Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Darrel moaned in shame and pleasure... his ex-wife Jasmine pushing his newly widened hips, his bubble butt jiggling as Jasmines new boyfriend fucked hisass.  His new boobs bounced on his chest, the long, hard, fat nipples grazing the fur carpet causing more pleasure than he could take... he orgasmed again, his shrinking cock now only an inch long streaming his jizz onto the bottom of his heavy, growing tits, and he screamed in pleasure, his voice rising in pitch.
"That's a good slut, Darrel.. you're starting to love this aren't you.. you started fucking yourself onto Jacks big cock without my help.  I've been just laying my hands on that bouncing ass of yours."
Whimpering in shame, Darrel's whole body begins to quake, and his cock gives out another stream of cum, and his body shrinks in size...
"Oh look Jack, if SHE fucks you much longer, there won't be any going back... HER body mass will be to small to transform back...  A few more orgasms and you'll be stuck, Darrel, no, it should be DANIELLE!!" laughed Jasmine, slapping the growing ass as the newly christened Danielle screamed in pleasure as she felt her tits expand more, her hips and ass grow again.
3 Hours Later
Danielle moaned as Jacks friend Bob fucked the ass of the nympho that Jack had introduced him to.  The 5'1" package of 46DD 22 44 dynamite couldn't get enough cock, and had worn out three men before him.  This whore loved fucking and sucking, and he owed Jack big time!
Grunting in pleasure, Bob's huge cock began twitching and pulsing, and then with a loud grunt, Bob pumped Danielle's ass full of his semen.  This triggered another huge orgasm from the squealing girl, her pussy spasming and contracting, her female cream leaking in streams down her leg to the bed below.

Bob gets off the bed, another man taking his place.  Moving up towards Danielle's face, he grabs her hair, she automatically open her mouth, and feeds her his cock, inch by inch.  Slowly he fucks her face.  She gulps and sucks at the cock, moaning around the shaft.  She manages to look over her shoulder and see's a line of men out the door, all of them with hard throbbing cocks all for her...
Another man moves behind her, and shoves his thick cock into her pussy and begins fucking her... Her eyes open wide in shock and then she screams in pleasure around the cock in her mouth... losing herself in the moment that won't seem to end.
Darrell is gone, only Danielle the whore remains.  Jasmine looks over to the bed and watches for a moment... This is what she was meant to be, she'll definitely be a good earner for her.  She had already brought in $5000 since her and Jack opened the door so to speak, and it didn't appear to be stopping anytime soon.
Checking the video camera, Jasmine watched as her horny little slut took on three more cocks at once and screamed a muffled scream around the fresh cock in her mouth as she came again and again...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brain's a little tired tonight, so I thought I post a few pics to get you girls off tonight, just imagine that it's you being cocked so good... Master's heavy balls slapping against you, his thick cock inside your ass or new pussy...
Grabbed and used as Master's fucktoy, his friends filling each end with their loads of pure ambrosia... your little clitty constantly dribbling out your cream...
Night girls!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

This is what we all strive to be...

We wish someone would take us like this...


 Randy had been a mechanic for decades, and over that time he had learned how to take advantage of the "losers" that stopped for help at his garage.  Usually the loser would pay several hundred more than anywhere else, since he didn't give them a choice.  After all, where else would you go in the Nevada desert?
A car came up to the garage, steam billowing from the engine bay.  A man got out, asked for assistance.  Popping the hood, Randy said his radiator had given out, and it would take $400 to repair, even though the real problem was just a $20 coolant hose.
The man stared at Randy, shaking his head.  "You are a greedy, vicious bastard, Randy... or should I say BITCH..." 
Randy felt suddenly weak, hot, his entire body tingling.. his blue t-shirt writhed and changed, along with his jeans... he felt a odd pulling sensation in his crotch, along with a swelling in his ass and chest...  The world seemed to get larger by the second, or the stranger was growing before him...
Whimpering in fear, not understanding what was going on, his clothing had transformed.. a simple halter top and jean skirt, along with thong panties... his former cock now only an inch long, hard as a diamond and leaking constantly.  He also had a slit right below the new clitty cock, also seeping juice into the crotch of the thong...
"What's going on... what happened?" Randy squeaked, feeling a tongue piercing in her mouth.. She looked at the stranger, who had now unzipped his pants, holding a long, thick and extremely hard cock in his hand, drops of precum dripping from the tip.
"Ooooh what a delicious looking cock!! I gotta suck it Master!!" 
Kneeling down in horror, Randy, unable to stop herself, took the thick shaft in her now tiny hand and guided the throbbing member to her new puffy lips... moaning in pleasure\horror, she could feel her 55 yr old male mechanic self disappearing, and Randi the 21 yr old fuckslut start taking over.  Her crotch tingling constantly, feeling so empty, Randi suckled and licked the cock, until she was rewarded with her favorite treat, a fresh load of yummy cummy!
Gulping it down, Randi looks up at her Master, as he picks her up and turns her around, pushing her to her hands and knees on the lounge... she feels him push up her skirt, and slide her thong to the side... mewling in pleasure, the cock enters her ass and she moans loudly in pleasure, her clitty cock and pussy both pulsing and soaking her panties... until the cream starts to drip from the gusset of her panties...
"There there my sissy slut, this is where you belong... skewered on a cock moaning and screaming... Just to let you know, once I cum inside you, it's permanent.." Grabbing Randi's wide hips he starts pumping faster causing her to orgasm again...
Randy the mechanic tries one last time to stop him\herself... and feels Masters cock start throbbing inside her ass... using all his\her will to pull away, Randy... FAILS, and feels MASTERS HOT SEED FILL HER ASS...
Randy screams in horror in her mind... as Randi cleans Masters cock with her mouth and tongue.

Kevin struggled as his girlfriend Rebecca held the funnel, and another strangers cock shot it's load into it and it flowed into his open mouth.  The tingling intensified in his body, his hair lengthened more, he felt his ass swell and the weight grow on his chest... Kevin's cock almost hurts as it tingles and as he gurgles and screams in pleasure, shoots a load of cum into a cock sleeve attached to a small house, leading to a baby bottle already half full.
Seeing the terror in his eyes, Rebecca laughs, "This is what you fucking deserve you pervert, reading all those transformation stories.  What you didn't know was I'm really a witch, and have the power to make your sick dreams come true!  Enjoy your new life, slut.  It's permanent.  AND the good news is you won't age a day, you'll be like this forever!"
Choking down the fresh load, moaning in shame, he\she feels more of his\her maleness slip away... another man walks up and the process continues...
4 hours later, Kendra's new pussy is pounded by the cock as she screams in orgasm, her new tits bouncing on her chest, her fleshy ass jiggling to each thrust.  2 hours ago her clitty cock finally spurt it's last load and became her new clit, and her pussy lips formed.  Her pussy finished developing shortly thereafter, opening with a flood of clear pussy juice, and immediately itching for a cock to fill it. 
It didn't take long after that for the first, second, and 10th man to fuck that pussy and fill it with cum.   

Saturday, January 11, 2014

OMG girls I have not had any comments in sooo long!  Please oh please give me some, good bad indifferent!  Tell me how hard you cum, tell me everything and anything girls!  I so enjoy pleasuring you all but I need to get some pleasure as well! 
So clean off your hands, and type away!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A nice little image for my girls out there to play with their clits and make them cream...
Look at her take her mans cock so sweetly... she bent over as he demanded her to do so.. she never wears panties. 
He pulls her skirt over her ass, and slides his long, thick cock into her already wet, willing, and ready pussy.
Thrusting into her, she looks back at her MASTER.  Makes eye contact as she always must... whenever Master fucks her she has to surrender each time as she is nothing to him but his cocksleave.  Masters cum dumpster.

"No pleaaassseeee!!!" Screams Brandon, feeling what's left of what was once a cock wither away into a nice big sensitive clit...
David grins, his balls slapping the new whores ass, as she sweats and transforms into his new slave.  He see's her new pussy pulsing with each thrust into her growing ass, and it spasms open and closed, drooling out a large continues stream of white cum, and the new whore screams in orgasm.
Brandon's voice rises in pitch until mewling high pitched whimpers and moans as she orgasms again, the last of his\her male essence drools out of her hot pussy, becoming a clear stream of female ejaculate.
"There there Brenda, here is what you've been.. UUghhh waiting for... UUGHHHHHH" says David, thrusting one last time unloading his semen into the new girl, filling her now willing ass with his seed.  Brenda screams again as her whole body convulses, her new EE breasts throbbing in pleasure, with her nipples rubbing on the couch, and her 42" hips and bubble butt bounce against Masters spewing cock...
Don't you just love the way her body bounces and quivers as her man uses her body for his pleasure?  This girl is made for sex. 
Take out your clits girls, and stroke them slowly at first, and stare at this picture.  Imagine that she is YOU!

I'm not much on torture or pain, but I have to admit this looks so erotic...

OMG we've hit over 100,000 views!  That means over 100,000 orgasms have happened... can you imagine being covered in that many loads of cum!  I can.. I can almost feel each load of semen hit my skin... so hot.. dribbling down my face and tits.. dripping off my nipples... Oh my...
I so appreciate each and every one of you.... Love you girls!!

You can feel his thrusts into YOUR PUSSY.
You feel YOUR ASS bounce.
You feel YOUR TITS bounce and sway on your chest.
You feel his strength don't you, as his COCK fucks YOUR PUSSY.
YOU want his SEMEN spurting inside your pussy don't you?  You want that risk.. that stranger that you picked up... what's his name?  You didn't care.  All you wanted was his bare cock inside your fertile pussy didn't you SISSY.  You cant help yourself can you.  Night after night, cock after cock... 
YOU want that sperm inside your womb.  YOU want to get PREGNANT, don't you.  It will make this all permanent.  Problem is, even after it happens, the cycle will start over, SLUT.  Your PANTIES will ALWAYS BE WET with your PUSSY JUICE.  YOU will ALWAYS be NEEDING a COCK to FUCK.
YOUR TITS will SWELL with MILK.  You'll feel it inside you, you'll wet your bra as you let it down. 
YOUR BELLY with SWELL with child. 
THIS WILL BE YOUR LIFE.  Time after time, child after child will be given up for adoption.  You'll have to as you can't control yourself.  Your CRAVING is TOO STRONG for COCKS.
Do You Want This?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hearing the door open to their bedroom, Ted turns to see his wife walk in.. she stands in shock looking at her.. her husband?
"It's me Jessica.  I found what's called a spellbook, and I've been using it to change myself into this body whenever you've gone on your business trips.  Wanna see who can fuck more guys this weekend?"
Quivering in pure pleasure, what was once a man named Jason moans loudly as she feels her first lovers seed fill her ass, and then as he removes his cock, she feels it run out of her ass down her new pussy, onto the sheets. 

It is what she had wanted, no, HE had wanted.  Janine is born.
You cry out in pleasure and shame as you realize you no longer have control of yourself.  For the 3rd day in a row you have taken the Xtasy pill, and allowed yourself to become this shameful slut.
You had fun with the first pill, playing dress up with sexy clothes and such.  But your dealer warned you about letting yourself have any form of sex.  He said it can be addictive if you cum.  You will want it more and more. 
Well, you figured masturbating as a female couldn't hurt.  You were wrong.  That's when the urges started.  You couldn't stop yourself, after the first orgasm you took yourself to new heights of pleasure at least 15 times until the pills wore off. 
The next day it was all you could think of.  At work all day you never once looked at men, but now it was all you could do to not kneel down and offer yourself to them...  play with their cocks.  Claiming you were sick, you left work early... shaking as you got home, you take the 2nd pill.  Transforming, you immediately play with your pussy until you cum... but it's not enough.  Whimpering you put on a short black dress... heels, your hair in a pony tail.  And you hit the nightclub down the street.
3 hours later you've been used by 6 different men... You've blown them, and been fucked by them until you felt yourself reverting back to maleness. 
But you couldn't stop thinking about it.
The next day, the cravings were worse... your cock was always hard, dripping precum.  You tried jerking off, but when you came it did not satisfy you, and you eat your own jizm in shame.
Looking down at the remaining 4 pills, you decide to overdose on them.  It's better than living this way!  You down them all and within minutes you change, but you don't die... you quiver and shake.. and feminize even more...Whimpering in shame, you rub your clit frantically...
1 week later, you've become what you were afraid of: You're nothing but a fuck toy.  Cock after cock, in your ass, your pussy, and your mouth.  You are found in an alley by a local pimp, you're fucking a line of guys, and you're covered in cum.  Leroy waits his turn.
As you are fucked in the ass by Leroy, he smiles down at you as you cry out in pleasure.  He makes promises. 
He promises to give you food
and shelter
and as many cocks as you can handle...
He keeps his promise. 
1 month later, as your 14th and 15th client of the morning fill your mouth and ass with cum, you again orgasm, rubbing your heated pussy as your juices stream out of your pussy...
"Okay, who's next I need cock in my pussy!!" you cry, and in come your next customers...
You think of nothing more... your life is nothing but cocks and cum.  You don't remember who you were... he is lost.  You are nothing but Kelley the Cocktoy.
Shrieking in pleasure as the man pumps into your pussy, another cock finds it's way into your mouth... you suck, and bliss fills your body.

Hello my pets!   As I get your clits all hot and bothered in this new year, lets all hope for peace on earth and good will towards men and women, and everything in between.  I hope for easy transitions for those of you that may decide to go all the way, and I truly hope that all of you become the woman you want to be.  I know you are already there in your mind.
Sleep tonight with the above image in your mind, as your man TAKES you, as your are his fuck toy to fill with HIS SEED wherever he wishes.  HE WILL HOLD YOU DOWN AND FUCK YOU!

Your legs will shake as he takes you, he will FORCE you to cum so often you will only be able to lay there and take his cock inside you.  You are nothing but a sperm receptacle to your MAN.  This is what YOU WANTED!  To be used like this!  You ACCEPT this life and fate!
I truly wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Kisses and love girls!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brad and his roommate Rick had been wrestling around when Rick put him in a sleeper hold, and slipped a ring onto his finger.  Brad blacked out...
Waking up, Brad felt strange as if he was very small now... Odd weights bounced on his chest, which was also very sensitive.. everything seemed so much bigger now...  Rick grabbed Brad, and ripped off his loose clothing...
Crying out in fear, Brad looked down and see's his now small cock, and Ricks huge cock at the entrance to his ass... whimpering, he watches as Rick slides his cock into Brads own tight ass, and slowly and methodically start fucking him.  The shock of the act is that it feels SO GOOD!
Brad whimpers helplessly as he watches the last of his manhood wither away, and a new wet slit form.  His roommates cock continued to pound into his ass, and he mewled in pleasure as his new pussy started throbbing and quivering.  Trickles of pussy juice started to dribble out of the pussy... lubricating the cock more and allowing his roommate to fuck his ass faster and deeper.
Screaming out in orgasm, Brad ceased to exist, and Brittani literally came into existence...

Gerald had bet $1000 that James wouldn't wear women's clothing.  James took the bet, putting on the clothes and handing out his hand for the cash. 
James suddenly felt severe cramps and nausea.... His whole body pulsing, he shrunk down in size, losing a foot in height, while his ass and hips expanded, ripping the tight pants, his chest grew huge breasts, and his once 8 inch cock shrunk down to a little clit above a wet tight pussy...  
Screaming in pleasure\horror, the new woman's pussy was on fire, needing to be filled. 
Gerald was happy to help.
James thrust his new pussy down onto his boss's cock, mewling in pleasure.  His mind filled with images of servicing men, their cocks, and drinking their cum.  Jamie couldn't stop herself if she wanted to... she was addicted to dick.
His new flesh quivering, his breast flesh bouncing on his chest, Charlie's pussy pulsed and milked the cock plunging into him. 
"Please, no Bobby, don't do this.. I don't want to be a woman!!" cried Charlie, even though he had started pushing back onto the cock.  "Ooooh ggggoooodddd God please.... sssttoooooopppp....." crying out in orgasm, his fifth in the last 15 minutes.
Bobby laughed and slapped the mewling sluts ass.  Grabbing onto Charlie's hips, he plunged harder and deeper.  "I don't think so Charlie... you fucked my wife, and then got me fired from her fathers company.  Now I get to have the fun fucking you over... Once I cum inside you, you'll be permanently addicted to being my little cum slut.  Here we go!!  UGGGGG"
Charlie, felt the searing heat of Bobby's seed spurt into his pussy, and screaming in orgasm, Charlie felt his body settle permanently into that of the young slut, HER pussy wildly milking the throbbing cock inside her, feeling each spurt fill her to overflowing. 

Brian moaned loudly as he felt his ass swell more as the man's cock penetrated deeper and deeper, his growing breasts wobbling on his chest.  His cock shrinking, his semen literally flowing from the tip of his cock onto the sheets, as his male hormones flowed from his body, female hormones taking their place. 
Hating what he was becoming, squirming beneath the man, all he could do was scream in orgasm as the mans cock pumped into him. 
Soon Brian would be no more, and Brianna would be a slave to her new pussy.