Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tables Turned

"Wakey, wakey, Charles!"
Charles Stevens opened his eyes, and shook his head.  He seemed to be laying on a table, something in his mouth... and he was tied up and felt naked, but not quite the same...
"There you go Charles... feels weird for you, doesn't it?"
Charles looked at his ex-wife, Susan, standing beside the table.  Well, soon to be ex, the paperwork had not yet been signed.  His lawyers had made sure she only got a small portion of their fortune be framing her for an affair she had never had.  She had vowed revenge as she left the courtroom that day.
"You thought you could get away with all of it... all the research into DNA re-sequencing... to be able to help others... instead you perverted my work into a money making scheme for the rich and powerful... Change themselves into another person, new identities for.. for criminals!!!  I should have listened to my friends when they said you were good for nothing..."
Susan walked closer and slapped Charles on the ass...
He yelped, but not in pain.. but pleasure... he looked confused... his body felt strange... fleshy... smaller than his normal 6ft 3 inches...
"In case you're wondering... yes.  You've been changed... but not in a small way... let's just say you've gotten a triple dose of my serum.  It's still flowing in your blood right now... making changes... drastic changes."
Charles tried to close his legs to stand.. but couldn't... he was very secure to the table... and something was pressing against him in his crotch area... it felt really good... but it was a pleasure he never had felt before...
"These changes I've made... well, you're not going to like them.  Not at first anyway... you see darling, over the last few weeks since our last meeting, I've gotten the DNA from several women, all different backgrounds.  Most have some physical, or mental, issues, such as nymphomania, others have addictive personalities... heightened hormonal levels, that kind of thing.  I mixed them all together.  Yep!  That's right... I see it in your face... you get it now... Big Charles is now Little Charlene, a nymphomaniac who's addicted to... well, everything related to sex.  Let's see, where is that button... Oh, there it is."
Charles hears a soft click and jumps.... where his body is touching that weird thing on his crotch, something starts vibrating...
Charles mewls in pleasure and fear... eyes widen as a pleasure starts building slowly.... he struggles but can't seem to move his legs much.
"Feels so good, doesn't it Charlene!  That's going to be your new name, Charlene Cummings.  Fits, doesn't it?  Has such a nice ring to it..."

Charles tries and tries to move away from the source of the vibrations, but can't... all he does is manage to excite himself even more.... soon he feels a heat, a wetness between his legs, and what feels like liquid leaking out of him, running slowly down his legs.

"That's it Charlene... you feel it building... soon, oh so soon you will be addicted to this feeling, so addicted that you will seek it out... the cumming... each orgasm makes you want more, and more, and more..."
Charles... Charlene's body quakes as an powerful orgasm overtakes her and she screams, her screams muffled by the ball gag.  Her crotch feels like it's on fire.  As soon as her orgasm subsides, another starts building right behind it.
"Oh, my little slut came real good didn't you?  Just think, soon you'll BEG for someone to make you cum!"
Charlene fights and struggles... and fails as another orgasm washes over her... the pleasure increasing!
"That's it... good girl... I see it happening... already you're loving the feeling of cumming... Soon we will work on semen.  I want you to cum when you blow cocks and they cum in your mouth.  I want you to crave the taste of men's cum filling your whore mouth.  That's next weeks lesson!  The week after we will be working on cumming when fucked in your ass... Oh, yes my dear, you're going to be a girl who uses ALL HER HOLES!" Susan laughs as Charlene cries out, cumming harder than before.

"I thought about making you addicted to sex with men and women, but I thought you actually would get enjoyment out of servicing women, so you're only to service men."  Susan walks around Charlene's quivering body, her hand caressing the new womans glistening body, caressing every swell, every curve.  "And you'll do it willingly.  Oh sure, you'll hate yourself for it but you will be addicted to feeling their cocks in side your pussy, your ass, and your hungry little mouth."
Susan looks at her watch and giggles.  "Well, time for my hair appointment!" Susan smiles, and checks several camera's around the room.  "I'll be back in a few hours.  Welcome to training day one, honey buns!" Susan says, laughing as she walks to the front door and shuts it, locking it behind her.
With no one else in the room, the sound of the vibrator's violent hums fill the room, along with the wet sound of her pussy.  The newly christened Charlene tries to struggle again, but her body betrays her... another orgasm approaches, and without realizing it, Charlene starts pushing herself against the vibrations, causing herself to cum quicker.

Sobbing, gasping for air, Charlene looks directly at the camera on the table, tears streaming down her eyes... drool flowing from her mouth from around the gag.  Her high pitched whines and moans fill the room, her eyes begging for relief...
And she pushes herself down harder onto the vibrator.
Charlene's body quakes as the strongest orgasm yet crashes down on her, causing her to scream loudly, her eyes rolling back in pure bliss as the orgasms seems to last longer and longer...
Charles Stevens mind babbles and cries out in shame, pleading for it all to stop... and Charlene Cumming's mind cries out in pleasure, as she cums, and cums...

And cums.


  1. Glad to see you're back! Hope all is well.

  2. Welcome back mistress Kayla, i hope you are fine .
    As always its a good work for your return, i like it. See you soon ...;-)

  3. Welcome back. Hope all's well with you and your family.

  4. So glad that you’re back Kayla! Missed you while you were gone.

  5. Welcome back Kayla!!! What an awesome story to see for your cumback lol. 😉 missed you a lot