Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jason the Money Maker

Megan watched as her soon to be ex, Jason, cried out in pleasure.  Megan had caught Jason dressing in her clothing a month ago.  Instead of being pissed off, she got turned on.. turned on to the possibility of completely feminizing Jason, to the point of no return.
She had tranquilized him, injecting him with numerous drugs to cause his body to force out all of his male hormones... it was working like a charm.  His climaxes had been huge, spraying his jizz practically across the room.
She watched as he screamed in pleasure, the penis gag filling his mouth, slowly leaking a cocktail of hormones and drugs into his mouth.  He had to swallow it just to breath, his nose being closed off.
After this session, she'd inject him with the replacement hormones.. He'd also develop a craving... she smiled... a craving for male sperm.
Jason again cries out as his cock spurts more and more...
2 Weeks Later
"Jason, why are you doing that..." Megan said.
"W... what do you mean... Mistress" Jason moans.  Subliminal tapes had been playing in his room.  He had started calling Megan Mistress.  He moved his quickly growing hair to the side... the rest of his body hair had fallen out.
"You're rubbing your legs together like a cricket... I know what's happening... come over here and squat on the dildo on the floor, you need to milk yourself." Megan smiles...
Currently, his discomfort was being caused by a new cocktail of hormones and other nasty drugs.  Basically they were forcing out any leftover male hormones via orgasms... so Jason was having to orgasm every couple of hours.  It was also addicting him to those orgasms... needing them.  However, instead of just jerking his cock, or clit as Megan called it, Jason was having to go about it another way.
"Come on, Jason... squat down... you know you need this... and it feels good, doesn't it baby?"
Jason nodded in shame, knowing that he couldn't resist the pull of the dildo.
Sliding his panties to the side, Jason exposed his cock, hard as a rock with a bit of pre-cum on the tip.
Megan watched as Jason hiked up his skirt over his growing hips and ass, and slowly lowered himself down.
Crying out in pleasure, Jason's cock started drooling out his male hormone filled cum.
"That's it Jason... let it out... look at it flow... good girl... good girl..."
"OH God Megan make it stooooppp.... OOohhhhh...." Jason moaned...
"Make it stop?  You've done this to yourself, sissy bitch.  Tell you what, if you stand up right now, I'll stop the process... you'll be stuck for just a week, but it all will wear off.  But you have to stop NOW!"
Jason looked up at her in shame, trying to stand, but only could whimper as another wave of pleasure washed over him, and his eyes widened in shock as his cock let loose a huge stream of cum... his ass milking the dildo... his fingers pushing it deeper against his prostate..
Jason cries out in shame and pleasure as his cock twitches, and drools out what Megan was now calling his sissy juice.
"I knew you couldn't do it, you whore." Megan laughed as she watched Jason's hips widen, and his ass fill out more as the drugs took effect...

Even with milking 3 times a day, Jason found himself with a drooling clit as his juices built up quickly, thanks to the hormone treatments and other drugs that increased his semen production.
"No, please, NOT AGAIN!!!! AAHHHHHHH" Jason would scream as his clitty would throb uncontrollably, and he would fill his panties with sissy juice.
Megan grinned... she watched as his sissy juice flowed out of his clitty... and two mounds developed on his chest... his nipples lengthened...
One Month Later
Jason's ass pulsed in pleasure as the man's cock filled it.  A couple of weeks ago, Megan had brought in several guys for Jason to pleasure.  Jason couldn't help himself... the need to be filled an addiction now.  Megan had gotten Jason needing to be fucked in his ass pussy to be able to cum, due to using the dildo practically every time.  She had taken his dildo, and he hadn't been able to cum for several days.  His need built up to the point that he begged Megan for any relief... that's when she called in the men.
Jason's high pitched voice squealed in pleasure as the man's cock filled his ass pussy with cum, Jason's own cock squirting a huge load of sissy juice.
Megan smiled, saving the video in the collection she had for Jason to watch later.
2 Weeks Later
Jason at this point couldn't stop himself.  He'd allow any man to use his ass pussy... as long as he got to cum so great was his need...
On a daily basis, Jason had started pleasuring up to 10 men a day, and he would cum each and every time... screaming like a woman, his voice high and breathy.
Mistress had started calling him Jasmine.  She said clients didn't like using someone named Jason.
So Jasmine was born, and graduated to getting fucked and sucking cocks several times a day...
Jasmine was drawn to sucking cock since the beginning, but had resisted.. one client had taken matters into his own hands, and forced his cock into Jasmine's mouth. 
The taste was exquisite!  Due to Jasmines low salt diet, it had made anything salty taste wonderful, and along with a growing need to have male hormones inside her (since she usually expelled them in her cream), she quickly became addicted.
In one day she found herself lovingly sucking 15 dicks, one after the other.
Megan smiled, watching as Jasmine's skill at sucking cock increased.  Luckily those subliminal videos worked so well!
Jasmine's orgasms were stronger than ever, her sissy cream filling her panties constantly, especially when she was sucking cock.
Megan made Jasmine wear wigs on occasion for those clients who had preferences for blondes, redheads, you name it.
Even being a character on a super hero TV show was allowed... "Felicity" was very popular... her bubble butt taking on any size cock.
Megan filmed all of Jasmine's sessions, and showed them to her daily.  Saying how she must love being a slut... Jasmine would blush in shame and whimper as her clitty would explode in her panties, time after time as she watched herself being used.
After a while, Jasmine thought her clitty was getting smaller...
Even as her clients came inside her, her sensitive clitty would still cream, but every day it seemed to shrink.  She finally asked Megan what was going on...
"Don't worry your pretty, empty head about it darling..." she would say.
All Jasmine could do would nod.
If anything, Jasmine came more and more, huge gushing orgasms as she was fucked... but she couldn't cum from stroking her own clitty... she required anal stimulation to cum.

A nice, thick cock in her ass pussy and her customer touching her shrinking clit would make her explode all over herself...
Jasmine watched over the weeks as her clitty shrunk smaller and smaller... each orgasm seeming to make it shrink more and more. 
Even her body seemed to shrink over the weeks, the seemingly endless string of customers almost seemed to get taller and larger.  But it was just her body betraying her, becoming more and more feminine with each orgasm she had.

Jasmine whimpered as she found that her balls had finally disappeared, and her engorged clit was all that was left... leaking constantly.  She looked up at Megan, who just smiled at her, and locked a dildo into her mouth that was connected to a large 32oz bag hanging from the ceiling, full of hormones and cum.
"Shhhhh I know you're hungry, just suck on this baby girl..."
Jasmine, now so conditioned by Megan, immediately starting sucking, and every few minutes was rewarded with a load of  hormone laced cum...
Megan tied her pet up, and closed the door, as Jasmine continued sucking on the dildo, the sucking sounds and moans filling the room...
Megan watched as Jasmine slept... tossing and turning, her once large cock now no bigger than a real womans clit.  It wouldn't be long, maybe a day or so, until Jasmine's body morphed again and her new pussy developed. 
Megan couldn't wait!  Jasmine's body was quickly taking on even more feminine hormones as she'd started producing her own...

2 Days Later
Jasmine moaned and whimpered in pleasure as she toyed with her new pussy.  Megan laughed with glee at Jasmine being unable to stop playing with herself since her clit developed... and now it appeared that the transformation had run it's course... her pussy had developed fully and was ready for real live cocks...
Jasmine squirmed back onto the dual dildo's... she had never felt such pleasure before.  Her new pussy almost pulled the dildo inside... both holes filled, Jasmine's eyes widened in shock as an even stronger orgasm washed over her body... causing her to scream...
6 Months Later
Megan watched the screen as her former lover cried out in pleasure as her pussy was used.  Jasmine's orgasms engulfed her body completely, sending the new girl into spasms of shear delight as the cocks that filled her pumped deeply into her pulsing pussy.
The client pulled up Jasmine's currently blonde hair and forced her to look at the camera, just as another orgasm ripped through her, her ass jiggling with each powerful thrust. 

Jasmine's addiction to sex increase 10 fold once her pussy developed, the mind numbing pleasure she was receiving affected her thought processes as well, literally dumbing her down, and also caused some memory loss.  Her body was almost overdosing on estrogen, for some reason her hormones working overtime.   Her body had transformed even more quickly, becoming shapelier, much more curvy than before.
Megan looked up as the client pulled Jasmine up onto all fours again, and increased his pace, her squeals filling the small room, her large breasts swaying beneath her, almost hitting her chin.
Jasmine could only cry out in pleasure as she orgasmed almost constantly, the client pulling her head back by her hair.
The client roughly pulled out of Jasmine and forced her to turn around, her mouth open, gasping for breath.  Without hesitation, the client forced his cock into the mewling and panting girls mouth, causing her to groan as she started sucking his cock.
Megan watched as Jasmine's lips stretched around the shaft, and the client's hands gripped her hair tightly as he face fucked her.
After 5 minutes of this, the man grunted, and exploded into Jasmines mouth, but he didn't let up.  He continued fucking her mouth until he was spent, forcing Jasmine to swallow all of his seed.
Megan watched as Jasmine's pussy spasmed when the man came in her mouth, and her pussy drooling out her cream onto the sheets, creating a large stain below her.
Megan smiled...  This girl is gonna be a money maker.


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