Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ok girls and gurls, no pictures for the moment.  I have part of a story I'm working on, and wanted to post it so you all could let me know how it flows, and if it gets your panties soaked!  Tell me what you think, and I'll expand it and add pictures!
Chapter 1
Rachel and I had been engaged for just 6 months, but had dated for 2 years.  We had met at work, a large tech company specializing in new nanotechnology, robotics, and holography, just to name a few of the things we did.  I was in the holography department, Rachel in the Nano department, and we had colaborated on a project and fell in love. 
Rachel is a stunning brunette, tall with athletic build, perfect specimen of a woman.  I was in pretty good shape for a man as well, but had gotten a bit of a gut over the last couple of years, and was trying to work that off.  Rachel understood and helped me design the gym I used. 
I had developed a holographic workout regimen with weights, and a fully programmed trainer (not really modeled after anyone), when I got the idea.  Yul (my holographic trainer) was working out with me showing me the new routine when I realized that I could have my fantasy!
At this point holography had advanced to where you could feel the "fake" person's body heat and everything, we had gotten to the point where it was just like that old sci-fi tv show from the 80's that had the holodeck.  Well, it had surpassed it!  And I was using it to work out, not have some fun before I got married!
Now, I love Rachel with all my heart, but I had always had a thing for short, buxom blondes... the kind with bimbo voices and not super smart, the kind of girl that could just fuck you till you couldn't no more, then drain you dry...
With that thought I looked at Yul, said "Computer, enter programming mode", and smiled....
2 weeks later she was perfection...
All of 5 ft tall, measurements of 40 GGG 24 42, long blonde hair, blue eyes, soft and just a touch of tan skin, and preprogrammed with all the sexual positions and knowledge I could find on the internet, I had created Kayla... Her personality was every bit bimbo, a girl that was all about sex and pleasure.  She was a toy, my toy.  My ultra girly slut! 
I told myself that I would have some fun for a couple of weeks then delete her.  No harm no foul, she wasn't real at all, just a figment so to speak.  But I had kept up the sex with her, after all I programmed her to adapt, and keep things new, and to learn as well. 
Kayla and I were grunting loudly as we screwed on the bed when she suddenly froze in place, I didn't stop though as I was just cumming so hard I almost blacked out...
"Well, quite the workout soon to be EX fiance..." Rachel said with anger...When had she come in?
"Rachel!! Please, I can explain!"  I said, quickly trying to dress....
"Explain that this is what you OBVIOUSLY want in a woman?  A FUCKTOY?" she screamed.  "You may have just blown it you fucking bastard!!"  She stormed off, the sliding door seeming to slide shut louder in my head as I stood there with a softening cock and a frozen slut behind me...
It had been 3 LONG weeks.  I had tried emailing, texting, calling, even standing outside her apartment for hours but she refused to talk to me.  I hadn't seen her since that night.  Finally, she had emailed me back and she had asked me to meet her in my office.  We had originally planned on flying to the Bahama's for a getaway for a couple of weeks, and we were supposed to leave tomorrow.  I hoped maybe she was going to let us patch things up and use the time for me to get her to forgive me for my indiscretion...
Glad you could make it Bryan.  I've been doing a lot of thinking honey.  Mabybe we can get past this.  I'm willing to try if you are..."  She sets down a bottle of wine (already opened) and two glasses... Pouring from the wine, she continues "I want us to be together, I realized that after just a few days.  And I'm willing to do whatever it takes... Here, to our future together!"
Handing me the glass she brings hers to her lips, I drink from mine smiling, thinking that it's going to be ok!  "Rachel I'm so glad that you thought about it... and.. and... why am I so hot..."
Not just hot, I felt like I was melting... my whole body was tingling... I leaned against the table and saw my body hair fall out, all of it... the world seemed to get bigger... I looked at Rachel.  She had put down the glass and was watching, smiling a wicked smile...
Quivering in pain\pleasure all I could do is watch as my clothes seem to get so big... blonde hair cascaded down blocking my vision... my pants suddently ripped as my ass and hips swelled, and my t-shirt thrust out from what I can only call some of the biggest tits I had ever seen....
"Rachel.. what did.. you do... UGggggg" I could hear my voice rise in pitch..
"I just added my new nanovirus to your wine sweety.  And I programmed them to turn you into your fantasy slut that I downloaded... all the specifications and abilities... well, since I made some improvements, OUR fantasy slut" giggling...
I could feel my entire body change, inside and out... morphing into what I didn't know... my t-shirt rolls up my chest, unable to cover my massive bre..bre.. titties... my pants fall to the floor along with my shredded boxers, revealing my bare ass and hips... I felt my face change, my lips plump up... opening slightly when I relaxed them... I stepped out of my now WAY to big shoes and walked to the mirror...
Crying out in shame I see a real live Kayla standing there.. but in looking at myself I felt... funny.. horny like... wet and hard at the same time, an emptiness... whimpering I look over at Rachel who at this point had reached into her gym bag taking out what appeared to be clothing...
"Well, Bryan, well, can't call you that anymore... what did you name her, Kayla I believe?  It was interesting to find what you had programmed into your little toy.  I never realized that you like that kind of person." Smiling, she continues "Well, surprise! So do I sweet girl!  You see, I swing both ways, I never told you.  I planned on it, one day maybe surprising you with another woman in bed, but then you had to go and FUCK that whore..."
"Rachel, please it was a fantasy, it wasn't real... it.."
"Bullshit!!!  I checked the records, you were fucking her EVERY DAY.  To the point that WE never had sex except on the weekend... Well my slut, welcome to your new life, at least for now!"
All I could do is look at her with fear... "NO, please not this... " whimpering in arousal I could feel myself getting hotter... Looking in the mirror again I saw the differences she referred to.  While my Kayla looked pretty normal for a woman of her shape, I didn't. 
"I see you've noticed whats left of your manhood... well, more clithood now.  Right above that fresh new pussy you have.  I've also enhanced your sensitivity... and no need in worrying about makeup!  I took care of that". 
My new instincts nodded as I saw the perfect amount of makeup, just right to announce to the world that I was a slut.
Suddenly I felt her hands on my new bubble butt, her finger caress my ass crack and slide deep into it... moaning loudly a little stream of cream flowed from the tip of my clitty... my nipples engorged and poked out further, amost a full two inches, crinkling in hardness and arousal. 
"Oh look at my little slut... creaming herself just by a little fondling." Rachel said.
In my now bimbo voice, gasping a bit, I said "But R..R.. Mistress, I'm ya fiance!  Pweaze don't do this!"
Laying out the clothes she had taken out of her bag, Rachel laughed.  "Kayla, your boy self won't be missed for at least two weeks.  If you don't want to be stuck like this, put these clothes on NOW!"
"Y..Yes Mistress" is all I could say.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I watched as my clitty drip more cream, and remained HARD at less than an inch in length.

Chapter 2
Rachel had it all planned out.  The clothes fit my new body perfectly.  I had found myself knowing exactly how to put on the stockings, bra, negligee... everything.  My panties were literally made for my clitty, a little hole left for it to stick out of.  It was all pink, which I loved that color (blue!) and nipple holes in the bra let my nipples be seen by all.. I split my hair into two pony tails like a little girl.  My heels I had no trouble walking in, I seemed to know how instantly, just like I knew everything else.
"There you go, now, just one thing missing... here you go, a nice sucker. " Rachel hands me a cock shaped lollipop.. I take it and put it in my mouth... Mmmmm tastes like cum, my favorite! (No, not favorite!)
"Mistress, I keep thinkin funny thoughts, will I forget Bryan?"
"No sweety, I want you to remember who you were through all of this... all of the cravings you will have, all of the cocks that will use you over the next weeks... I want him to know ALL OF IT."
With that she takes my hand to bring me closer to her, and she attachs a collar to my neck.  With that, a leash is attached.  Whimpering I look up at her... a tear rolls down my cheek...
"There there little one... I will take care of you, you needn't worry your pretty empty head about it."
I had no trouble following Mistress Rachel, being programmed to walk in 6 inch heals helps.  I could tell I carried myself differently now, my ass swaying as I walked, my boobies bouncing like jello in my bra, kinda like a shelf that my boobies rested on.. my clitty stayed hard and leaking.  My panties were stretched obscenely across my large ass.  I felt a strange emptiness there...
Being late in the day, no one was in the parking garage, and Mistress led me to a van.  Opening the sliding door with the remote, I noticed the padded carpet and straps on the floor. 
Guiding me into the van, Mistress instructed me "Put your knees here, and your elbows here Kayla".  Doing as I was told, she strapped me in tight by my knees and elbows, then ankles and wrists, to where I was strapped on all fours. 
"Here is your dinner Kayla, be sure to drink it all up.  It's what your body needs now." guiding the feeding tube to my mouth, I eagerly took it into my mouth, not noticing that it was shaped like a large cock and balls, with the balls resting on my chin.  Mistress Rachel straps the feeding cock to my head.  It already was warm.
"Now gently suck on it Kayla.  There you go... suck on it girl, get your food.  Oh, and yes, you can live on cum alone sweety.  I made sure of that."
Moaning I sucked the cock tasting the warm jizz flow into my mouth.  I swallowed each and every spurt relishing the taste.
Suddenly I felt a sucking on my clitty!  Screaming in pleasure I came so hard feeling my cream flow out of me in a stream... my eyes rolled back and I gasped... and felt another one coming... The taste changed in my mouth.  I realized that I was drinking my own cum cream!  Shaking with lust I gulped it down...and screamed again as another orgasm washed over me.
"That will keep you occupied while I take you to your new home!  It attached to your clitty and is sucking all those nasty remaining male hormones our of your body, so you can drink them down and become, how shall I say, addicted to Male Hormones."
Looking at Mistress, I notice a small TV in front of me.  Turning it on, Mistress laughs.  "I thought you might enjoy these videos I found.  Showed me a thing or two about my fiance.  Enjoy!" 
Turning on the video, I see that it's me with the original holographic Kayla, fucking her.  Kayla screams in orgasm on the TV, and suddenly so do I.  Mistress laughs, and then I cum again and could only focus on the pleasure and the taste.
Chapter 3
I lost all perception of time... it could have been minutes, or hours since we left our workplace.  All I know is that when we stopped I had literally been drained.  The dry clitty cums started after around the 15th orgasm. 
The videos had continued, when my Kayla videos stopped, she apparently had filler video that showed women in bondage, being used, etc, and all of them loving it. 
"I see you've reached the scenes that you will be doing soon enough.. You see Kayla, your mind has been programmed to learn each sex act it sees.  So each time you see a sexual act on film or in person, it is programmed into your mind to crave it.  Until you do it, then the next act you will start craving. Isn't that fun!?" Rachel laughed, unstrapping me after releasing my clitty and nipples.
"Mistress, I..."
"Sush Kayla, here take this and suck it please.."
"Mpphhh" I moan as I immediately take it and suck on the dildo sucker.
Taking my leash, Rachel leads me into a warehouse that appears quiet and abandoned.  Walking with even more of a sissy walk, I can't help but follow her and whimper, the butt plug she had put in me exciting me slowly, and my clitty had started leaking again.  
"This, my pet, is where you will stay... Welcome to your new home, AND where you will work until I say otherwise."
The tour was short.  The facility held what appeared to be 4 rooms.  The first was my room, a large suite, with king size bed, with all of my favorite colors like pink (no, blue?), pastels.  Large makeup table and dresser, that held all types of different lingerie, panties, bra's.  A closet with different types of clothing, dresses, and surprisingly a very nice business suit. 
"I want you to try to put this on Kayla... you'll find that you can't.  Mentally you will stop yourself from wearing ANYTHING that can't be perceived as being slutish, whorish, inappropriate, or just plain skimpy or sexy.  This is a reminder to you again, of what you once wore in life and what you are trying to get back to" Rachel stated, a broad smile on her face.
I tried to put it on but couldn't even get my hands to work when I tried to put it on.  I could carry it, but that was it.  I dropped it the second I tried to put my arm through a sleeve.
"Now Kayla, when you finish your sucker, I want you to change into another outfit.  You'll find that you'll put on the clothing appropriate for the upcoming task at hand... I made sure of that... You'll be the entertainment to some investors tonight, 3 gentlemen that you will leave satisfied tonight.  I'll be back shortly to get you, you've got about two hours until I need you.  Chop Chop!"
Chapter 3
15 minutes later, after finishing the lolly pop cock, I had immdiately taken off my clothes, and put on a pink maids outfit.  I found that the top had holes where my huge nipples were, and were covered in a strip of cloth held in place by velcro.  Again, the bra was a shelf type, holding up my titty's like on display, and the corset was tight, but not horrible.  My panties were crotchless allowing access to both my ass and new cunny, with a little hole for my clitty.  The frilly skirt did nothing to cover my ass or front, it was more for display.  I had a small choker and hat on, completing my ensemble. 
Looking in the mirror at the makeup table I fixed my hair into a single pony tail, high up on my head, the blonde hair cascading down.  There was no need for makeup, Rachels design was perfectly made up. 
Standing, I jiggled over to the full length mirror.  I was a vision in pink, 5'6" in my heels, my clitty visible underneath the skirt, dripping as usual.  Turning around, my bubble butt was sticking out the skirt laying on the top of my butt cheeks.  My huge titties were displayed perfectly.
Walking out to the hallway, I seemed to know where to go.  Swinging by the kitchen area, I picked up a tray with drinks from the fridge, and walked out into the conference room.
Chapter 4
With Rachel were 3 men I had never seen before.  Each appeared to be wealthy, going by my newfound fashion knowledge. 
"And you say she's unable to do anything but be a toy at this point?  What about the original subject?" the black man stated.
"She's under my control, yes.  The original subject is still in there, and knows everything.  And there is nothing they can do to stop themselves, Mr. Frederickson." responded Rachel.
I served each of them drinks, bowing to each of them and smiling sweetly.  Coming up to Rachel with her drink, and offer it to her.
"And how do we know that this is true.  I can see she's very hot, attractive woman, but how do we know what you say is true."
"Mr. Johnson, Kayla here is a special girl.  Put the tray down slut and lift up your skirt."
A Spark of arousal shoots through me... immediately my pussy moistens and nipples harden.  My clitty oozes more cream and I whimper..and lift up the front of my skirt.  Whistles and cat calls galore...
"Rachel, is that what I think it is?"
"Yes Mr. Jacobs.  It's what is affectionately known as her clitty now" responds Rachel.
Whispering "My deary sissy fiance, this is the first night of many for you as a whore... I hope you enjoy your special talents and abilities I've given you.  I'm sure they will..."
"Gentlemen, she is yours to use for the night. I hope you all see the potential she has and that we can do business. For now, enjoy! Kayla, ENTERTAIN!"
"Of course Mistress.  As you wish.."
With a rush of andrenalin and fear, I strutted over to Mr. Jacobs. Kneeling in front of him, I unzip his pants and experctly fish out his growing cock.  Licking my lips (OH no please stop this!) I stroke his shaft a few moments and then give him my first blowjob. 
As I suckle on the cock, I remove my nipple coverings, and pull out both of my titties.  The nipples already hard as diamonds, both were sticking out their full length.  I look up submissively into Mr. Jacobs eyes and suck, using my tongue to tease and massage the thick shaft.  With one hand I massage his balls gently, and the other I continue to stroke his cock.  Moaning around the shaft I taste a bit of precum... and I love it!  I feel my clitty oozing out cream even more than before, and my pussy juice running down my legs. 
"Good girl Kayla... suck his cock real good now" says Rachel.  Rachel had sat down on the couch beside Mr. Frederickson, and was stroking his large shaft... wow I thought...
"Oh don't worry sweety, I'm just getting it ready for you..." she said with a smile.
Moaning around Mr. Jacobs cock I started to suck harder... head bobbing back and forth, his hands holding my head.  He then stopped me and looked down at me. 
"I want you to look up at me and don't move.  Keep my cock in your mouth girl."  He then proceeded to literally fuck my face. 
I could feel his cock literally throb inside my mouth, and when I did my clitty throbbed as well.  Then I knew.  Every time a man came in my mouth, I would orgasm.
Grunting loudly Mr. Jacobs held my head tightly and proceeded to fill my mouth with load after load of spunk.  My tongue automatically teased the head of the spurting cock and I milked it for as much cum as I could.
Cleaning the cock, I heard movement to the left and saw Rachel bringing Mr. Frederickson over to me. 
"Here you go slut.  Another cock to pleasure!" and she proceeded to guide the cock into my mouth.
This cock was much longer and thicker, my lips were stretched around it... He too fucked my face, using me for his own pleasure.  I too gained pleasure just from the simple act of sucking cock.  Rachel had done her job well I thought as I felt another orgasm building, and another clitty cum raced thru my body causing me to scream in pleasure.  The puddle on the floor beneath me grew in size, wetting my knees with my own juices.
Mr. Frederickson started to loudly moan and he held my head close to his body, my nose buried in his crotch, his balls on my chin.  I could smell his musky oder and it turned me on.  I could feel his cock throbbing and then twitching in my mouth.  His cum hit the back of my throat and went straight into my stomach.
Mr. Frederickson stepped back after I had cleaned his cock, and Rachel guided Mr. Johnson's cock into my mouth.  This time she kneeled beside me watching me closely, and she held my head for him. "Go Ahead Frank, I'll hold her still for you."  All I could do is look up and I felt her hold me still, his cock plunging into my mouth, filling it repeatedly, until he to filled my mouth with his seed.
"There you go Kayla, swallow it all, good girl..."  Whispering in my ear, she said "Oh I forgot to tell you... the more cum you get inside your body, the more feminine you become.  Isn't that nice?  It has something to do with the male hormones... Your body fights them off, so the more you have inside you the more female hormones are created."
Cleaning off Mr. Johnsons shaft, I quivered and suddenly my body shook as I fell forward.  I got so hot, my body tingling and warm, as I felt my body change.  My breasts grew out and I felt them fill up suddenly... droplets formed on my long thick nipples.  My clitty let loose a stream of cream that lasted a full minute.  All I could do was moan and shake in pleasure as my body changed and came.
Chapter 5
"She's quite the little cocksucker isn't she gentlemen." stated Rachel.
"Damn straight, jeez, she just about sucked me dry" stated Mr. Frederickson.  "I haven't had that good of a blowjob in, well, forever."
"You got that right, how does she know how to do.. what she does?" said Mr. Johnson.
"I programmed her, and I can change it at any time" smiled Rachel.
Jacobs smiled.  "So you can make her do just about anything, any skill we would want her to have.  And you can do this to other people as well?"
I looked up at that comment.  I had been cleaning my titties off by licking the stray cum drops (it tasted so good!) off of my booby flesh...
"I can change just about anyone with proper preparations.  But not to her extent.  I gave her all the bells and whistles, but tomorrow if you like we can discuss selling the process to each of you.  For now, I'd like for you all to watch as I bring in 5 more men to fuck Kayla senseless..." smiled Rachel.  "Join in if you like, but I'd like to demonstrate her being changed from a straight male, to a nymphomaniac female... Just cuz I can..."
With that being said, 5 naked men walked in the room.  Each of them had to be over 6' tall, musclebound men with what looked like logs dangling between their legs.. and I couldn't take my eyes off of them.  Moaning in lust I crawled thru my clitty cream to the closest cock and grabbed at it. 
I tried to suck it but the man just laughed and picked me up... threw me over his shoulder and took be towards the king size bed.  They all followed, with Rachel arm in arm with Mr. Jacobs.
I bounced when I hit the bed, my titties hitting me in the face, my ass jiggling.  I yelped like a little girl.  Crawling around on all fours on the bed, I looked over to Rachel.  "Mistress, are you and Mr. Jacobs together?", my voice sounding even higher than before.
"Kayla is a smart girl, what does she think?" and she started to stroke Mr. Jacobs (lovely) cock.
"I think Mistress is fucking him... ohhhh"
The first man to crawl onto the bed grabs me by my hips and pulls me towards him... ripping off my skirt, he pushes me face down onto the bed and I feel, for the first time in my life, a real live cock head at the entrance to my pussy...  Tears well up in my eyes as I look at Mistress.. and he slides his huge cock deep inside me. 
"My little slut would be right.  I've been with Mr. Jaxobs ever since I found you with your little creation.  Now, let me take care of this before I forget... Open her mouth honey and hold it open for me."  Mr. Jacobs holds my mouth open, and Mistress Rachel grabs my tongue with some type of tool, and then pierces my tongue!  Pain shoots through me for a split second, then she takes something out of a dish and I feel it going into my tongue, and she screws it closed.  I taste a little blood but I know she has given my tongue a barbell!  It clicks around my teeth and I try to speak but the man behind me starts thrusting into my pussy.
My mouth opens in a silent scream as it penetrates deep inside me, almost a burning sensation as it goes in inch by inch... he then withdraws some then thrusts back into me deeper, out to the tip of his cock, then thrusting deeper still.  Finally his balls slap against my clitty causing me to lose it, my clitty squirting cream onto the sheets below. 
I grab onto the sheets and scream in orgasm, eyes clenched shut... gasping for breath he continues to fuck me, I can feel my ass bounce against him.  Each thrust bottoming out inside my pussy.  Uncontrollably my pussy milks his cock, the muscles clenching on his shaft trying to suck the cum out of his balls.  Opening my eyes, I look up and Mistress Rachel is standing there.  She kneels down to the side of the bed, as I raise up to my hands.  My huge titties bounce and sway, the nipples dragging across the sheets, dribbling pent up milk as I am used.
Mistress grabs the cheeks of my face and pulls me to her, kissing me deeply.  I climax so hard, my pussy clenching down on the cock inside of me, and my clitty again streaming cream.  My orgasmic screams are muffled by Mistress's kiss, her tongue dancing in my mouth causing our piercings to click together erotically.
"Uggh yeah baby here it comes... such a tight pussy, you're made for fucking baby..." says the man.  My body starts to quake, gasping for air, his thrusting faster and faster into me causing my breasts to sway more and my ass bounce as his rock hard abs hit it.
"No pleath.. oh, gunna cum.. oh no feelth tho good OOOOOOooooooOOOhhhhh" I scream in pleasure as he pushes me hard, falling face first into the bed, my ass in the air.  His hands press down on my back, crushing my titties beneath me.  "Fuck meeeeeee yeth" I scream, his cock throbbing inside me, then releasing a huge load of hot cum, filling my pussy.  My eyes widen in shock and pleasure as my first multiple orgasms occur caused by a mans COCK in my CUNT, as I feel spurt after hot spurt of fresh sperm, yelping each time I feel it hit my womb.  I thrash underneath him as he continues to empty his balls into my pussy, moaning like the whore I am.
Spent, he stands up and moves to my face, all I can do is look up at him.  I know what he wants.  I open my mouth, and I clean his cock of our juices.  My body trembles as I have a mini-orgasm from sucking a cock, and I savour his cum.  As my pussy clenches, I feel his cum dribble out of my pussy, and I whimper in shame looking over at Mistress.

Chapter 6
"Bradly, bring her over here please.." Mistress tells the man who just used me as a fucktoy.  Picking me up and putting the leash back on me, he leads me over to a reclining chair.  Mistress bends me over, and inserts a small vibrating dildo into my ass, then pushing me down she secures me to the chair with straps. 
"I'm begining to enjoy this my slut.  A lot and I can see you are as well.  I see you grinding down on that dildo.  I wanted to add some jewelry to my girl.  But first, here, a tasty toy... you look hungry."  Mistress proceeds to place a dildo gag into my mouth, strapping it to my head.  A hose leads to a large bottle filled with what appeared to be cum.
I immediately started sucking on the dildo, being rewarded with the warm, salty taste of my food.  I looked up and Mistress, standing over me, smiled.  "I have your new jewelry sweety.  I think they will enhance your future experiences..."
"This cream will deaden your feelings on your nipples and clitty, for about 5 minutes.  That will allow me to give youi your new piercings."
Mistress gave me large hoop rings on my nipples, and pierced my clitty and pussy lips.  "The rings on your pussy will let me chain vibrators inside you, and the other piercings will just let me play with you when I want.  Now cum for me girl.  Cum hard for your Mistress!"  Mistress started teasing my clitty and pulling on my nipples, and I slowly felt the feeling coming back to them.  The pressure started building in my crotch, and I started sucking more on the dildo, creating explosion after explosion of cum inside my mouth, gulping and screaming in orgasm after wild orgasm.
"Cum like the slut you now are Kayla, every time you cum this is how it will be from now on, wild orgasm after wild orgasm..." said Mistress.  "And I think I will keep you this way, forever!"
Another wave of pleasure crashes over my body as I cum again, harder than before, my clitty streaming cum into the air, my nipples squirting as well, eyes wide as I tremble and shake, finally passing out.

"Next!" Mistress yells, smiling down at me. 


  1. Oh my, I think you've outdone yourself hun! I'd love to see some juicy animations or pics for this story but honestly, the story really speaks for itself.

  2. Kayla, I love your blog! This is a great story keep it up.