Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Wills girlfriend Gloria told him she wanted to experiment with X-Gen, some new transformation drug she had found out about.  She wanted Will to become a girl and they could have lesbian sex. 
Will was cautious, but relented.  He figured sex was sex.
As Will licked Gloria's pussy, Gloria's new "friend" walked in... Will noticed after a few moments of licking that Gloria was sucking his dick hungrily!
"What the hell are you doing, Gloria?!" Will asked...
"Just getting the best of both worlds Willa..." she said, Will not noticing that she used a female version of his name.
"Come here, try this out, I think you'll like it..."
Under the influence of this version of X-Gen, Willa had become very susceptible  to suggestion... so she crawled up Gloria's body, and they kissed, then the guy's cock slipped into Willa's mouth.
"This is my friend Greg... Oh.. there you go.  Good girl, I know it tastes so good doesn't it... like candy almost... I see you love it a lot don't you Willa?"
Willa couldn't help but nod, the wonderful taste making her moan.  She never knew it could taste so good...
Gloria licked Greg's balls for a few moments, causing him to leak pre-cum into Willa's mouth...
"That new taste is pre-cum, Willa.  That's like a protein drink that tastes a bit salty but delicious... almost like dessert...  I bet you get so turned on by all this... I mean being a girl means you love cock, you know.  And you are a girl right now... so you must get so excited this being the first time you've sucked off a man before... I bet your pussy is sopping wet, isn't it?  It feels so good, doesn't it?"
Willa nodded, feeling the strange wetness between her legs and how good it feels.
Gloria smiles as they reposition themselves... Greg laying back so she can ride him, and she moves Willa over his mouth... he immediately starts licking her pussy... causing her to moan loudly... cupping her breast, and pulling on her nipple...
"Oohhhhh Willa this feels so good to... riding a cock... MMmm feeling it go so deep inside you is wonderful... even better than having your pussy licked, even better than fingering yourself... a nice, thick, manly cock sinking into your wet pussy is to die for!"
Willa couldn't stop herself from licking her lips... she wanted to suck that cock but she also wanted to know what it felt like inside her pussy... if it feels better than his tongue, she was all for it!
"Ok Willa, you look like you need to ride him... come on over, that's it... lower yourself down..."
Willa moaned loudly as her pussy was filled with cock for the first time.  Gloria was sucking gently on her nipples sending sparks of pleasure straight to her new clit...
"OH MY GOD!" she screamed as her pussy spasmed as she orgasmed on his cock...
Gloria looked down and watched as the new girls pussy milked the cock inside it... she could see her juices leaking down the cock.
This was going to be a super wet little girl.
"Yes Willa, let it go... be the woman you want to be... loving cock, always wanting it... you want that don't you, baby..."
All Willa could do is moan and nod... another orgasm washing over her.
A little while later, Willa, licking Gloria's pussy like a starving woman, was having her pussy steadily fucked... Gloria had positioned herself beneath her so that she could manipulate Willa's orgasm, sending the girl into a firestorm of pleasure from which "Will" would never escape.  It wouldn't be long and "Will" would forever be gone, addicted to men and their cocks.
Gloria knew that once Greg came inside Willa, the transformation would be permanent.  She needed to make Willa cum at the same time, opening her womb up to absorb the cum.  Then she would be trapped as a female sex slave, addicted to sex and male semen.
Gloria watched as Greg's cock throbbed, and he moaned... Gloria needed to get Willa to cum, now.
Gloria's hand starts teasing Willa's ass, and Willa moans loudly as Gloria's fingers slowly penetrate it.
Willa screams just as Greg's cock throbs and jerks inside her, unloading load after hot, thick load of sperm into her pussy...
Willa's eyes gloss over, rolling back as her body takes in the male semen... her body quaking and shuddering in pleasure as her pussy is filled for the first time.
Gloria smiles.

A Week Later
It hadn't taken long to convince Willa to take X-Gen again, to try to "reverse the change".  Gloria already knew the change was irreversible, but she wanted to make some modifications to Willa's mind and body.
Willa took the injection, then passed out.  She woke up 2 days later....
Willa's mind was in chaos... when she had woken from what she had hoped was a cure, she found herself even more desperate for cock... all of her holes were almost pulsing with a need to be filled...
Gloria was understanding and said that she would help Willa out.  She would bring guys by to help with her needs, until they found a cure.
The slapping of wet flesh filled the room, as Willa moaned and mewled in pleasure as the two guys filled her ass and pussy...
It had been like this for months now.  Willa rode one orgasm after the other, every day.  She couldn't stop but to sleep and eat, with some breaks in between.

The man grabbed Willa's hair and she moans loudly, her pussy milking the man beneath hers cock, and her ass doing the same to his.   Another man walks in the room and she opens her mouth automatically... she almost lunges for the cock, if not for the men already holding her body in place as they fuck her.
Willa's body quakes violently as she has what she now calls a full body orgasm... as the mans cock touched her lips and tongue it always sets those off... especially when all three of her holes were filled.  All thought leaves her mind during these... all she can do is squeal and moan as her body succumbs to them...
Her loud moans fill the room as the men orgasm, filling her ass, mouth, or pussy with their spunk, and then they are replaced with the next man, and the next, and the next...
Gloria sat at her desk, counting the receipts for that day.  Willa was bringing in almost $4000 a day now.  But, once the newness wore off, it would be less.
At that point, she planned on the implants.  EEE should do the trick.  That should boost sales for a few more months.
After that, well, she'll keep Willa as income, but will have to find another "girl" to take her place as top earner at Holly's Cathouse and Bar.


  1. I always love it when a wife or girlfriend tricks their unsuspecting fella into embracing their femininity. Great job turning this one Kayla!