Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sealing Your Fate

"OH GOD I'm CUMMING!! AAAHHHHHHH!!" the woman, formerly Chet, screamed as the man fucking his jiggling ass pumped deeply into him... his cock swelling as it erupts, filling his ass with cum.
Chet whimpers and coos in pleasure, his body quaking in after cums... his new pussy spasming and leaking down his new shapely legs, as the man pulls out... he holds him down for a moment as Chet feels something happening....
"What... what's happening to me?  I feel so... hot... " Chet whimpers his voice high pitched and bimbo like.  "What's that?"
"Just catching my cum, sweety, one second..." Frank smiles... he loves this part.  He watches as his ass drools his cum, and what remains of the former male's masculine essence almost streams from him... it's always a huge amount.

"I.. .I feel strange..." Chet says... unable to move as he feels something... something draining from... from inside him... her mind...
Frank pats her ass gently, and smiles as it jiggles.  "No worries.  It's about done..."
Frank learned years ago he had an ability to change men into horny sluts...
He never really had a hard time finding males that were willing to do this.  Usually gay or transgender men who felt they were in the wrong body.  He always was happy to help them.. well those that paid him.  But he liked transforming the unsuspecting males the most... Usually he'd spike a travelers drink with his cum... they would drink it, and thru the night they'd change slowly at first.  Their ability to refuse him would slowly be replaced with obedience.. almost as if they were drunk on estrogen.  In most cases, he would "help them try to find out what was happening", offering to take them back to his hotel so they could go to a doctor the next day...
That's where the unsuspecting men would lose their masculinity completely.  The urge to be fucked in their ass would grow quickly, just as their asses grew wider, larger.  They would feel an urgent need for a man's cock in their ass... so much so that they would literally BEG Frank to fuck their ass. 
He always made them wait an hour or more, under the guise of "trying to help".  He knew it only fueled their need.  Once he 'gave in', he had to cum in their ass, which in turn caused their bodies to reject all male hormones, purging them along with his cum out of their ass... rewriting their DNA.
Then Frank had a choice... Either set them free, or add them to his stable of sluts... Those that paid him for the change were free to do as they pleased... those that were changed by force... he made them strippers or call girls... and he got 50% of their earnings.  All he had to do was tell them what they were... they were susceptible to his commands for a few hours, and they would obey to the letter.
Smiling, he looked down as Charlene, her body still trembling, released the last of her juices from her ass... her breasts now a nice D cup.
The woman once known as Chet moaned softly as her body still pulsed, filling out her breasts and ass...

Holding the glass of their mixed juices, Frank rolled Chet over onto his knees.
"Now, my dear, welcome to your new life... Your name is Charlene, Charlene Cummings.." Frank says, watching the new girls face for her reaction... her realization that she's trapped.  It's another of his favorite things.
"Your male life is over... all you'll ever know is the shame that you once were a man.  And that now you are a nymphomaniac whore that has to ALWAYS OBEY your MASTER, ME."
"Every orgasm you have, every man that uses you, you will remember what you once were... and that thought will cause you to cum harder.  Every time.  You are strictly heterosexual, meaning of course that you only like men.  Only MEN.  You will always OBEY your Master..."
Frank smiles seeing terror in her eyes as the orders sink in.
"Now, slut, drink my and your juices, sealing you forever as my property... I want you to swirl it around in your mouth before you swallow... You love the taste so much of men's spunk, you're so addicted to tasting it..."
Charlene tries to resist, but is unable to do so... her mouth opens immediately as he pours the contents of the glass into her mouth, and she does as she is told, swirling the cum in her mouth, her taste buds loving it... and the shame of what she is doing foremost in her mind as she feels her pussy spasm, and she cums as she swallows.

Frank smiles... and wonders... who's next?


  1. It's always best when they're unsuspecting converts! Love how he realizes what's happening but still can't stop it. Nice job

  2. Glad you're back Kayla! Missed your stories for a while there