy woman, moaning and mewling in pleasure, her body quaking as her fingers finally let her cum with his dick in her mouth.

Two days later Jed, now calling herself Judy, screamed in pleasure as Chet fucked her drooling pussy. She couldn't stop herself... she was almost always horny!  She needed Chet's big cock fucking her all the time!  

"Chet must be right!" thought Judy, feeling another orgasm building, "I must want to be this way, I love it so much!!"

Chet held onto the mewling sluts wide hips as she came over and over, and smiled.    Jed was already so addicted to being Judy, that Chet had caught him blowing one of the Sandals staff! His... well, her, urges had overwritten any hesitation she may have had.

The settings on the suit were also changing her mental state... eroding the once intelligent man into a horny, cock crazed bimbo.

Who needs a wife when you can own a slut?

Chet grunted and pumped his cum deep into his whore's steaming cunt, causing her to cum again and again.

New Story Easter Eggs on Patreon!

I've started a new story on Patreon, and am using some new formatting, and it's downloadable as a PDF file.

Working on getting animated GIF files into the PDFs so that will come at some point.

Will set the file to view for everyone in a few days, patrons get first look at it!

Thanks everyone, and please be patient as I figure this all out!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Story Posted on Patreon!

Posted a story I wrote 5 years ago on Patreon, I hope you all enjoy it!

I've decided that there will be exclusive content on Patreon to keep things interesting, such as the story I just mentioned... and will be posting some things here as well, though some stories may not be as long here.

Patreon will definitely get exclusive previews of upcoming stories, so be sure join up!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Patreon and Happy Easter!

Hi all!

I had a thought this morning... I think that I will put the big stories I write up on Patreon first, giving those of you that have decided to help me the ability to read them first.  

Don't worry everyone, those that don't pledge will still get to read them, just later on.  Though might make some "special" stories that are only available to patrons... 

So after Easter, I'll be doing some writing for those that have pledged!  And will be posting some one offs here as well.

Happy Easter to all my girls!  I truly love you all!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New Spokeswoman Image!

Some of you have noticed (Chloe I'm looking at you!) that I've switched images for the blog and myself.  

Well, as much as I loved that other pic, I love Siri Suxxx more!

This woman is, at least to me,  the ideal woman.

Not only is she just beautiful, her body is made for breeding and sex.  Thick and curvy, in all the right places she is my goal... 

So from now on when I post updates or notifications, she will be used as my "spokeswoman"!

Love you!

P.S.:  All images used are copied from the internet.  I do not own any of these images in any way, and if they need to be removed please let me know.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Patreon Begins!

Well, in thinking it over and with some support from some fans, I've created a Patreon to hopefully allow me to spend more time being creative, and allow me to join up with some sites that have picture galleries!

Here is the link:

Take a look, and think about it... so many of you read my little stories daily, and get what I believe is tons of pleasure from them.  I urge you all to help me out, help me be better!!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Need It

At first, Tanya said it was a game she wanted to play, wanted to tease him, and they started out with a small dildo.  She toyed with his asshole, calling him her little girl.  Jeremy was like, whatever, but a pressure started building in his cock, it swelled up and throbbed in time to her thrusting, and he came!  The first time Jeremy came with a dildo in his ass he cried out in bliss, not realizing that his body changed ever so slightly...

That was two weeks ago.  Tanya kept up her teasing of Jeremy, fucking him every few hours.  The dildo's got bigger and longer...

His hair had grown longer, his body shrunk down, his ass ballooned out, and his tits had grown.  His hips widened, his belly redistributed to other needed areas.

With each orgasm he was becoming more and more feminine.

Jeremy had  become addicted to it.  Needing to be fucked.  He tried to resist, but would end up begging Tanya to fuck him.

"I won't fuck you unless you ask me, Jerry honey..." she would tease.

"Please, please Mistress Tanya, I need it..."

"My little sissy needs a big cock in HER ass?"

"Yes oh yes please, make your sissy cum!"

Jeremy squirmed and moaned as his wife plunged the dildo into his ass.  The newest dildo was a replica of his own cock and balls, and he could feel every inch as it pumped in and out of him.

He bucked and writhed on the end of the dildo.  Pushing himself back onto the dildo, Jeremy came in buckets, squirting a huge load onto the floor, screaming in pleasure, his body shrinking down even more, his body changing further and further every day.

Tanya watched as Jeremy lapped up his own cum off of the floor, his higher pitched moans filling the room.  Jeremy was stuck in a vicious trap, the only end in sight was for Jeremy to become Jeri, Tanya's force feminized toy...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Choice Made

Subject 8479-WH

Our lab assistant Chuck Draper was exposed to the new experimental nanites from our genetics facility, with unusual results, a 95% female with their male penis mostly intact.  Her breasts grew out at an alarming rate, stopping at a D cup.  He took on an hourglass shape, his hips and ass expanding to feminine features.  His hair lengthened, and facial features also feminized.  Subject was already small in stature, but also appears to have lost approximately 2 inches in height.  The rest of his body also became smaller in stature, including hands and feet.

Chuck's mental state changed as well, becoming fully feminine, to the extreme, begging for lingerie and makeup.  His voice became higher in pitch, and mannerisms have taken on a feminine quality.   Subject prefers the came "Chelsea" now.

Subject appears to be obsessed with males and sex.  Constantly aroused, when no males are around "she" plays with herself, masturbating every hour or so.  Her penis is semi-hard or hard, and her anus appears to secrete lubrication, much like a woman's vagina, allowing her to have sex without the need for other types of lubrication.

Subject's orgasm creates a feminine, clear secretion from her ass and her penis, her penis slowly drooling out it's liquid during sex, squirting when orgasms.  Her anal cavity appears to act just like a human female's genitalia, being able to milk male's when in the act of sex.

Subject appears to require male semen on a regular basis to survive.  Our tests show a dependency in her body chemistry for it.  It may be taken orally or anally, and must be fresh semen.  Semen from animals can be used temporarily, but she must have human semen within a 24 hour period, otherwise subject may become ill and expire.



"Those stupid doctor people, they test and test and all... Ooooh his cock tastes so good... Mmmmmm!"

"Oh yeah that feels so good on my clitty cock... ooh it's leaking a lot!  I bet my little balls are getting bigger as they fill up with cummy!"

"I don't want to ever stop sucking big dicks!  Sighhhhh he's got a big one... ooh gotta stroke my clitty cock... but can't cum yet!!!  Oh they taking pictures again... all that studying and stuff... I bet they all jerk their cocks off to me... "

"I love it when guys hold my head... I can't stop touching myself either... but I gotta be careful, I want him to cum in my ass this time!  Though I do like drinking down a thick load of cum!"

The subjects intelligence has diminished quite a bit.  Her education level appears to be that of a 14 year old.  Though it is hard to test, as subject is easily distracted by men or her own penis.  Mr. Draper was college educated, with a Masters in Bioneural and Molecular Mechanics. 

Subject loves to be taken from behind.  Seems to be a primal urge maybe, being mounted like an animal.  We have noted that her needs are more animalistic, rough sex is preferred by her.

Judging by the fluids dripping from her penis and her ass, she's wanting to be mounted, badly.  Her penis, which she calls her clitty cock, is now even more swollen.  Her small ball sacks have also gotten larger, as her body creates more of her juices.


"Oh baby I need your cock in me, hurry, I'm so hungry for you!" 

I could feel my body jiggle as I presented myself to the man behind me... I didn't care about names, I wanted his cum!

He grabbed my ass, kneading it.  I could feel my wetness in my ass pussy as it trickled down my balls and clitty cock, adding to the juices already dripping from the tip.

"Yeah, that's it... OH god that feels so good... stick it in, please, I so need a cock inside me!"


As you can see the subjects anal passage is self lubricating, as mentioned in prior notes.  It's believed that most of her body mass that she had originally has been converted to this substance when not transferred to her breasts, hips, and ass, and when she does eat normal food, it is converted as well.

Subject's excitement increases the closer the male penis gets to her anal pussy, as we call it.  She also tends to lick her lips.  At some point a test with two males will be done to gauge her reaction.

As can be seen here, the male prepares himself for entry.  Males that have participated in the test have not reported any ill effects, and all have said they would be happy to continue their sexual encounters with her.


"Oh yeah please... his cock on my ass feels so good... I only wish I could suck on a fat cock too!!!"

She gasps in pleasure as the cock finally starts to push into her... unable to stop herself, she pushes her ass back onto him.  Her eyes roll back as his cock fills her.

"Oh Daddy fuck me, fuck me good!!" she cries out as he starts to slowly fuck her, then increases his thrusts.  

Chelsea's body is rocked by pleasure as her arousal increases as she is used.  She squeals and moans as her balls plump up more and more as her juices fill them.


Note: subjects balls have started swelling up quickly.  Tests have shown that the more aroused subject becomes, the more juices her body creates.  These juices are stored in her ball sack.


"Fuck me, yeah... fuck my pussy!  OH YES CUMMING!!!"

Chelsea's clitty cock explodes, shooting thick streams of cream across the sheets.  She grunts and cries out as the first orgasm washes over her...

"Cumming... yes, cumming again!  Make me your slut Daddy!!  Fuck me hard!!  Make me cum!!!" Chelsea screams, her body convulsing, falling forward onto the bed, her clitty cock again shooting thick streams of cream across the sheets. A large wet spot gets bigger and bigger as her body releases it's cream.

Chelsea whimpers and mewls as she feels her balls churning, fattening up again, creating even more cream that will be released... the mans hands grip her hips as he pushes deeper and deeper into her, her breasts wobbling on her chest, her ass jiggling wildly.

The man grunts loudly, his cock swelling and throbbing inside her.  Chelsea screams in bliss as her body is rocked by one orgasm after another, triggered by the man's cock exploding inside her ass pussy, coating it with his jizm.  Her hips thrust back into his thrusts, as her ass milks him of the rest of his cum.

Subject will continue to be studied.  Few things to note:  Subjects physical age has decreased from 55 yrs old, to 21 yrs old.  Examining her cell structure, it appears she ages much slower than normal humans.  She also appears to be immune to all diseases known. 

Subject could contain the answer to extending human life and illuminating all disease.  Challenge is to prevent the radical changes from occurring, and finding out how Chuck\Chelsea was changed.


Chelsea lay back smiling to herself... sucking on her nipple, the pleasure shooting through her body as she tasted the beginnings of her being able to lactate, all of her dreams had come true.  Well, his.

Chelsea screamed in pleasure as her clitty cock squirted into the air, covering her stomach in her cream, her titty milk flowing even more now, filling her mouth.  Soon her breasts would be even bigger.  Mountains of boobs on her chest, leaking her milk, hungry for cock after cock in her mouth and ass pussy.

She stroked her clitty more, her eyes closed, sucking on her milk, her mind filled with images of her bent over, her huge boobs being milked, men fucking her face and ass pussy as her clitty shot load after load into a hose filling a container to store her cream...

Chuck had exposed himself to the nanites, having programmed them himself.  This is what he wanted to be.  What she chose for herself. 

To be a cumslut shemale whore addicted to men, being milked, and cum.

Monday, April 8, 2019

It Feels Good

I couldn't stop myself...

I shuddered in another orgasm as I watched myself... I squealed and moaned as my body shrunk down even more.

My hair lengthened again, turning more blonde.

My lips became fuller, my legs thickened to support the ass I felt bubble out, jiggling as my fingers rubbed my new pussy.  My dick now no bigger than a carrot, but more sensitive than I'd ever known.

Small breasts blossomed from my chest, my nipples growing hard in arousal.

I had no idea how big they would get.  I watched in the mirror as my areola grew larger and larger... something told me they would be huge.

All I could do is gasp and mewl as the changes continued, each orgasm I had pushed me further and further away from the male I had been.

It felt so good...

Martin watched his former brother in law Ken as he doomed himself to being a woman... and not just a normal woman. Martin would make sure she would be used every day as a whore.

Martin couldn't help but smile to himself.  His sister had loved him dearly, but he never could hold a job, and was a lazy fuck.  She divorced him.

So Martin decided to turn him into a fuck... but not a lazy one.  A very horny fuck.


3 Hours Later

Ken was so horny... his hands were covered in his pussy juices, and his new bubble butt lay in a huge wet spot on the bed.

His huge tits wobbled on his chest, still slowly growing with each orgasm.

Ken wondered if it was ever going to stop... 

His answer was another orgasm.

Monday, March 25, 2019


Cheryl Conrad smiled as she at her dinner.  A dinner she had been planning for months, for her anniversary for her and her husband who was across the table from her.

But not in the way he had expected.

James Conrad struggled in the cage, having awoken inside it...

He looked down at his body, seeing large breasts wobbling on his chest, he tried to cry out, but a ball gag filled his mouth!  He was bound and gagged, unable to move much.

He struggled, the cage bouncing on the table, his cries muffled by the gag.

"Ah, my new pet is awake... I be you're wondering what's happened here... aren't you honey?  Well, let me tell you that finding out that you've been fucking around on me with your secretary was a shocker..."

James shook his head no, whimpered and moaned, trying to speak.

"Oh no need in denying it.  I've talked to Gloria and she admitted it to me.  Poor dear was told that you were going to leave me... and to think you just asked me to renew our wedding vows!  Well, she wasn't too happy about that, so we had a nice, long chat.  She's going to tell everyone at your company that you and I have gone on vacation, indefinitely."

James tried to scream and yell, but all that came out of his mouth was muffled gurgles and sounds.

"Oh, you like that idea of a vacation?  Well let me tell you, I've got a doozy of one for you... You see, I grew up in a family that has... powers... we're witches.  And we're very powerful at that.  I had hoped to one day share that info with you properly, not like this.  Not as punishment."

"Speaking of punishment, here it is... since you fucked me over, I'm going to fuck you over... " Cheryl said, picking up a remote.

"I control that sweet dildo sitting at the entrance to your new little pussy..." she said, turning the knob allowing the dildo to sink into James a couple of times, then stopping.

James eyes widened and he squealed in pleasure for a moment.

"Now, darling husband, here's your test... currently you're stuck like this for 24 hours.  Now, if you cum, that adds another 24 hours.  Each time you cum, 24 hours is added to your sentence."

"Now, lets get you all wet first..." Cheryl laughs, and turns the machine on, setting it at it's slowest speed.

"This will warm you up... Oh don't worry I'll speed it up in a bit." Cheryl laughs again, stands and walks out of the room.

James eyes widen... gasps for breath around the gag... feels the dildo slowly and methodically slide into him repeatedly... a heat builds slowly inside his pussy as it moves in and out... in and out...

An hour later Cheryl walks back into the dining room, smiling ear to ear.  James legs are quaking, and the squishing sounds of a wet pussy being fucked fill the room.  She can tell that he's trying to move to get more friction to cum, but the machine was programmed to anticipate anything like that.

James eyes are wild, darting around the room as he tries to move just a little bit, his breathing ragged and gasping femininely... trying desperately to cum at least once to relieve himself.  Sweat pours from his body as he is teased mercilessly, still not having been allowed to cum.  Drool covers his chin and chest.

"Oh how's my little fuck bitch, you ready honey?  Are you ready to cum?" Cheryl smirks.

James eyes look at her and he nods vigorously... 

"So, you're telling me, you want to sentence yourself to being a woman for another 24 hours, is that right?"

James nods again... 

Cheryl picks up the control, and speeds it up for a split second before turning it back down again.

James body quakes as he feels the change, but again, is denied cumming.

James mewls in frustration as tears flow from his eyes.

Cheryl laughs at him.  "One last time... You want me to turn the control up higher so that you can cum, right?"

James shakes his head vigorously yes, eyes pleading.

"Alright, sweety, here it goes..." Cheryl says, and turns the knob.

James feels the dildo speed up it's pumping, and feels the orgasm that has been right there on the edge, begin building faster and faster.  He closes his eyes focusing everything on the pumping dildo.  James can't help but sigh in relief as it builds, knowing what's coming.

Cheryl watches carefully as James gets closer and closer, then says to James, "By the way, I'm not stopping it after one orgasm, honey.  Once you cum the first time, you'll have wave after wave of nice big cums... each one adding a day to your sentence... I doubt you'll be able to count how many times you'll cum.  Let's just say that I doubt I'll ever see my husband again."

James cries out and whimpers hearing her words, shakes her head no as her first orgasm washes over her body, her body straining and convulsing as her pussy gushes juices down her ass crack... and sure enough, another orgasm crashes over her again, then again, and again...

What he didn't know was that he was also becoming addicted to female orgasms, would start craving them.  He wouldn't be able to stop himself.  So again, more time added each and every time he cums.

Cheryl sips her wine as she watches her husband thrash about in the cage, having sentenced himself into being a horny slut.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Quick Change

"He can't stop cumming, can he?"

"No, he can't... not until the nanites finish with him... then he'll be a hungry little slut for the brothels in Nevada."

"Damn, look at that pussy, it's leaking!"

"That's what's left of his male essense... won't take long now and her tits will get to about a C cup.  Then we can try her out."


Craig felt his new pussy get so hot and needy, and it would just spasm making him scream in pleasure as it leaked out juice...

All he wanted was a job in Vegas... he came for an interview.  He woke up on a bed with just a shirt on... and was female.

Now he was just cumming, and cumming, and cumming... 

Problem was... 

It felt so good now... and what he wanted most of all now, was a cock to suck or fuck.


Marty had found his wife's magic book, and used it to become a woman, with a nice big ass and tits.  He had wanted to feel what it was like to be a woman, and how it felt to cum like one... he used his fantasy girl in his mind to come up with the shape and look.

Well, Jessica had come home early to find Marty using her vibrator on his new pussy.

Jessica waved her arms in the air and spoke some language, and Marty found himself tied to the bed.

"You want to know how it feels, huh Marty?  Well, I'll make sure you never forget!  I told you never to mess with my books, and that there would be dire consequences..."

Jessica, turned the vibrator on medium, and strapped it against Marty's wet pussy.

Marty's cries were muffled by the used pair of his own underwear Jessica stuffed in his mouth, his body quaking uncontrollably as one orgasm after another was forced on him.

Marty couldn't stop tasting the maleness that was in the crotch of his own underwear... he had leaked into them when setting all this up, so he was tasting his own male semen!


Jessica watched from the other side of the room as Marty's muffled screams of orgasms filled the room.  It had been 2 hours since she had started all this, and she wasn't about to let it finish now.  She had warned him about this.

What Marty didn't know was that with each orgasm, he would stay in this form for longer and longer periods of time, and become hornier and hornier.  Jessica had counted 50 so far.  So many that she doubted that Marty would ever turn back.  He would be addicted to men.

The only satisfaction that Marty would get would not be from vibrators, but from real live COCKS!  Each orgasm meant that Marty had to fuck a cock and cum from that cock, and make that cock cum.

Jessica wondered for a moment if making Marty addicted to cock sucking was a bit much, but oh well.  Too late now.

What number was that... 75?

Jessica shook her head as Marty's ass jiggled and trembled as she orgasmed again.  So much for marriage... 


All he had done was broken into the star basketball players penthouse, was only going to steal cash that he could find when he was caught by the player, and turned into a girl before he knew it.  His clothes had vanished when he changed.

The man grinned at Danny, grabbing his arms and dragging him naked to the couch, before picking up the squealing Danny and lowering Danny onto his huge cock.

"P..p..please don't do this!  I don't wanna be a girl!"

Danny struggled, but he was so small now compared to the man.

"To fucking bad, slut... when I'm done, you'll be a tiny little fucktoy for me to play with, as soon as I cum inside that sweet, tight, little pussy..."

Danny couldn't stop... he was caught up in the strong mans arms, his huge cock fucking his new pussy.  He could feel something building within him with each stroke of the mans cock.

The man whispered in his ear, "When you cum, your change is permanent... when I cum in you, you will be my sex slave!"

Danny whimpered as he knew what was going to happen... it was building so fast now... she threw her head back and screamed, her orgasm washing over her body, the man pulling on her nipples and pumping into her deeply, causing her to cum over and over on his cock!

"My turn, whore..." he hissed as he held her down and she felt his cock pulse, filling her pussy with his jizm.

Her eyes widened as she fell in love with him and knew she would obey his every command.


2 Years Later

I moan as I suck Masters huge cock... I so love the taste!  I always make sure to wear his favorite outfit for me to wear when he comes home every day from practice.

I love being pregnant too, since he lets me suck him off more to be sure I'm not fucking to much.  His cum tastes so good!  All his friends cum tastes good too, but not like Masters!

I hold my belly, and hope this baby will be a girl, but Master says it will be a boy like Jamal, our other son, and will be strong like him.  He says that maybe next time when he allows his friends to cum in me unprotected that they will give me a baby girl!

I feel the baby kick as Master explodes in my mouth... and I cum, my pussy leaking down my thighs...

I don't remember what it was like before I met Master, I just know I'm so happy!