Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hi all!  Getting used to Sponsus, getting a little better at posting... got some new stories out there!  Come check them out!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Put a check mark!!!

Hello all my loves!!!

Some questions have come up about Sponsus… 

When you Subscribe to one of my tiers, be SURE to put a check mark underneath the Click here to Support button to access content NOW, otherwise it won't allow access until the following month... 

Click that and you'll get immediate access!!!

I love you all, and please, come support me!  I'm working on new stuff as quick as I can, will have an update next week!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Ok, so Patreon is an ASSHOLE! TIME TO MOVE!

I've been "chatting" with the powers that be over at Patreon, and I've come up with what I think will work... I'm moving all of the stories over to a new service, Sponsus.

So they pretty much want me to remove ALL of my pictures\images from the stories, which to me, is a big part of my stories... so it's gonna be a no... hence, I'm moving.

Sponsus is very similar to Patreon, as having subscription based services available, but it also looks like if there is a story that interests you, you can purchase access to that story only!  I'm not 100% on that but it looks like it's true... 

I will notify you guys of when it's ready.  It's the same tier structure as over on Patreon.  Cancel that one, and come on over to Sponsus... 

I look forward to seeing you over there, my girls and boys!!!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Patreon is Messing With Me...

Hello all of my FANS!  I'm sorry but right now my Patreon account is suspended until they decide that my pics that I have on there aren't against their rules... I find it odd that after months of being on there, suddenly they find it offensive.  

Well, there you go... I'm also looking into alternatives.  Another similar service, or there is a "tip" service that may work... that would allow those that can't put any towards a tier to read my stories and give me some funds when they can.

Let me know if you all have any suggestions... I know I'm still getting a lot of hits on here and will as long as it exists... And I love doing it free for you guys, but as in all things, I feel appreciated when you guys join up on the Patreon site, and comment, and I get tipped.  

Doing this for you all is a life calling for me... yes, I sometimes go a time without updating, but I have to let my brain rest at times... but with the Patreon account, I've done pretty well I think, of updating regularly.

So come up with some suggestions of what we can try... and comment on this... lets figure something out that works for all of us.

Image result for siri xxx think

After all, I wanna continue to be ya'll's bad girl and make you be the slut of your fantasies... I want ya'll cumming for your Kayla... 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cum Join Us!

Hello girls!  I want you all to come join me on my Patreon site!  There are some new stories to see, and pleasure yourself to!  $5 will get you access to all of them, and monthly that will allow you to see all of them all the time!  If, however, you can't afford a monthly subscription, I understand if you  do only every now and then.  

So come on my pets, come join us!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Looking Glass on Patreon!

Exclusive to Patreon, Jonathan has a dilemma, what will happen?
Find out!
Image result for amy anderssen bdsm xxx gif

Monday, June 24, 2019

Thursday, June 20, 2019

New on Patreon!  Does this spy lose, or win?

Find out on Bus Baby!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New Post on Patreon!

Hello!  Got a new post on Patreon for you all to look at and cum too!

And don't worry, I am planning on putting a few posts here still, just not big ones like Patreon has.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Exclusive Patreon Stories, and one goes PUBLIC June 29th!

Hi sweet pets!  So sorry I was away, but work sent me off and it just made me get behind in my stories!  

But I have several new ones out there, one will be public on the 29th, the others will be exclusive to Patreon, so join up and enjoy!

And don't forget... Ohhhh Daddy let me finish... to join up to get all the stories that are cummming up.... 

Ok Daddy, finger my pussy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


My memories are vague, but I know I was once a male... I wasn't sure of what my name was.  I found myself strapped down, my new body jiggling, my big boobs bouncing as the man fucked my ass methodically, slowly.  I squealed and moaned in pleasure as my pussy spasmed, begging to be filled as it leaked down the crack of my ass with each stroke of the mans cock.

"That's it sissy, give into your urges... give into your true nature as a submissive sissy girl... it's what you were born to be.  A slave to real men.  Reading all of those TG stories over the years.  Well, whether you wanted it or not, this is your fate now... To become a slave to men and their cocks.  To worship their dicks, washing their balls and shafts with your mouth, like the eager little sissy that you are!" the man said.

The man holding my wrists and legs smiled.  "That's right little slut, spread those legs wide for your masters.  What an eager little piece of ass you're becoming!  No REAL MAN would want this.  No REAL MAN would allow themselves to be changed into a sissy slut!" he laughed as I fought back as best I could, but only helped the man fucking my ass.

"No please... OH GOD NO!  I don't want to be a...AAAAAHHHH!!!!!" I yelled as a wave of pleasure washed over me.

"You're almost there, this orgasm will make you purge all of that nasty maleness you once had, filling you with nothing but estrogen and feminine hormones... You'll be more feminine that any real girl as all those male hormones will be gone, forever.  You will obey any and all males, wear nothing but the girliest of clothing, the frilliest of dresses, and you'll crave the softest silks and fabrics.  Pants are a no-no for you from now on.  High heels and stockings instead of any other type of shoe."

I could feel the pressure building within my pussy... the teasing and taunting getting me closer and closer to a huge orgasm that would seal my fate... I tried to tear myself away from them.  But it only excited me more as the man's cock inside plunged deeper into me as my body struggled.

"Now, CUM for your MASTERS, you slut!  CUM for us and seal your FATE!!"

I screamed as I felt my body tense up, and an orgasm washed over me like none I'd ever felt before!  Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as my pussy spasmed over and over, the man fucking me pulling out just as I orgasmed, and rubbing his cock over my throbbing cunt, his cum covering my pussy as he exploded!

My pussy started squirting what was left of my maleness into the air as I screamed, forever locking me into my new body and purpose.

The men watched as the new sluts mouth wrapped around the closest cock, and she managed to squirm herself onto the cock that had been fucking her ass.

This one was a keeper.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Story Update on Patreon!

Related image

Let me suck the cum right out of your cock!!!

Can't Stop 2!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Story Update!

New story Can't Stop starting at!

This is the first chapter, with more to "cum" for Charles!

This story is featuring one of my patrons, Charles.  Yes honey, it's you... I hope you enjoy your little "trip"!

This story will be only available to those that have joined up on Patreon, but WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC NEXT WEEK!  I've decided that most parts of my stories will be made public, but others will only be available to patrons.

So keep an eye out my loves, trying to do at minimum 1 story\chapter a week, if not more.

Oh and so far, 11 patrons!  I so thank all of you for helping me out!  You special people will get everything ahead of time and also special treats from time to time!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Jed wanted to go to the Sandal's resort in the tropics, but couldn't afford to go.  His boss Chet overheard him and suggested that Jed wear their new bio suit, and he could go with him, since his wife and him had gotten a divorce, and he didn't want to waste the tickets.  But they had to keep it a secret!

Jed thought about it, and said ok, as long as all they had to do was just hang out.

Jed was a nobody with no family and wouldn't be missed.  Before leaving on vacation, Chet had put in the paperwork for Jed being fired immediately for underperforming in his duties. Now it would be simple to not have Jed return when Chet did.

During the flight, Jed wore the simple version of the bio suit.  Or what he thought was the  simple version.  Chet was able to make changes as the flight went on using the Bluetooth connection to his cell phone.

It had been simple to reprogram the suit on the flight.  Jed didn't even notice the changes to his body as they happened, since they were set to start after 1am that first night.  

Jed woke up confused, and horny, playing with his new fat tits with one hand, his new sopping pussy with the other, trying to cum, but unable to do so.

Chet heard him whimpering  in the next room of their suite, and grinned.  He had made it so that the only way Jed would orgasm would be with a cock in her somewhere.  Masturbating would only make it worse.

Chet rushed into the room, asking if all was ok... naked of course.  Jed's eyes locked onto his cock and he dove to her knees, and started sucking on him like a crazy woman, moaning and mewling in pleasure, her body quaking as her fingers finally let her cum with his dick in her mouth.

Two days later Jed, now calling herself Judy, screamed in pleasure as Chet fucked her drooling pussy. She couldn't stop herself... she was almost always horny!  She needed Chet's big cock fucking her all the time!  

"Chet must be right!" thought Judy, feeling another orgasm building, "I must want to be this way, I love it so much!!"

Chet held onto the mewling sluts wide hips as she came over and over, and smiled.    Jed was already so addicted to being Judy, that Chet had caught him blowing one of the Sandals staff! His... well, her, urges had overwritten any hesitation she may have had.

The settings on the suit were also changing her mental state... eroding the once intelligent man into a horny, cock crazed bimbo.

Who needs a wife when you can own a slut?

Chet grunted and pumped his cum deep into his whore's steaming cunt, causing her to cum again and again.