Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Dream Come Too True

"You wanted this, Brad.  You.  You did this to yourself... risking losing your wife, your kids, your job, EVERYTHING just to have sex as a woman... but getting stuck as one if cum fills your pussy..."
Brad struggled on the bed, his legs forced wide apart, secured with rope, as his best friend Darryl stood over him... his cock ready to explode...  Brad was unable to say anything, the ball gag keeping him silent, except for his moans and squeals of fear and panic.
Darryl smiles down on Brad as he takes off the condom he had been using.  Brad violently shakes his head no... crying out as he did so...
"Oh, don't worry about who will take care of you.  That will be me... let's see... according to your spell, which you stupidly showed me, you'll have no choice but to obey every command of the man that fills your pussy with cum.  Every command... so I can command you to always be horny, to crave cock, all kinds of nice things... isn't that wonderful, Brianna?  Isn't that a pretty name?  Brianna Boobies... a perfect name, especially once you get your implants... After all, DDD cups are to small for you, don't you thing?"
Brad looks up in fear, begging with his eyes, pleading...
"Awwww you look so scared, sweety... it's ok.  Don't be afraid... here, this will make you feel better..." Darryl says as his fingers rub her clit...
Brad writhes on the bed, her ass grinding into the sheets as Darryl's fingers tease her clit, making her hotter and hotter as he does so.  He clamps his eyes shut, trying to resist... don't let it happen... don't... don't...
Finally with a shriek, Brad's body convulses wildly, his pussy squirting out juice all over Darryl's hand.
As Brad writhes in pleasure on the bed, Darryl moves his body into position, his cock directly over Brad's spasming cunt...  Brad, still in the throws of orgasm, manages to shake his head no as the bliss of cumming fills his body, and his pussy pulses open and closed, grasping at an imaginary cock...
Darryl strokes his cock a few times, looking down at Brad... "I don't know if I should do this, Brianna, do you?  Maybe I'll just let you go..."
For a moment Brad feels hope that Darryl won't go through with it, until he see's Darryl's cock swell, and suddenly shoots a thick load of cum directly into his pussy... Brad can't help but watch, his eyes wide in terror, as Darryl's thick cum drools directly into his pussy... forever locking him in this form.
Brad feels the change in his body... right down to his DNA... his aura changing... his history... everything he did as a male, wiped away.
Darryl sits up, and ties Brad, now Brianna, more securely to the bed, and straps a large vibrator directly onto her clit.
"Now, let's see, I guess you really never read the translation of your spell... it says here, the more orgasms the changeling has, that's you if you're wondering, in the first few hours, the more obedient to their master, and the more addicted to sex they become, and low and behold, the faster your mind becomes female... seems that the orgasms cause the cum inside you to be quickly absorbed into your body, so let's give it a whirl... Interesting... looks like you'll develop some new memories... a life that fits you now... though you'll remember what you once were, and what you've lost.  A few hours like this and you should be ready to go..."
"And remember, your name is now Brianna Boobies... Brad will be no more.  I'll be back in a bit!"
As the door closes, Brianna Boobies squeals and moans in pleasure as she succumbs to the first orgasm... her legs waving in the air, she tries to break her bonds, but her hands can only get so close to the vibrator... she can almost touch it.
Thrashing around on the bed, she feels another orgasm quickly building... her body tenses up, her legs and thighs quaking, as the orgasm crashes over her, her screams muffled by the ball gag.
Memories fill her mind, her first blowjob she ever received becomes the first one she ever gave... hunting for game becomes hunting for the right outfits... Fishing becomes tap classes... dieting tips... makeup and hair... exercises to make her ass plumper... keep thin... memories of making out with his wife become a need to attract men, of stroking their cocks to get better grades, sucking them dry, the first cock in her ass causing her to cum almost as much as when they fuck her pussy... learning to strip and taking their money until Darryl found her... taught her to use her body to make money as an escort... he protects her... at 19 saving for her implants... she needs bigger tits...
Brianna screams again, as another orgasm crashes over her...
Brianna's life is just beginning...


  1. What a fun twist with the condom! I bet he thought he was safe up until then...and I always enjoy when a guy is sealed into a female form by taking a guys cum. Good work!

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