Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, June 18, 2018

Dana's Sentence

Janice watched as her husband of 20 years squealed and moaned like a 20 year old whore...
Which he now was.
"Janice, p..p..please, no... not.. not another... OHGOD.... UGGGHHHHHHH!" the girl, formerly known as Dave Williams, writhes on the bed as the cock pins her down, pumping deeply into her gushing cunt, the loads of 4 different men inside her, and then the fifth exploding, filling her pussy even more, pushing the loads of cum deeply into her womb...
Her pussy slurps noisily as the mans thick cock pistons in and out, the squelching sound filling the room, along with the strong smell of sex, as the man pumps into her deeply, grunting as he does so... his cum drooling out of her as her pussy overflows. 

Dave watches with fear as another week of being female is added to his sentence.  Each load of cum from another man curses him to spend that time as a horny 20 year old.. so horny that if any man advances on him he usually gives in and either sucks or fucks them.   All he would have to do is last a day without having sex with a man and he will change back.  Problem is, with each load, the hornier he gets as a female, and the less likely he will be able to resist a full day without having sex!
Dave looks at his wife, sipping wine across the room, as she watches the festivities.  "Call me Miss Janice, Dana... that's your new name, by the way.  Dana Lovemen.  Nice play on words, don't you think, Dana?
The next man roughly moves Dana on her kneels... and his dick slides in easily...
"Oh god Miss Janice.. please no more.. OH fuck... OH my GOD... AGHHHHHHHH!" Dana screams as her body is wracked with several orgasms.
Dana cries out, moaning and pleading, then feels the man speed up his thrusts, then feels the hot jets of cum fill her pussy again and again!
Dana grips the sheets as the hot cum pushes out of her slit, starting to drool out as more and more cum is pushed deeply inside her.

Dana's body quivers and shakes, feeling the large amount of semen drool lout of her pussy...
The man stands up and walks off, slapping her ass...
"Thanks babe.. till next time!"

The next man in line walks up, his cock pre-lubed, and he slides it deep into Dana's ass...
Dana winces in pain\pleasure, as her hands automatically reach back, spreading her ass for her lover.
Dana wonders will this ever end...
Her answer is the man grunting, and the feeling of hot cum filling her ass, causing her to cum again and again with each pulse of semen...
Miss Janice watches on...
One Hour Later
Dana's pussy is completely filled, dripping steadily as the man slowly pumps inside her... her orgasms have gotten longer and bigger, causing her to almost black out several times.
Several men made her suck their cocks, and she did so without resistance... though inside her mind Dana screamed and screamed no, even as she wrapped her lips around each mans shaft.
When the men didn't fill her mouth with cum and make her swallow it, they enjoyed shooting their spunk on her face, covering it up several times.
She obviously would clean each and every cock that she helped cum.
Every time she would slurp and moan around the cock.
Janice had left the room earlier, taking one of the men that were lined up with her for some one on one time.  Miss Janice told Dana that was going to happen.
"You don't mind if I take one for myself, do you little Dana?  Just tell me not too and I'll stop right now..."
Dana couldn't answer... the cock in her mouth stopped her.
One Week Later
Dana didn't notice that Janice was in the doorway.  Dana mewled and moaned around the panties that she had been wearing not 15 minutes ago.
Janice giggles softly.  Dana couldn't stop herself at all now.  All it took was a man touching her, and Dana was touching his cock.
Dana was addicted to sex as a woman.
As the first man unloaded into her pussy, Dana's body quivered and shook, her pussy milking him of his cum.
The man stood up, wiped his cock onto Dana's face, and left, leaving the girl laying on the bed, body quivering in pleasure.  It only took a few moments for the next guy to arrive, actually two.  Dana's eyes widened as the first man shoved his cock into her pussy, causing her to moan, then her moans and squeals muffled by the other man, as she stuffed his cock into Dana's mouth, and started fucking her face.
Janice smiled.  Dana's hand was caressing her own breast as the men used her...
Two Weeks Later
Dana had fucked countless cocks.  She had lost count after the first 3 days... all she knew was that she hadn't actually had real food in a long time, all she had ingested was male cum.  She probably had swallowed gallons by now.
She had basically stopped fighting her bodies urges at this point, directing herself to get as much pleasure from her encounters as possible.
She loved being fucked in her pussy and having fingers toying with her asshole... part of her was ashamed and embarrassed, but the Dana part of her loved it!  She would cum so HARD!
Miss Janice told her that she was never going to use protection, and that yes, she could get pregnant.  She wanted Dana to become pregnant!  Miss Janice didn't care who it was, as she was going to care for the baby as if it was her own.  Dana would only be providing the babies milk...
Whimpering, Dana came as the man filled her up for the 6th time today, his spunk drooling down her ass.
Dana got on her knees, looking around the room for the next man, but saw no one but Miss Janice.
"Look at you, Dana, cum drooling from that pussy of yours.  You're so full of cum that you can't keep it inside you!  Well, come here to me, right now!" Miss Janice ordered.
Dana noticed that Miss Janice had on a strap on dildo and something in her hands... she reached out and started tying up Dana, her arms behind her and wrapped around confining her movements.  She then clipped clamps onto Dana's already long nipples, causing her to squeal in pain.
"I want these to be as big as possible... You'll be a full time cow by the time I'm done with you, Dana.  Now, bend over!"
Dana did as she was told, as Miss Janice strapped a cock ring in her mouth.
"This is to remind you of what you now are, whore... ready for any real man's cock, aren't you, Dana?"
Miss Janice smiled, and stuffed her strap on into the quivering slut's sopping pussy.
"Mmmm you're so fucking wet, Dana... you must like being taken by so many men!  Two weeks and we're up to several hundred already!"
Dana moans, her pussy clamping down on the strap-on as is pumps into her steadily.
Miss Janice takes out a vibrator and places is directly onto Dana's clit, causing Dana to scream around the ring gag, her eyes wide as her body convulses in orgasm.
"Oh big surprise, my darling!  I'm just making sure you enjoy your experience!
Dana whimpers as another orgasm approaches, her body shuddering as she tries to move her pussy down on the vibrator harder, but Miss Janice just holds it gently.
"Oh my little slut getting so desperate to cum!  You can't wait for it can you?  Come here..." Miss Janice says, turning off the vibrator and dropping it on the bed..."Come to the mirror..."
Miss Janice pulls up Dana by the ropes and puts her bent over in front of the mirror, her huge tits hanging down. 
"Look at you, such a simpering slut now... desperate for cum, aren't you DAVE?"  Gripping onto her leash, Janice, impales the mewling slut onto her strap-on, causing her eyes to go wide and to squeal loudly around the gag. 
"So much cum has been pumped into you, there's no telling how long it would take for you to change back..." Janice smiles at Dana as her body quivers and shakes to her thrusting.
"Though, I don't think you'd ever be able to not be used by a real man, would you DAVE?  Do you think you could resist a real mans touch?  Stop yourself from having a cock fill your holes with cum?"
Dana whimpered and mewled as another orgasm crashed over her body, causing her to scream loudly into her gag.
"I didn't think you'd be able to stop, my poor, poor husband... stuck as a shameless fucktoy, aren't you darling?"
Dana's body shook in response, her pussy leaking down her legs, her juices clearly visible in the mirror running down her thighs.
Six Months Later
Dana rode the mans cock, doing all the work... her urges stronger than ever... her fat ass jiggled as she rode him until he shot his load into her pussy, and she expertly milked him.
Dana moaned, tightening her pussy as she crawled to the next man, her huge belly swaying beneath her, and she lovingly took his cock into her mouth and suckled.  The man stood there caressing her hair, watching the pregnant slut's mouth work his shaft. 
Dana stood up, and bent over presenting her ass to the man, and he slid his cock deep into her wet slit.  Dana's heavy tits bounced on her chest as the man fucked her body, her nipples spraying milk with each thrust.  Dana wasn't allowed to milk her tits until the evening... that way the men that had sex with her could enjoy making her milk filled tits spray from her nipples.
Janice watched Dana's eyes, glossed over from pleasure, several spots of semen on her face and in her hair from the blowjobs earlier.
Janice didn't know there were that many men out there that wanted to fuck a pregnant woman.  Apparently there were a lot!  She was able to charge almost double for the privilege of fucking her pregnant husband!
Dana's body shook in pleasure, most of her memories of Dave gone... lost in a sea of cocks and the pleasure that they brought to her.
Her baby kicked just as the man inside her erupted, pushing her over the edge as she came, and came, and came... her thick, inch and a half long nipples spraying milk out in front of her...
Dana never did ever find out why.



  1. Mm, another hot one. Him becoming her so eager for cock, getting knocked up.

    A hot idea would be where the transformed guy struggles with the idea of getting pregnant, but her traitor body gets turned on by risky sex and the pregnancy risk, making her out of control taking risks she knows she shouldn't.

  2. Great job Kayla! I love it when you write about a wife putting her husband in his proper place :)