Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cheaters Remorse

"Look at yourself, LOOK!"  Jason yells as Patrick, now Patricia, cums again as Jason's cock pumps into her drooling pussy.  His strong hands hold the mewling girl in place, his hand around her thoat and the other holding her down by her back... causing her to raise her ass high for him.  Her pussy clamps down on his thrusting cock, milking it as if she were born with a pussy.
Her entire body quivers as it shrinks further down.  Her small breasts expand out a little more with each orgasm... nipples lengthen... she doesn't know how big they'll get, she just knows each time she cums, they tingle and grow.
"You'll NEVER be a male again... not that you were ever a MAN in the first place!  You were nothing but a sissy cheating slut, weren't you?  Cheating on my sister... she almost died because of you!  You're not worth her killing herself!"
Patricia squeals and moans as she feels another orgasm approaching... her entire body tingles in pleasure... then shrinks again... becoming smaller and smaller, just as her ass and tits grow larger.
"She'll forget you... just as everyone that knew you will forget... all they'll ever know is that you've been a whore since you were 15... all your male memories will be gone. but you'll ALWAYS remember what you once were!  You'll remember all the cocks you've sucked, all the cocks that have fucked your ass, your pussy, all those memories will be fresh in your mind... The taste of semen as each one explodes in your mouth you'll always remember... your history has forever changed, Patricia..."
"You're nothing but a slut now, a nympho slut that craves cock every single day... my sister will know you as someone that she tried to help... but now sends friends that need a fuck to your door for a bit of fun, to help your cravings, and to help them out.  She'll forget all the pain you caused... and will find the love of her life... You on the other hand, will live to fuck others for the rest of your life.."
Jason grunts and explodes inside Patricia's pussy, causing her to cum one last time... the rest of her memories fading... her body, all of 5' tall, huge tits and ass, small waist, locks into shape, permanently... her intelligence dwindles down until she's nothing but a cock craving bimbo who knows she used to be a man, and is being punished...
"Welcome you your new life, Patricia..." Jason smiles, and pushes her down onto the bed... the new girl writhes on the bed, her hands at her pussy masturbating, and licking the fresh cum off of her fingers.


  1. Oh,yessss, it's good..... Aaaarrgg..... OMG, what that, a lot of cum in my hand...sluuuurpss

  2. <3 ur punishment full TG/TF one-shots, series, all of it~!