Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, May 21, 2018


James squealed as his clitty drooled on to the sheets, his collar tight on his neck and the chain jingling as the man fucked his wet hole.  The mans hands slapping his jiggling ass as the mans cock plunged deeply into his spasming hole, as James boi pussy was trying to milk the man's cock of it's seed.
James blushed as he felt the ears flopping on his head, the collar and chain also reminding him of what was happening.  He couldn't seem to stop himself from pushing back onto the thrusting cock as he was rocked with another orgasm, his clitty throbbing and drooling again.
James own clitty, always rock hard now since the spell, quivering and jumping between his legs, slowly drooling, showing his unwanted arousal.  His balls had shrunk down, now only the size of walnuts.
James cried out again as the mans cock swelled, his huge balls slapping James's tiny ones, and he buried his thick cock into the mewling sluts boi pussy.  James screamed, eyes rolling back, as the hot cum gushed into his boi pussy, thick streams filling him until it was running down his legs, his clitty drooling constantly, what once what white semen, now a clear, thick liquid.
James entire body tingled as the changes continued.  His body shrunk down, his hips widened, his ass slowly plumped up as did his thighs.  Muscles became womanly fat, and his breasts and nipples swelled out even more than before...
He didn't even know why...
Brent was an ancient being who had many names over the centuries... Brent being his most recent one.  He watched on the television the changes that James going though just as his own body tingled.  His once greying hair became dark again, and wrinkles disappeared.
He used to get the energy from transvestites and the like who wanted the change, but it would take 3 people who were willing, and only 1 who was not.  The collar, chain, and kitty ears were all tools to humiliate the subject even more, increasing the amount of energy Brent received.
Brent watched as the confused James stayed on all fours, gasping for breath, as the next man mounted him... well, may as well say her at this point.
Brent loved forcing men this way, it was so delicious, they're energy, the panic as they constantly lost their masculinity until all that was left was a simpering bimbo with only a faint recollection of who they once were.
Once James.. Jamie was finished, she was scheduled for transport to the whorehouse in Nevada.  That should help take care of her urges.  The man named James would cease to exist, disappearing like so many others over the years.
Brent looked at his watch, sure enough the man on the screen came inside Jamie, and her changes continued, shrinking and plumping up even more, the globes of her ass swelling quickly just as her clitty shrunk down to a little nub....
Shouldn't be long now.

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