Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Revenge Works Out

"Please!  Please fuck me Daddy!!  Deena need Daddy's big cock!"
Don smiled, and rubbed his cock onto his ex-wife's new boyfriend, now a mewling slut of a shemale named Deena, begging for a cock in her ass... she'd actually beg any male for their cock at this point. 
So conditioned now that she can't help herself... she'd gotten to the point that the only way she can go anywhere is with a butt plug filling her ass and wearing tight, tight panties and pads to keep her juices from showing through.  Her cock.. well, clit, was always hard and aroused, just like her, and her clitty juices were constantly flowing, just like Don wanted.
Don found him, kidnapped him, and changed him into the she-whore on her knees in front of him.  It had taken 2 weeks to drain his semen and block his testosterone by milking Deena's clit until it was empty, every day, so that the serum that he had given her could work more quickly, and quickly it did.
No one knew where Deena was, and it was going to stay that way.  Most thought her male self was dead, his ex-wife having called Don to try to start things up again after 4 months had passed with no sign of her boyfriend.  He told her that he had someone else in his life now, and to not call him again.
The truth, in a way.
Deena didn't remember anything but the fact that she used to be a straight man, and now she had been forced into this life.  That made her feel shame for every sexual act she made, even though she did it willingly.
Needing it, actually. 
Needing it so badly.  Pleasuring another male was the only way Deena would ever be able to cum again, Don had made sure of that.  He had also made sure that her sissy juices were produced constantly, causing Deena's clit to leak in abundance, and it would always remain hard, even as it got smaller and smaller, just as her breasts, hips, and ass swelled in size.
Deena wiggled her ass to her new Daddy, wanting his cock so bad in her ass pussy!
"Please Daddy please... OOHhh yes fill my pussy with your big dick!!!" Deena whimpered as Don's cock slid easily into the sluts ass pussy, her clitty twitching and bouncing as Don's cock sunk deep into her.  Deena's clit drooled out a thick stream of clear cream as Don't cock went deeper inside her, until his balls rested against her now tiny, empty sacks.
Don's hands gripped Deena's waist, holding her.
"That's it my little fuck toy.  Take Daddy's big cock... you were made for Daddy..." Don moaned, his cock being milked by the she-male's ass pussy.  Training and the serum allowed Deena's ass to lubricate, and gave her more muscle control, just like a pussy.

Don watched as Deena's body shook, her high pitched voice squealing in orgasm after wild orgasm.  He had made her orgasms drool slowly out of her always hard clit, extending her orgasms to 2 to 3 minutes long each time.  It took that much time for her shrunken clit to expel the thick cream she now produced.
Don grunted and slammed his cock deep, holding Deena by her shoulders as his cock exploded inside her, triggering another orgasm for the little slut, her ass pussy milking his cock of all of it's cum.

Sometimes revenge works out for you, Don thought, as Deena collapsed into her own juices and mewled in bliss, Daddy's cum deep inside her.

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