Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Thursday, May 24, 2018


"Good morning Kelli!  How'd you sleep last night?" the man laughed.
Keller Johnson sat up confused... he was in a white room on a bed, wearing strange clothing.
"I guess I slept... wait.. what's wrong with my voice Daddy?  Wait!  Why did I call you Daddy?  And why are you calling me Kelli!"
"Because, Kelli, you're my little Sissy Princess... and that is your name now." the man said.
Kelli couldn't help but smile at being called Sissy Princess, even though she didn't know why. 
Why did her butt feel so soft when she sat on it?
Kelli's eyes widened crawled on the bed, and looking behind herself... a look of shock on her face.  A plump, panty covered bubble butt was where her former flat male ass used to be.  It began to tingle in her... her... what was it called again?  Her hole back there... that was her pussy?  She looked around the room, the room and Daddy seeming to be so much bigger than she was now...
"What.. what happened to me!  What's going on Daddy!" Kelli squeaked.
"Nothing that you didn't deserve, Sissy Princess..." the man laughed.
Kelli stood up and looked in the mirror.  She sashayed over to it, her hips swaying to and fro... walking like a sissy stripper... her bubble butt sticking out as she turned around.  Kelli felt her panties rubbing against her pussy... no, it's her pussy not her pussy... why can't she think the word?  She moaned softly as her panties bulged out, her clit becoming harder and harder, her body seemingly one big erogenous zone.
She looked down at her titties, her nipples hard and sticking out, feeling so sensitive as they rubbed on her corset.  Her clit cock popped out of her panties, swaying beneath her, looking huge on her tiny body.
"I'm not supposed to look like this, Daddy, I'm a man..."
"No, you never were a man at all.  You've always been a sissy, now you've been changed into your true form.  Now sit on the bed, and open wide..." he said, and she immediately obeyed.
Her Daddy walked up, stripping off his clothing, and presented her with his hard cock.  As if she had done it all her life, Kelli's hand guided the cock that she worshipped into her mouth, and started sucking.
"That's it, good girl."
Kelli couldn't stop sucking on the shaft, even as she tried to pull away, she'd just suck harder, her own clit hardening more.  Her pussy felt hot too, and empty.
"That's it, you're realizing what's happened now... you don't have a choice any more, do you Kelli?"
Kelli's eyes widened, unable to answer as her tongue twirled around his cockhead, then deep throating his shaft over and over.  She somehow managed to slip off her panties, allowing them to fall to the floor.
"Yes that's right... you love Daddy's cock, don't you little one?"
Free of her panties, her clit cock swelled even larger, precum forming on the tip.  Her nipples swelled out as well, tingling as much as her pussy was.
"Mmmm already an expert cock sucker... the programming worked like a charm, didn't it Kelli?  Even now I see how turned on you are with a cock in your mouth... you'll always be turned on, my dear Kelli, because your destiny lies not with living your old, boring life, but with being Daddy's little sissy cock sucker and fuck pet."
As Kelli heard those words, her clit stood up super hard, with cream dripping from the tip.  She sucked harder as Daddy's hand grabbed her head, and he started fucking her mouth, her clit cock bouncing.
"That's it... a horny little sissy eager for Daddy's dick, aren't you honey?  You'll always be this eager to please, Kelli.  Your DNA has been altered, you'll never be able to change back.."
Kelli whimpered around the shaft, her hunger for him growing with each suck of his dick.  Her clit throbbed and bounced as she suckled, oozing her cream from the tip.
"Uhhhh yeah, that's my pretty Princess... now for me to fill that hungry pussy of yours..." Daddy said, pulling her head back.  She looked up at him with fear and lust in her eyes... he laid back on the bed and guided her, pulling her onto his cock.
"Oh don't worry, you're body keeps your pussy lubricated... a cock can slide into you at any time..." Daddy said to her as his strong hands pull her onto him.
Kelli gasped and moaned as Daddy's cock sunk into her hungry pussy, her pussy twitching and milking the cock as it went deeply into her, her legs quivering.
"Now ride your Daddy, Princess... Ride Daddy's cock..."
Kelli's eyes closed in pleasure as she did just that, his cock  going deeply inside her.  Her balls tightened up as her clit cock bounced up and down as she rode him.
Kelli glanced over at the mirror across the room, seeing herself fucking Daddy... her clit twitched, hard, watching his glorious cock fill her up so wonderfully.
 "Mmmm good Princess, now kneel for Daddy on the bed and present your pussy to him..."
Kelli reluctantly stops fucking his cock, and she bends over, her bubble butt sticking out.  Kelli's mind reels in confusion as to why she can't stop this.  She feels her pussy leak her lubrication down her thighs... she so wet.
Daddy smiles as he looks down at his new sissy pet.  This one seems to have some fight in her... he see's it in her eyes.  But that doesn't bother him.  The training and drugs given her give her no choice in the matter, she won't be able to resist his commands.  Besides... he likes it when they're fighting it, it makes it that more delicious when they can't help but give in each time, taking his cock in every possible way.
He rubs his cock on her ass crack causing the little sissy to quiver, her clit throbbing.
Kelli moaned loudly as Daddy's cock sunk into her pussy for the first time.  Her body quivered and pulsed in pleasure as his heavy balls slapped against her tiny ones.  Kelli's mouth opened, gasping and sighing in pleasure as Daddy's cock pumped into her.
"Yeah, that's it.. give into it Sissy Princess... give into being Daddy's little cock slave..."
He holds her lower back down, causing her to gasp as her back arches more, her bubble butt bouncing with each thrust of his cock.
"You're going to cum, Sissy Princess, and you'll forever be stuck like this... you're sissy clit will squirt out your remaining male hormones, and you'll be stuck as Daddy's Sissy Princess, won't that.. be wonderful.. ughhh... damn, I'm gonna cum, my little sissy whore... Daddy's gonna cum and fill your pussy with his cum!
Kelli's body started shaking, her head rolled back as her eyes also rolled back into her skull, mouth hung open, as her clit throbbed harder and harder as Daddy's thick cock pumped her ass full of his cum.  He grunted and continued to pump into her.
"Uhhh yeah!!  UMMMM SUCH A TIGHT PUSSY!!! AARRRRRRRHHHHHH!" he screamed...
Kelli cried out, her clit still not orgasming... her hand bolted to her clit and she started stroking it, causing it to EXPLODE on to the sheets, as huge stream after huge stream of thick cream pulsed out of her clit onto the bed.
Kelli collapsed on the bed into the pool of her own cream, Daddy's cum leaking out of her pussy, and passed out.
Daddy grinned.  This will be a fun pet, he thought, patting her plump ass.
"You'll probably will always want to know why, Kelli.." he whispered.  "Thing is, I picked you at random.... heh heh heh..."
Kelli's body shook as some more cream drooled out of her clit, her mind filled with images of cocks...


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