Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Friday, June 29, 2018

Jack and Jade

"Jack, I hear you breathing hard, are you alright?" Mark couldn't help but smile widely, suspecting what was going on.
" g..go away... Ooohhhhhhh" Jack moaned, his voice high pitched...
Mark turned the corner into Jacks room and saw the former 6'3" man squirming on the end table, his hair now black and long, his lips puffy... He had apparently put on makeup, the hypnotic suggestions working perfectly.
Jack's legs were pulled back, his cock rock hard, drooling slightly from the tip.  What was left of his balls hung loosely between his legs.
"So what do we have hear, Jack?  Are those tits I see?  Makeup?  You look Asian now, Jack... is that what you want?  To be an my little Asian sissy slut?" Mark said, grinning.
"No please... OH God... I.. I can't stop stroking... my... my... clitty..."
Mark knew that was the work of the suggestions again...
"I see that you've filled out nicely, sweety... hips wide, nice little bubble butt you have now... And perky little boobs... though we will have to get those bigger, won't we?"
Mark watched the battle going on inside Jacks mind... Jack wanted to say yes, scream it, but he fought it hard...
Jack's eyes widened when he saw Mark unzip his pants...

"No please... not that... NO..."
"You're mouth says no, but your body says yes..." Mark says, watching as Jack's hand massages her boi-pussy, his breathing becoming more heavy by the moment as he excitement builds.
Mark moves to Jack's tight little pussy and puts his cock at the entrance... then slowly pushes it inside... Jack's eyes widen and he gasps for breath as Mark's cock fills him as it sinks fully into his pussy... his hand momentarily stops stroking his clitty as it sinks deeply inside her.

"Mmmmm yeah baby, my precious little sissy gurl... you love a cock inside you, don't you Jack..."
"No... no... I.. I don't like.. OOOohhhhh" Jack groans as Mark slowly pulls his shaft out, then slowly goes back in.  Jack's hand starts stroking her clitty quickly.

"Don't touch your clit, Jack.. " Mark says.  Jack immediately stops, groaning in frustration, but then yelps in pleasure as Matt's hand grabs the clitty and strokes it.
"Mmmmm I feel your pussy milking me, Jack... hmmm no, I can't call you Jack... Jade... your new name is Jade, how about that, Sissy Jade?"
Jade moans, her body quaking as Mark's hand relentlessly strokes her clitty.  She feels a huge buildup...
"Oh my, my little Jade is about to cum, aren't you honey?  Just think... you're going to cum with my cock fucking your boi-pussy... do you like that Jade?  Does it feel good?  Does Jade wanna cum?  Tell me, Jade... what do you want to do..."
Jade's body convulses and squirms as Mark's cock continues it's assault on her pussy... Mark's hand speeds up, then slows down causing Jade to moan and squirm.
"Tell me Jade, what do you want to do?" Mark yells, squeezing her clitty.
"MAKE ME CUM PLEASE!!!!" Jade screams.

Mark smiles and grips her clitty tightly as his thrusts intensify.  Jade's eyes roll back as her body quivers.  Her high pitched voice wails as her body convulses into orgasm.  Her clitty is held tightly by Mark as it pulses, her juices drooling out in a thick stream as what's left of her male hormones gush out of her.

"That's it, Jade, let all those nasty hormones out of you... good... good... now, take that cum of yours... use your hand... good... feel the cum... it's what you love, isn't it Jade?"
Jade does as she is told, still gasping as Mark's cock continues pumping into her.  Her hand moves down to her clitty and takes the cum into her hand...

She rolls it around in her hand, then licks it off... moaning in pleasure as she does so...
Mark groans loudly and pushes her to her knees....

Take Daddy's cum, Sissy, take it all... Uhgggggg yeaAHHHH!!!" Mark moans, pumping his cock over the slut's face.  Half goes into her mouth, the other onto her face.

"That's it Jade, cum like a sissy gurl.. it's what you are now... men cum in and on you, and you will cum every, single, time..."
Jade whimpered and moaned as intense pleasure wracked her body, her clitty pulsing and throbbing as he came in her mouth.

Swallowing quickly, Jade holds onto Daddy's legs as her body expels its cream from her clitty, her clitty emptying what's left of her male hormones onto the floor, before becoming clear a slick, just like female juices.  As the juice is expelled, Mark watches with fascination as the clitty shrinks even more... soon there won't be anything but the head of her clit left.
Mark can't wait to show Jade to his friends... Jack's old friends as well, though they won't ever know about Jade's little secret. 


  1. Good to see you're back, here!... We miss you in the other "world" as well. Princess sends her love too and we both hope to see you soon.

  2. I always enjoy your portrayal of the internal struggle of those who are changing. Hot stuff!