Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sailor Toy

You felt strange when your wife asked you to put on the sailor outfit... especially since it was a skirt with a thong!  But you thought what the hell, maybe it'll lead to some fun in the sheets!
Then you physically felt strange.. the world seemed to get bigger, and the clothes shrank down, becoming tight in some spots...
Your hair lengthened and grew out from your bald head, just as your eyesight seemed to improve as your glasses fell off of your face.  You feel the panties get tighter as the thong seems to go deep between the cheeks of your ass, as it seems to swell out behind you, along with your hips flaring out.
Your much taller wife walks over to the front door, and lets in a man.  He towers over you, but then so does she now.
Your voice squeaks out in a high pitched tone asking her what's happening, but all she does is smile down at you.  The man slowly strips, and makes you nervous as he looks at you.
You feel a stirring in your panties as your cock seems to harden, but at the same time shrink down.   A burning in your nipples makes you gasp as they become so sensitive you moan softly.
The man smiles down at you as you look up at him nervously, but also with a strange sensation... urges that you've never had before.  Of being small, needing a big strong man to take care of you... to take you... a sudden feeling of wetness in your ass...  You can't help but look down at his large cock.
You lick your lips, feeling them swell as you do so.
He picks you up in his strong arms, and takes you to the spare bedroom.  You glance around and see camera's all over the room, and video monitors on the back wall, filming the bed from all angles.
He peels off your panties, and you see a large wet spot where your asshole is... He throws them to the floor as he lifts up your shirt, exposing your super sensitive nipples.
You whimper in fear, as he spreads your legs, and your cock throbs, leaking pre-cum onto the inside of your skirt as it rests there.
You glance over at your wife, who is tending to the cameras, keeping them focused. 
You then look up at him, the huge man, his strong muscles lifting your little bubble butt up off the bed, and placing his huge cock at your ass.  You gasp in pleasure as it slips deep into you with ease.
After a few slow, sweet strokes, you feel his massive balls resting on your ass.  As his cock throbs inside you, your ass pussy involuntarily twitches, then milks his shaft, causing you moan.  Your body, your ass pussy is so sensitive...
Karen looks as her husband, William, squeals and moans in pure lust and joy as Karen's new boyfriend fucks him.
Already the little slut has cum 3 times, and her chest is finally starting to grow.  She should end up with DDD cups when we're done here, if not larger.
Karen smiles, seeing her husband's... no... slaves expression on her face as her clit streams a huge amount of cum up onto her swelling chest, screaming in pure bliss.
It won't be long now, Karen thinks.  The transformation into their maid\slave should be complete with a few more orgasms, and her pussy should develop during those orgasms that are purging any male hormones\cells that are left in her body.  Already the cum has gone from milky white to clear.
Willa will make a good toy for her and her new soon to be husband.  Plus, the added benefit of having a surrogate mother for their children! 
She can't wait to see Willa pregnant with child, and watching her tits swell even larger with milk!