Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, April 9, 2018

My Viking


I smiled at myself as I checked myself in the mirror, getting ready.  The decision had been made.  It had been 6 months since I had started using the spell book to become a woman. 4 glorious months since I met HIM.  I loved this too much to give it up.  I loved him. 
Lars... a real man, not like I was.  I became more of a woman because of his strength, his devotion.
His love.
I struggled at first, becoming a woman on the weekends, fucking random guys, then changing back to my icky boy self.  For 2 months I lived the life, for lack of a better term, a whore.  After the first change, 2 weeks later I was stripping on the weekends, then hooking, then started using vacation until it was gone, then I lost my regular job.  Stripping and hooking to pay the bills.
Then I met Lars, in that bar... standing there talking to some girl.  I was entranced by him.  I spoke to him, and the connection, literally instantaneous, was made.
He treated me.. well, like a lady.
Slipping on my negligee, I thought about how we talked and talked, and danced that night.  I expected him to fuck me and leave me, and I'd go on to the next random.
He didn't touch me in a sexual way.  It was more, sensuous.
I was in shock.  He didn't ask to go fuck, have me suck his cock, anything like that.  He asked me out on a date.
I think I fell in love with him then.  That moment.
We went out night after night, for a few weeks.  He didn't make any weird moves, he treated me like a lady.  A real lady.
He finally asked me if I would come up to his place, and I did, and the sparks and the sex were mind blowing, we spent hours and hours in bed, making up for those weeks we didn't make love.
I fell even deeper in love with him.
And then, he asked me. 
Would I spend the rest of his life with him?  Would I MARRY HIM.  After only 3 months of dating, he wanted ME as HER.
Without thought I said yes.. then I cried... until I finally... finally told him who I really was.
He was silent for a moment.  Looking into my eyes.. .I was scared I just lost him.
He didn't care, he loved my MIND.  He loved who I was inside.  My body was secondary.  He told me he didn't care if it was permanent or if I'd have to go back to being my old self now and then.  Sure, he'd like to have a family but we could adopt.
My tears flowed as I told him I would think about it... I didn't know... I told him I would give him my answer tomorrow night.  I left his home.
I went home, and re-read the spell book, and found the answer.  It was always there; during the change, if a male ejaculates inside my vagina 3 times, the changes become permanent, and all around me believe that it was always that way, that I was always a woman. 
I wept.  I laughed.  I was scared.  I barely slept.
As tomorrow became today, I knew what I wanted.  I already knew.  I changed into the black sexy outfit I had used when I stripped, and put on a coat, and went to Lars home.

I knocked on his door, and as he opened the door, I took off my coat, revealing my negligee.  I push him inside, unbuckling his pants, and slipping them down around his ankles.
I kneel before my man, and I do so knowing what I've decided was the right thing.
Tasting his cock, I can't help but moan, slurping on it like a hungry animal.  It quickly hardens as my drool covers him, the pre-cum leaking onto my tongue.  I savor the taste as I hear him moan.

I look up at him hungrily, taking off my top and panties, already soaked through.  He pulls me up, picking me up and carrying me to his bedroom, and pushes me down on my back.
We don't say a word, as he pushes my legs back.  I moan loudly as he does so, spreading myself for him eagerly.
He smiles down at me, then laps at my folds,  he goes down on me, tasting me, making me squeal and moan as he holds my legs, his tongue pushing me over into orgasm after orgasm.
He looks at me, smiles... I know his question.
"I want it Lars, more than life itself.  I want to be yours, forever.  I want to be the mother of your children.  I want to be your woman, my Viking Warrior... please... please make love to me and make me your woman forever!  Cum inside my pussy, Lars.  I want it."
"If you're sure, my love..." smiles Lars.
"Yes.. yes!" I scream.

Lars quickly moves up my body, kisses me deeply, and inserts himself into me, sinking deeply inside... I run my hands over his chest, his strong muscles rippling.
My ass bounces on the bed, his heavy balls slapping my ass, as I willingly open myself up for him.  I squeal and moan, his cock filling me completely.
He makes me cum so many times... he smiles down at me as I lose control over and over again... crying out in pleasure.
I cry out as I feel him cum inside me for the first of three, filling my womb...
He flips me over, grunting, then plows into me from behind.. my body sparks with energy, my pussy milking him... he's under the spell, his body fucking me, building up another load of his semen.  I whimper and moan as his cock continues it's assault on my pussy... I feel a tingling inside me, the beginnings of the changes that will occur, as his cock leaks it's pre-cum inside me.  I smile as I know what's happening soon.
His cock throbs inside of me, swelling up and exploding, filling me again with a huge load of his cum.  I cry out as I orgasm over and over, each thrust depositing more of his seed inside me, taking me closer to permanent womanhood...

I smile down at him, my man, as I climb on top of him for the final time as a part male.  As I sink down on his manhood, I realize the further I go down on him, the more I lose my own, and I giggle at the irony, as I ride my manhood into oblivion.
I kiss him as we make love, our tongues intertwined, dancing together.  I feel his cock again swell inside me, the spell doing it's work as he prepares to fill me for the third time.
I slame down on him screaming in ecstasy as his cock throbs violently inside me, and releases the final, sealing blast of cum up into my hungry pussy.  My eyes roll back as the largest orgasm of my life overtakes me, and memories change...
Growing up a woman, born in 1994...  all of my experiences are now from the feminine side of life.
As I moan and whimper, his cock accidently pops out, his 3 loads of cum flow out onto him and the bed... taking with it my ability to change back into what I was. 
I collapse on top of him, as history re-writes itself.
My mind changes, and the last thought my male part of my brain says, is "I made the right choice." before it winks out of existence.
I sit up and look down at my fiancé, and smile.  We'll get married just in time before we have to announce that I'm pregnant.
I kiss the man I love, and look forward to our lives together...


  1. Amazing story Kayla.

    So happy you found your Viking and he found you.

    I'm sure he feel very lucky and privileged to.

    I to love how your mind works :-)

    1. I know of someone that would do this very thing for the man she loves... kisses and MWAH!!!

    2. Dear Kayla,

      Miss you and your stories.

      Hope all is well and we'll hear from you soon.

  2. Willing transformations are too vanilla for me. I love when they beg not to be transformed.

    1. I understand. The thrill of the forced transformations are more exciting! That's why I do more of those. Now and then though, I feel that there are those that like the "vanilla" transformation. After all, a lot of you would willingly give up your manhood to become a woman, wouldn't you?

  3. Good story, i like it,but i love when it was forced... .

    1. Oh I understand honey, now and then I feel I have to push out a nicey nice one.

    2. And it was wonderfull, i hope you don't forgive me for the next time mitress ;)

  4. I agree with you Kayla. Overall the forced transformations are more exciting/my preference, but one of these is nice every so often as well. Nicely done K!