Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Darrel moaned in shame and pleasure... his ex-wife Jasmine pushing his newly widened hips, his bubble butt jiggling as Jasmines new boyfriend fucked hisass.  His new boobs bounced on his chest, the long, hard, fat nipples grazing the fur carpet causing more pleasure than he could take... he orgasmed again, his shrinking cock now only an inch long streaming his jizz onto the bottom of his heavy, growing tits, and he screamed in pleasure, his voice rising in pitch.
"That's a good slut, Darrel.. you're starting to love this aren't you.. you started fucking yourself onto Jacks big cock without my help.  I've been just laying my hands on that bouncing ass of yours."
Whimpering in shame, Darrel's whole body begins to quake, and his cock gives out another stream of cum, and his body shrinks in size...
"Oh look Jack, if SHE fucks you much longer, there won't be any going back... HER body mass will be to small to transform back...  A few more orgasms and you'll be stuck, Darrel, no, it should be DANIELLE!!" laughed Jasmine, slapping the growing ass as the newly christened Danielle screamed in pleasure as she felt her tits expand more, her hips and ass grow again.
3 Hours Later
Danielle moaned as Jacks friend Bob fucked the ass of the nympho that Jack had introduced him to.  The 5'1" package of 46DD 22 44 dynamite couldn't get enough cock, and had worn out three men before him.  This whore loved fucking and sucking, and he owed Jack big time!
Grunting in pleasure, Bob's huge cock began twitching and pulsing, and then with a loud grunt, Bob pumped Danielle's ass full of his semen.  This triggered another huge orgasm from the squealing girl, her pussy spasming and contracting, her female cream leaking in streams down her leg to the bed below.

Bob gets off the bed, another man taking his place.  Moving up towards Danielle's face, he grabs her hair, she automatically open her mouth, and feeds her his cock, inch by inch.  Slowly he fucks her face.  She gulps and sucks at the cock, moaning around the shaft.  She manages to look over her shoulder and see's a line of men out the door, all of them with hard throbbing cocks all for her...
Another man moves behind her, and shoves his thick cock into her pussy and begins fucking her... Her eyes open wide in shock and then she screams in pleasure around the cock in her mouth... losing herself in the moment that won't seem to end.
Darrell is gone, only Danielle the whore remains.  Jasmine looks over to the bed and watches for a moment... This is what she was meant to be, she'll definitely be a good earner for her.  She had already brought in $5000 since her and Jack opened the door so to speak, and it didn't appear to be stopping anytime soon.
Checking the video camera, Jasmine watched as her horny little slut took on three more cocks at once and screamed a muffled scream around the fresh cock in her mouth as she came again and again...


  1. I so love your caps!cant stop rubbing my clit ! So hot!

  2. Mmmmm the ones where the guy can feel his male mind slipping away as his body changes are SOOO hot! My panties are absolutely soaked right now!

  3. I asked and you delivered big time. So hard to stop cumming to this!. Ty!

  4. Make more please. I'm new to this turn on. Make it so I can't stop cumming.

  5. Give me your best. Please. A story and pic that drives you wild

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  7. Girls, thank you so much for your comments! I promise to have more for you soon! And those of you that are Anonymous, follow me please!! Kisses!!!!