Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Monday, November 6, 2017

Trapped T-Girl

Brad's car had broken down in a desert area in Texas.  He had to start walking after several hours of no sign of any other people.. finally after 4 hours of walking, a Mercedes pulled up to him.
"Looks like you could use a lift, there... names Luke, I work at a lab just down the road here... we'll get you some water and food, and get someone to take care of your car... the Toyota back there a bit, right?"
"Yes that's right.  I'm Brad, thanks for the help, I'm starving!" Brad says, and gets into the passenger side.
"Man this place is far out here, isn't it?" Brad says after the 40 minute drive.
We do some government contracts, so have to be very secure.  There are very few people that know it's out here, mainly because not many people drive out this far."  Luke said, smiling.
Walking into the building, Brad follows Luke into an office.
"Let me get you that food and drink, be right back." Luke says with a smile.
5 minutes later Luke returns with a sandwich and ice water.  Brad quickly eats the sandwich and drinks the water down...
"I didn't realize how hungry I was... that was good, thanks..." Brad says.  Luke sits there quietly, then looks at his watch.
"What.. what's wr.. wrong... " Brad says, and passes out.
A towtruck pulls an abandoned Toyota Celica from the road, keys in it, and the remains of clothing nearby were removed by the Highway Patrol... it appeared that the driver had broken down and been attacked by wolves after wandering off... the body was never recovered.
Luke watched as Brad's body transformed... breasts developing, hips and ass expanding... oh those so kissable plump lips... soon Luke's dream of having a shemale fucktoy would come true.  As he watched, he saw Brad's body shake and quiver in pleasure as he was forced to have orgasm after orgasm.  Soon his body would be rid of all the testosterone in his body.
Luke told Brad the truth, just not the whole truth...  He did work for the government... but he also used their facilities for his own perverted needs.  They usually turned a blind eye to his experiments, since he usually gave them some of the most effective results in bio manipulation. 
He had discovered a way to alter ones DNA and cells to match those of another person, temporarily.  It usually lasted around 4 months if not given a booster shot, a year if booster was given.  It had allowed spies to infiltrate governments, business's, drug cartels... Transform an agent and they would have free reign.
Luke however wanted something... special.  He liked to force individuals into various shapes... men into varying female forms... and then make them crave sex with men, even though their mentality was still heterosexually oriented.  Sometimes he would leave their cock in place, making it extremely sensitive.  Along with super sensitive boi pussies...
Luke smiles at his latest project... the hormones and other treatments were coming along.  Feminine characteristics were already quickly showing up... Brad struggled every day with the changes... from his mostly limp clitty cock that drooled out his white cum, from the but plug locked in his ass, that would vibrate randomly.  It felt so good, his ass would clench and what felt like milk the plug on it's own.
His lips had swelled up as well, and he would lick them without thinking about what he was thinking of doing.
Brad's voice cracked and changed, just as his body shrunk and expanded in all the right places...
At night as he slept, Brad's ass would tremble as it gripped the plug tightly...
Brad squealed and moaned in his high pitched voice, his new plump lips curled up as he did so.  They never did really close.  He could close his mouth if he thought about it, but if he was distracted, his mouth would open into a perfect 'O'.  His new tongue piercing made him talk funny, but Daddy seemed to like it when he sucked his big cock.
The taste of Daddy's cock overwhelmed Brad, his own clitty cock leaking more and more... what was happening to him?
Just as Brad thought this, Daddy's cock exploded into his mouth, filling it will semen.  Brad's body shook violently as his body convulsed in orgasm, filling his panties with his thick cream as he squealed loudly around Daddy's shaft...
Luke watches the changes as Brad is fucked like a woman.  Brad only is allowed to wear lingerie at this point, and is always expected to wear heels.  Luke looks down as Brad's eyes close in unwanted pleasure, Brad's own cock hard and throbbing at this point, but shrinking slowly, day by day.  It swells slightly as Brad cries out, and his cock pulses, squirting out his she-cream onto his stomach.
Luke pulls Brad to  his knees, causing Brad's heels to fall off... pushes him down face first, and pushes his cock into his boi-pussy quickly.
Brad's tits ground down on the rough sheets as Daddy's cock pounded into his boi pussy, causing him to cum anally several times.  His nipples were huge, the size found on baby bottles, each one with silver rings piercing them.  Wet spots had formed beneath them, where his tits were touching the sheets.  Daddy told him he was going to be Daddy's newest sissy cow, being able to milk his boi udders daily as soon as his udders filled with milk.
Brad's eyes rolled back as Daddy's cock pumped so deep into him, his ass bouncing and jiggling as Daddy's huge cock plowed into him, Daddy's huge balls slapping into Brad's sissy clit over and over again. 
Brad... now thinking of himself in the female tense, screamed as her clitty spasmed and squirted what felt like a pint of she-cream onto the sheets... her boi pussy also spasming around Daddy's cock, milking it.
"OH DADDY!!!  PLEASE DON'T STOP FUCKING ME!!!" Brad screamed in his bimbo voice, now known as Breanne, to his Daddy of 3 months.

Breanne cried out in joy as her clitty again released a huge amount of now clear she-cream as she felt Daddy's cock swell inside her.  Hating what she had become, Breanne couldn't stop herself from giving into any Daddy's desires...


2 Months Later

Breanne's clitty had shrunk down considerably, along with her tiny balls, just as the rest of her had taken on more curves... since no male hormones were being produced by her body any longer, she had become even more feminine, especially when she orgasmed... instead of bursts of she-cream, her orgasms produced a flood of clear cream that just steadily flowed from her clitty cock.  And now she craved male semen, becoming addicted to the need to have testosterone in her body, and her cravings could be satisfied with either her swallowing semen, or having her boi pussy filled with semen.

She usually didn't even have to stroke her clitty, it would flow as soon as Daddy started pumping into her... it just felt so good to touch her clitty that should couldn't stop herself!

 Luke smiled as he watched his fucktoy lose control and cum again and again...
  This one was a keeper for sure... until he got tired of her and sold her overseas.  There was always a person out there that loved taking feminized males as toys to use.


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