Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


"That's it Dani, spread that ass for your man... good girl... take his cock deep in you... you'll get used to it real soon!" Cathy said, watching across the room as her brother moans and whimpers in pleasure.
A steady flow of cum leaks from his shrinking cock... now and then it jumps and shoots a load all over Dani's stomach.  Then it shrinks down... soon there will be nothing left but a tiny clit and a wet, trembling pussy... hungry for cock.
Cathy smiles as her brothers nipples expand out, then grow in their empty cups... soon they will fill her corset... what was the size... EEE?
Cathy hears a loud squeal, and looks back over to Daniel... Dani, as she's been renamed.  She see's her balls shrink even more as they empty out onto her stomach, her body shaking and trembling from pleasure...
The man inside her pumps faster and faster into her, and with a roar, cum inside her ass... Dani can do nothing but accept the cum from the spurting organ as it fills her ass.
At this point, no one would recognize Daniel, so the inheritance from their distant cousin would come to her, but she wants to make sure nothing is left of Daniel.
That will require more cum.
Pressing a button on the wall, a door opens, and 3 more men come in...


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