Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jeff had been fired for going to pornographic web sites at work, specifically witchcraft porn sites, where women were turned into sluts by curses, etc.  Karl had caught him, and fired him outright.  As Jeff was escorted out, he screamed at Karl "I'll get you for this you fucking bastard.. or should I say future bitch?!?"
Karl thought that was the last time he would ever see Jeff.  Three weeks later, Karl was at his favorite bar, and Jeff sat down.  "Good to see you Karl.  I hope you don't mind if I buy you a drink. You firing me was the best thing that could ever have happened to me."
A bit uncomfortable, Karl took the offered drink.  "Glad to hear Jeff... here's to a bright future!"  Karl quickly drank the shot, and five minutes later, all went dark.
Waking up on a bed, Karl felt something being shoved into his ass.. he squealed in pain at first, his voice strange to his ears... his cock hardened in response... the hot soft\hard rod in his ass started to thrust into him steadily... it could only be a cock!
"Oh god please please stop!!!!" screamed Karl, his voice rising in pitch.. he could feel his hair lengthen, his body changing.  His cock hardened more and suddenly released a huge load of semen onto the sheets in streams.
Screaming in orgasm, Karl felt his expanding ass and tits, all bouncing in time to the thrusting of his former employee Jeff's cock.  His body also shrinking in size as his ass and tits continued to enlarge, Karl tried to fight back.  But he didn't have the will power.  His cock swelled again, his eyes widening in fear and pleasure, Karls cock literally grew to twice it's size, his balls becoming the size of baseballs. 
"OH PLEASE HELP WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Karl screamed as the pleasure started to build.
Thrusting steadily, Jeff grinned down at the shemale... "This is your last chance Karl.. or should I say Karla?  You cum now, and you lose the rest of your male hormones, your male essence..  You will lose that cock of yours..." as Jeff spoke, his thrusting increased in speed, Karls mouth hanging open in a silent scream. 
"You'll lose all of yourself and become my little fucktoy, Karla.. mine to use and fuck day in and out.  The moment I cum inside your ass, you'll cum as a male for the last time, and your new pussy will be formed!"
Thrusting harder into Karl's ass, Jeff groaned loudly and let loose his magic seed into the mewling shemale.  Karl felt the hot burning semen explode in his ass, spurt after spurt burning into Karl's soul.. and he felt his own now huge cock throbbing in time to each spurt in his ass.
Mouth opening into a high pitched scream, Karl felt his cock explode, hitting underneath his swaying tits, so hot it felt as if each stream melted his crotch... his heavy balls spewing forth load after load.  Each spurt from his cock, Karl felt his cock and balls shrinking faster and faster, his ass and tits growing faster, his body shrinking and hair lengthening, his body finally stopping as his new wet pussy formed with a audible sucking noise...
Karla cried out in pleasure and horror as she fell forward into her own semen, covering the front of her body.  Her new breasts covered in her own cum, her pussy spasms for the first time as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss and shame follows. Pulling Karla's hair, Jeff pumps the last of his own seed into Karla, and looks down as her ass jiggles and bounces onto his cock, reaching it's final size...
"Welcome to whoredom Karla." Jeff says to the mewling whore beneath him.

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