Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Princess Thief

At 45, Mark was an accomplished thief.  He had the skills to break into any house, steal the most expensive items, then sell them in the next state.  He even learned how to bypass most alarm systems.
This house was no different to Mark.  Easy pickings... he'd been watching the place for weeks now, watching the older woman and what appeared to be her son come and go.  Every Friday night, they'd leave and not come back until the next morning.  He figured they must be visiting relatives or something.
As he opened the door, he could tell a lady lived here by the fresh scent of flowers in the air.  Not wanting to spend too much time, he started looking quickly through the house, especially her room.  That would have the jewelry!
As he searched the house, the next to the last room he came to had a teddy bear in the doorway... Odd, it must have fallen off the shelf or something.  This has got to be the old lady's room, he thought.

As he walked into the room, the light suddenly popped on!  Startled, he desperately tried to turn it off before he was seen!  He noticed it appeared to be a teenagers room.  Then he saw the unthinkable, the room itself appeared to start changing!  Bedding, paint... walls?

Mark suddenly felt strange, like he was losing weight... getting lighter... he looked down just in time to see his entire body disintegrate... then nothing.
The sun shone brightly in the room.  Mark felt odd, almost like he wasn't himself... he felt... small, but energetic... softness all around him... he hugged the pillow even more and sighed as he drifted off to sleep again.
Mark slept quietly, not realizing the changes that had occurred to him or his surroundings.
He was not holding a pillow, but a dolly.  The softness he felt was his own body, and the clothes and bed he was on.
He also didn't notice how much his mind was changing... He was having strange dreams, sexual dreams, of a woman and a man having all kinds of sex... but he didn't notice that he was always looking at it from the woman's perspective.
He also felt a strange... excitement... he couldn't place the feeling... horny?
Hugging the dolly closer, Mark hears someone enter the room.  He's still sleeping but a bit lightly now, the images are strong of the man in his dream, a bearded man.
The scent of a man's cologne fills his nose.  It smells so good to him.  His excitement increases, and feels even stranger... the usual "hard on" is not there, but the feelings are there.  He moans softly as his legs rub together.
A hand (a strong hand) reaches across his forehead and moves it up, Mark opens his mouth to say something, but someone's lips (strong, manly lips and manly beard) close over yours and kisses you.
Mark feels a heat wash over his body, so strange yet so comfortable!  His eyes still closed, as if still in a dream, he kisses the other person back passionately.  Images of the man in her dreams become crystal clear...
Tongues intertwined, the kiss continues for several minutes... causing mental pathways to be re-written, memories to disappear, acceptance of certain new facts... gender role change... and the man in her dream is her new Sugar Daddy (Daddy?!), and that he is her provider and she (wait, what?) loves him (her manly Daddy, she worships him!)
"Wait... what's... What's happening?  Who are you..." Mark whimpers in an unfamiliar voice.
"You know who I am, princess.  Think a moment..."
He's so big and strong... "Daddy?" Mark whispers...
"That's right princess... and your name is Cindy.  Do you remember that, Cindy?"  Daddy puts his hand on her thigh.
"Y..yes... I think so Daddy.  I'm so confused... something is wrong I don't understand... I.. I didn't used to be like this..."
"You've always been like this, princess.  Don't you remember telling Daddy how you wanted to be there for him and be his doll?"
Daddy (not daddy!!!) is so strong!  My name is Cindy (no no not Cindy!  Your name is... is... something else... you're a man... right?) and I'm his princess doll!
Cindy moans softly as Daddy's hand rubs her thigh and he smiles down on her.
"Please... whoever you are... Daddy... tell me what's happening... OOoooo" Mark.. Cindy says to Daddy.
"I'm impressed... usually my dolls are complete mentally by this point.  I guess it makes it that much sweeter knowing that you're still in there... thief." Cindy's Daddy smiles down on her.
Shivering in pleasure and fear, she feels his hand rub towards her butt.  She can't help but wiggle it, and feels it jiggle.
"You'll be nothing but my doll, a play toy for men of my choosing.  When you walked in to steal from me, you activated the magical alarm.  It changes those that come into my home to steal into helpless little sexy female dolls.  You see, I'm a warlock.  I've lived over 500 yrs., and have seen all types of criminals, and this is your punishment.  None so mentally strong as you, though.  I usually sell my new dolls to the highest bidders, but in your case, I am going to keep you.  Somehow knowing that there is a small part of you fighting makes it so much more exciting..."
Cindy moans softly and squirms as his hand moves to her new throbbing pussy, and he gently starts rubbing her through her panties.
Cindy giggles as Daddy moves down to her crotch... Samual (Daddy) is always amazed at the differences in the men after they change, and this one is one of the most unusual.  It appears as if some of the original personality has survived probably one of the most feminine transformations he's ever seen.  Even now he can see the huge wet spot on her panties, and her scent extremely intoxicating.
"Wait Daddy.. what are you doing?" she squeals as he lifts her legs up.
"I'm doing what I want to do.  You're going to be Daddy's little fuck doll!"
Cindy feels Daddy's leg at her crotch, and she rubs it frantically, moaning and mewling, creating a wet spot on his slacks.
She watches transfixed as her Daddy's cock springs free, her mouth instantly watering at the sight.  He then pushes her onto her back, and pulls her panties off of her, his cock swinging around.  He holds her down until he realizes he wants her top off.
"Sit up Cindy, and loosen that top please, Daddy wants to see your boobs..."
Cindy does as she is told as Daddy continues to undress her as well.
Samuel uses his strength to move the small Cindy around on the bed, spreading her legs.  Her pussy literally glistening with wetness, Cindy mewls in pleasure as he spreads her legs, putting the tip of his cock at her pussy. 
"Sweet Cindy, once your hymen is broken, there will be no going back.  Ever.  Your soul will transform along with your aura.  Even when reincarnated, you will be female each and every time, to become someone's fuck doll... Though I must tell you, you should look forward to, oh, 500 years or more of being in this form.  As long as you are with me, you will never age a day unless I decide for it to happen."
Putting his had over Cindy's mouth, Samuel proceeds to push his cock into her quivering pussy.  In one last bit of male resistance, Mark shakes his head no no no and pleads with his eyes... and then yelps in pain as Samuel forces his cock deep into her, eyes wide in shock as she is penetrated for the first time in her life... his life... her life...
"Welcome to an ETERNITY in panties!" Samuel laughs.
Samuel vigorously starts pumping into the small girl, and she squeals as his cock goes deeper and deeper into her.  Her entire body quakes as the first orgasm in her new life washes over her body, the sounds of her pussy's juices slurping as his cock pumps into her.
"OOhhh DADDY it feels so GGOOODDDDD!" Cindy cries out.  Inside of her mind, behind her beautiful eyes, Samuel sees Mark cry out in anguish... and Samuel smiles.  Seeing Mark behind Cindy's eyes turns him on even more!  He's going to enjoy this toy!
Cindy's body shudders as she orgasms time and again.  Her mind imprinting on her Daddy's face, how his cock feels inside her honey hole, the feeling of his balls slapping against her ass.
Mark feels the same feelings, but tries to resist the feelings washing over him...her...
The image of this man enslaving him... turning him into this super sexy dolly.  He doesn't want to be his property!  Mark doesn't want to feel Daddy's cock pump into his... his... her pussy...
Mark doesn't want to spread her legs for Daddy!  To offer him her body at any time!
Samuel pins his toy's legs and arms using her belt, his cock continuing to pump into her.  She looks at him with love and fear, a fear that shows Mark is scared of losing what's left of his mind!
Grinning at her, Samuel leans down and kisses Cindy passionately!  His cock rocking the girls world as she orgasms as they kiss, her pussy milking the thrusting cock.
"Do you see, thief?  No matter what happens, you'll never be in control.  Cindy is here to stay!" Samuel says to Mark, as he\she gasps and moans.
Samuel feels his first orgasm approaching.  Being a warlock, he's made himself able to cum as often as he wishes, lucky for Cindy he thinks.  As he holds Cindy tightly, his cock pumping into her from behind, he whispers in his\her ear... "When I cum in you, you will be addicted to my seed.  You will find that you will get hornier and hornier the longer you don't have it inside your body."
Cindy grinds back into his cock, her hairless pussy glistening in the light.  Her clit is engorged, sticking out from her hood.  She wiggles her ass back onto him as she feels his cock throbbing inside  her. 
"Oh, my little thief wants to feel Daddy's cum fill your pussy, don't you?"
"Oh God yes Daddy, please fill your toy with your seed!!!" Cindy gasps.  Inside Mark screams in defiance, NO NO NO!!!!
No one hears.
Samuel tightens his grip on the mewling toy as his speed increases.  Cindy's pussy pulses around his shaft, and she starts cumming as his cock pounds and pumps into her.
Samuel's cock trembles and throbs, and he floods her pussy with his seed, the hot semen setting off many orgasms in Cindy, causing her to scream in pleasure.  Her body spasms time and again as he unloads what feels like to her gallons of cum inside her womb.
Cindy feels a tingling wash over her body... a need.. primitive need to have him use her... Oh God no... Mark feels it as much as Cindy does... a need to have Daddy's seed inside her...
"Mmmmm that was wonderful, princess.  Now, clean Daddy's cock, would you please?  Oh, and don't forget to try not to dribble Daddy's seed on the sheets.  It needs to stay inside you." Samuel says.
Cindy crawls over between Daddy's legs, and proceeds to lick and suck his cock.  The taste is like heaven to her.
Moaning in pleasure, she tries to deep throat his cock, but its so large she only manages to get it in part way.  Cindy's eyes close as she feels her pussy tingling along with her mouth... his pre-cum inside her mouth starting the process of her needing his cum inside her mouth.
"I see it in your eyes, Cindy.  That little voice in your head confuses you, doesn't it?  It's ok, just ignore it.  It won't go away, but eventually it will encourage you."
Cindy moans sucking on Daddy's cock, and her eyes look into his strong, masculine face.  She worships him!  She will do anything!  So what if that little voice in your head says different... you know better!  You love Daddy!
At that thought, Cindy's eyes widen as Daddy's cock throbs in her mouth, then shoots load after hot load of semen into her mouth.  Deep inside her, she feels a need build up to hold this cock in her mouth, to drink from it, milk it of it's seed and to swallow down as much cum as she can.
Cindy yelps as Daddy picks her up, and puts her on his cock, her legs spread, his cock feeling like it's splitting her in two.  She moans as his massive cock sinks deep into her.
As her ass settles down on his stomach, his hands reach up to her super sensitive titties and massage them, pulling on her nipples causing sparks to shoot down to her clit.
Oh help me this feels too good, thought Mark\Cindy.
With Daddy's masculine hands massaging her titties, Cindy wiggled her hips, allowing the cock inside her to massage her pussy just enough to bring her off.  Little mini-orgasms wash over her, her clit tingling, her titties also tingling as Daddy's strong hands pull on her nipples.
"Oh Daddy, I gots a stain on my pretty dress!"  Cindy licks the stain, realizes it's some of Daddy's cum, and sucks on it a moment.  Her eyes roll back in her head as her pussy pulses, as she sucks the cum off of her dress.
"There, all clean!" she giggles, gasping for breath.
"It's ok, princess.  You have lots of dresses just like that." Samuel tells her.  "As a matter of fact, you're only allowed 3 to 4 outfits.  Now, princess, get on all fours for Daddy, but stay on Daddy's cock..."
Cindy moves into position, and moans as Daddy's cock is in a totally new place in her pussy.
"Oh Daddy wow, this feels weird but so good!"
Mark, having succumbed to many orgasms, can only giggle in her mind, and sigh in pleasure.
Cindy bites her bottom lip as she sinks down further onto Daddy's cock, it curving and hitting all kinds of gooey places inside her pussy.
"Oh Daddy I looooooove riding your huge dick, it feels good in my cunny!" Cindy giggles.
Samuel watches Cindy and smiles, seeing the intelligence just drain out of a toy is fun to watch.  Soon the only math she'll ever do is counting how many balls are slapping her ass as she's fucked, he muses.
Cindy's ass bounces up and down on Samuels cock as he watches.  The little bubble butt jiggles each time, and he see's her pussy spasm each time she pushes it deeper into her.  Cindy can't help but make small mewling sounds as she feels an orgasm slowly building.
Her voice rising in pitch, Samuel pushes her onto her back.
Samuel climbs between her legs and his cock slides right into her sopping pussy.  He quickly starts thrusting into her, bringing her to multiple orgasms as she thrashes beneath him.
Her high pitched voice yelping and mewling with each thrust, each orgasm causing her to scream into his shoulder...
Pumping into her deeply, her legs drumming on his ass as she pulls him into her, he whispers in her ear..."Yes princess, I can make you pregnant... if I choose to do so... and I won't tell you when that will be!"
Samuel grunts, and unloads a huge load of cum into her grasping pussy.  Feeling the heat fill her womb, Cindy cries out "FUCCCKKKK MEEEEEE DADDDDYYYYYYYY!!!!"
Thrashing about underneath Samuel, Cindy rides a rollercoaster of orgasms that doesn't seem to stop as Samuel's cock fills her pussy to overflowing, down her ass onto the sheets.
Mark\Cindy whimpers as Samuel climbs off of her, and places his cock at her face.
"One more load for my princess, time to drink it down!"
Samuel grunts, stroking his cock and unloads into Cindy's waiting mouth.
Cindy's tongue reaches out trying to lap at the cum seeping from his cockhead, but Samuel holds down her head.  He wants the thief to see this.  A squirting cock shooting into Cindy's mouth.
Samuel see's the shame in Cindy's eyes as Mark tries to stop it from happening, but Cindy is to much in control, and she gleefully swallows his seed.
"Such a good princess!" Samuel smiles down at the cooing toy he's created.
Samuel smears his cockhead over Cindy's face, and then has her clean it.  Cindy, exhausted and unable to move, willingly takes his cock in her mouth and uses her tongue to clean it.
6 Months Later
Cindy loves taking her doll for a stroll down the street!
People will watch the cute Cindy, dressed in her pink, frilly dress.  Though she rarely wears anything else. 
They see her stop sometimes, on the sidewalk, and look around, almost like somethings on her mind...
But, every time she does this, she moans and doubles over, grabbing her crotch.  She then giggles and continues her walk.  People usually assume she is having female problems.
But inside, her thoughts are of her Daddy and what they do every day, and her pussy becomes so horny she has to walk back home.
They usually call her sweet Cindy because she's always kind and sweet to the neighbors.  She loves playing with her dolls on the steps, waiting for Samuel to return home.
Most people again assume that Cindy and Samuel are into some kinky things... since she's always dressed like she is.
Some people have come up to her to talk, and she just sits and giggles, talking like a teenager.
Most men that get close to her, for whatever reason, become really horny.  As if she has a way of attracting men other than the way she dresses.  But she usually just waits until Samuel gets home.
Once inside, however, the stress of the time away from Samuel begins to show...
Gently she puts away her dolls, and strips down naked.
Moaning in ecstasy, she starts fingering herself lewdly on the bed.
This happens every day that her Daddy isn't able to come home for lunch...
She can't have his cum, and she craves it so much... she fingers herself for several hours until Daddy comes home.
"Princess, Daddy's home!" Samuel says, knowing the state she will be in when he walks in the door.
"Oh Daddy please... please... Cindy needs Daddy's cum... please..." Cindy says, as Samuel walks in her room.  The scent of her excitement fills the room, as her fingers squish into her drooling pussy.
Samuel smiles down at Cindy, seeing the large wet spot on the sheets, how her pussy is literally leaking, and lays next to her.  Grabbing her by the throat, gently, he looks into her eyes, seeing just enough of the thief to be satisfied.
"You know the rules, princess.  You can't cum until Daddy says so..."
"Y..y..yes Daddy... Cindy can't stop hhherrrrrselllfff from touching herrrr pussssss...OOOooooo" she squeals, Cindy's body quivering in arousal.
"Daddy knows... and Daddy's decided to give you a nice present, princess..."
Cindy closes her eyes and whimpers in pleasure as her nipple is tweaked.
"Princess is going to give Daddy a bouncing baby boy, so that Daddy can start off his new family clan.  Princess is going to be the mother to many, many children."
Cindy's body quakes as an orgasm washes over her.
"You will give birth to many sons and daughters..."
Cindy watches as Daddy's cock slips into her ready pussy... she can feel something inside her change...
Her legs spread wide, and as Daddy starts pumping into her, her womb readies itself for Daddy's seed.
Cindy is used in every position, as often as possible.  She cums each and every time.  Daddy doesn't give her a choice.
Mark, losing his battle more and more with Cindy, cries out in pleasure as well as shame each time.
Each day...
3 or more times a day...
Cindy's body is kept full of Daddy's seed.
Samuel sometimes cums inside of Cindy, and makes sure that the thief gets to feel it happen, giving the thief control of Cindy for the duration of the orgasm. 
The shame and horror shown on her face time and again gives Samuel pleasure, even more so when Samuel noticed that Cindy would cum harder than ever when the thief was in control!
Then at times, Cindy presents herself to her Daddy, and begs him to take her pussy, fill her up with cum!
Cindy craves his seed so much now, she cannot go long without at least tasting it...
Or having it splash deep into her womb...
Those are the times Cindy loves the most, as Daddy's big cock pumps it's cum deep into her womb, she prays every time that it will catch...
Until it finally does.
8 Months Later
Cindy still loves sucking on Daddy's huge cock and gobbling down his cum.  He has such huge loads for her to swallow!
But she still loves his cock in her honey hole too!  She presents herself to him when he gets home, her huge belly and milky boobies hanging down, her slit always ready for Daddy.
Samuel is always cautious when taking Cindy now, he doesn't want to hurt the baby.  But he also knows his princess NEEDS his cum.
Over the decades, Mark is no longer complaining about fucking, and is now no longer quiet... his sissy voice is heard each time by Cindy, crying out for cock... and Cindy does what she can to satisfy both of them as she raises Daddy's and her children.


  1. Oh baby what a punishment. I wish it were me being used like that. It would be so worth it!!! More, mote more!!!

  2. A very hot piece... I like these stories of yours when the unsuspecting guy is turned into the eager little slut!

    An idea for you: A former girlfriend, knocked up and abandoned, learns magic to get revenge, turning her former boyfriend into a fertile, babycrazy little hottie who gets off on unprotected sex with strangers and married men.

  3. Aww, isn't he just an adorable little baby factory!