Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Monday, July 30, 2018

You're Late...



My name is... or was, Wilson Matthews.  Daddy calls me Kitty.  It's been 3 months now since my life was taken by Daddy.  I used to be a big man in the real world, until I tried to take over Daddy's company. 
Then he made me disappear.

I liked to take X-Change, a pill that would allow you to temporarily become a woman for 24 hours.  I had managed to gain access to them through the scientist who created the drug, George Masters, an old school classmate.  He had known about my little fetish of cross dressing back in the day (secret life and all that, I had stopped dressing years ago but the urge never went away).
I'd go out, play at being a woman, I even created an identity for myself so that I could move around and buy things without issues.
I was a millionaire, so I could afford to disappear for a day or two.
Then they made the X-Change 96, a pill that lasted for four days!  I took trips to the islands, played at being a rich lesbian, had a blast!
Again, millionaire, all the time in the world...
Then I decided I would buy the company that made X-Change.  A hostile takeover.   I wanted a supply of these pills, and knew they'd take off soon in price.
My first, and last, mistake.
I didn't know George was the company owner.
I probably still would have tried to take the company, after all, I'm a greedy bastard... well, bitch.
Mmmmmm still feels so sensitive and good....
Anyway, it wasn't long after I started going after the stock when I got a call from George saying that he had a breakthrough that he was really excited about.  Could I come over to his house to test out the new formula... And go ahead and schedule a 2 week vacation!
I said sure, no problem.  After all he was going to be one of my employees soon, why not go ahead and see what's new?
I made my scheduling changes, prepared flights, etc. for a nice long vacation as a girl!
When he arrived, he seemed a little cold, but was well dressed, and was carrying a large suitcase.  After the usual pleasantries, he smiled, and handed me the pills.
I smiled and took them, and as we sat and talked, I became woozy... the world seemed to become bigger as I fell to the floor... last thing I remember was him standing over me, grinning.
Turns out the suitcase was for me, after my changes.  I fit right inside with no problems.  He left evidence that I had gone somewhere, had everything lined up, including emails to stop the takeover. 
Wilson Matthews ceased to exist that night.  Kitty Kums was born.
Those pills I took... I didn't know that he had made some significant advances... mental and physical.
Super sensitive body
Constantly horny
Attracted only to the opposite sex
Bimbo like mind
You will always dress in prissy clothing to show what a girly girl you are
There are so many more that I don't even know any of the other changes... but I did know how to put on makeup, and suck cock like a pro.

As I walked down the hall for my evening with Daddy, I couldn't help the sway in my hips... my ass and pussy were still a little sensitive after last nights fun with Daddy's friends.  I worked on 5 of Daddy's friends, satisfied them all and drank all their delicious cum. 
Luckily Daddy bought me lots of dresses to wear as the one I wore last night was ruined, ripped and all.  I have lots of pantie too, since my pussy is always wet, I usually ruin panties a lot.
"You're late..." Daddy says to me.  I lower my eyes to the ground and whimper.
"I'm sorry sir..."
"It's ok, Kitty, Daddy knows you had a busy night last night.  Tonight though, is a reminder of what you now are.  And the decision that was made by me about what will happen to you.  Now come kneel before me, by the mirror." he says, as he unzips his huge cock and pulls it out.
My eyes immediately go to his cock.  I love his cock.
I can't help but immediately start touching him.  His cock is so huge... and tastes so good...
"Now look at this... look in the mirror, Kitty.  Does it look like you want to be a man again?"
"I... I wanna go back Daddy... I don't wanna love... love your big dick.  Don't wanna taste it... want it... want urges to go away want life back... please Daddy send me back..."
Daddy laughs at me as I start breathing heavily.  "I smell you, Kitty... your sweet smell... your pussy soaks those panties through very quickly don't they?"
My body quivers as my hand brings his cock closer to my mouth, and I lick it like a lollipop.  I moan loudly as his taste overwhelms my senses...
I feel his hand on the back of my head.  He knows what's about to happen... he knows I've grown to love this too much to stop.
"There, there, Kitty, let it go."
"MMMmmmphhhh..." I moan as his hand lightly pushes me down on his hardening cock.  I give in, unable to resist the taste, the smell of his huge dick. 
"Now, Kitty, does that look like someone who wants to go back to being a man?"
My eyes look up and I watch myself... my pussy tingles.
"That is no man.  That's a whore.  A whore for men.  Look at how lovingly you suck my cock, Kitty." 
I do look, and I feel my pussy quiver and I close my eyes in pleasure as Daddy's hand grips my hair, sending sparks through my body.  I can't help but suck on him harder.
"Now Kitty, tell yourself what you are..." he says, gripping my face and head in front of the mirror.
I look in the mirror, my face flush with arousal, my lips wet from sucking Daddy's big dick.
"You're a bad girl..." I say to myself softly.
"Again..." he says.
"You're a bad girl!" I say more loudly.
Daddy moves behind me, and flips up my skirt...
"Daddy, please, I... I want my old life... I want... ooOOohhhhh"

"Daddy knows what you want... knows what you need..."
I feel his hands slide my panties down, exposing my ass and pussy.  My panties stick to my pussy as he peels them down.  He gives me a spank on my right ass cheek causing me to squeal in pain and pleasure.
"Such a needy little pussy.  It needs Daddy's cock, doesn't it Kitty?"
I whimper as I feel my pussy spasm in need.  I unwillingly nod my head, my eyes looking up into his...
"Such a tight little pussy... MMM feels good on my cock... does it feel good to you Kitty?  Hold onto the mantle tight, watch yourself, Kitty..."
I feel every inch as it fills me.  I do every single time.  First, the cockhead slips between my pussy lips, then the shaft, and the heat as it is pushed deeply into me.
Daddy's strong hands push down on my back, causing me to moan again.
I mewl in pleasure as his cock thrusts into me over and over, is hands gripping me, spanking me, causing my pussy to spasm over and over.  The look on my face is of pure pleasure. 
The look on his is of pleasure, and control.  He thinks he knows my answer....
The thought of it causes my body to spasm and quiver in pleasure as I cum, over and over again on his cock as it thrusts deeply into me.
"Uuhhh OOHhhhh DADDY CUMMINGGGGGG!!!" I scream, my hands gripping the mantle tightly as my pussy milks his cock.
"Good little pet, cum for Daddy..."
My pussy feels on fire, his cock pumping deeply into me.
"You've gotten to be quite the whore, Kitty... you really love being fucked and used.  I can tell it by looking at your face, the look of pure pleasure.  You love cock, don't you Kitty?"
I can't answer because I'm moaning, gasping for breath.
"Noooo OOOhhh UHHHHHH ..."
"But you cum so hard from being fucked, Kitty... I think you want to stay this way..."
I look back, trying to scream no, but all that comes out of my mouth is a squeal of pain\pleasure, as his hand spanks my ass.
Slap after slap causes my cunny to clench down on Daddy's dick as he fucks me, my panties, still around my thighs, catching my juices as they drip from my pussy.
 Daddy pulls me up, holds me as his cock fills me...
"Look at you... look at yourself... you're a piece of fluff, a cock sleeve for real men to use to relieve themselves into.  Every hole you have is dedicated to relieving cocks, isn't it Kitty?"
"N... no, please... you promised to change.. change me back... Uhhhhhh"
"Change you back... AHAHAHAHAHA! Only you can convince me you deserve to be a man, and I'm guessing you'll never be able to do that..."
I yelp as Daddy pulls out and pulls me in front of him.  I fall to my kneels, his cock standing hard and proud in front of me, right at my face.  I can see it covered in my own juices.
I whimper as I use all my mental strength to try to resist, to try to tell Daddy that I want to change back.
"I..I'm begging... begging you, please Daddy, make me back to who I was... I had a family... a wife..."
"Oh you poor, poor little sissy... who do you think put you on this road?  Hmmm?  Your precious wife did!  She specified exactly what she wanted.  From your outfits to your NEED to suck a cock.  She said she wanted her former husband to have a hungry bottom, pussy and mouth... Does that sound like your wife even wants you?  Especially being a super little sissy like you are now..."
"Even now you can't keep your eyes off of Daddy's dick, can you sissy?"
He's right, I can't stop looking at his huge cock... it looks so delicious... my mouth waters thinking about it, and my pussy tingles!  Am I that far gone that I'll never be able to resist...
"Noooo please Daddy!!! I don't..."
He slaps his juicy dick all over my face, causing me to moan.
I whimper as he grabs my hair, and he moves forward, shoving his cock into my mouth.  I almost gag as I feel the thick cock move past my lips and into my throat.
He pulls me off of him for a moment...
"I'll tell you what, my cute little sissy.  IF you can resist sucking my dick, I'll think about changing you back... how's that sound? 
I can't answer as his hands grip my head, and he fucks my mouth... my body tingles all over, as his satiny head hits the back of my throat over and over, his shaft sliding past my lips.  I taste both of our juices on his cock, but eventually all I taste is his precum leaking onto my tongue.  My tongue teases his cock... I try to stop myself but it just tastes too good to stop!
"MMphhhhhhh... mmphhhhhh!"
He pulls his cock out of my mouth, and runs it over my face...  My hand automatically grabs it and I lick up the shaft, my tongue teasing the tip.
"Look at that... you love the taste Kitty?"
My eyes plead with him, make it stop, but at the same time, my body reacts differently.  My hand holds his cock firmly as my tongue swirls around the tip, my eyes look up into his, as he smiles down at me.  I feel my pussy spasm between my legs, empty and needy.
Every touch of his cock... my clothes... my nipples so hard, rubbing on my blouse... the coolness of the air on my hot pussy as it spasms, and drips onto the carpet.
I moan and can't stop myself as my tongue goes up his huge balls, up the shaft of his cock, and my lips wrap around his cock...
If I stop now maybe he will change me back...
But all I do is mewl and take his cock into my mouth completely, stuffing it back into my mouth...
I whimper as I suck more.
Both of my hands wrap around the shaft as my mouth suckles on him like a baby to a tit... my tongue teases the cockhead causing Daddy to moan.
"See, my sissy Kitty?  Only a few moments with my cock in your mouth and you don't want to stop sucking it, do you?"
I look up at him, mewling, moaning, as I stroke and suck, stroke and suck.
"I see your struggle inside your eyes... don't worry darling Kitty, I'll be sure to take care of you..." he grins, then pushes me onto my back...
"Now spread that pussy for Daddy..."
Whimpering, I do as I'm told... and he slaps my pussy!!  I scream in pain and pleasure...
"This is Daddy's property, isn't it?"
I whimper "Yes Daddy..."
"Good girl... now keep it spread for Daddy's gift..."
I spread myself open, and his huge cock slips inside of me... it feels so good...

"Such a good little slut, aren't you Kitty..."
I moan... "OOooh Daddy..."
"That's it, let Daddy's dick fill you up..."
Daddy's hands hold me down tightly as my body bounces around on the end of his cock.  My pussy spasms and milks his thick cock as it pumps into my pussy...
I look down at him... my pretty dress all wrinkled now... I whimper in pleasure...
Daddy fucks me harder causing me to cry out in pleasure as I cum on his cock again and again, screaming as the orgasms wash over me!
"Cum for Daddy, Kitty!  That's it!  CUM HARD!!"
Daddy's hand slaps my clit gently causing me to scream again, my pussy clamping down on his shaft  hard!  I CUM HARDER!!
"I don't think you want to change back Kitty... I think you want to stay a fuck pet."
Daddy keeps pumping into me... I can't catch my breath... cock is so good in my little pussy...

"Daddy's gonna fill your little holes with lots of cum, Kitty... won't that be nice?"
I can't help but finger my clit and mewl in pleasure.
"Think of all the times you'll suck cock, Kitty... think about it..."
I do... and I suck on Daddy's fingers thinking about cocks...
Daddy thrusts into me hard several times shaking me hard... his strong hands holding my ass as he fills my little pussy.
Daddy quickly turns me around and pushes me onto the stool, pulling my top down allowing my titties to bounce around and feel the stool on my nipples...
 "Stick that hungry pussy up in the air for Daddy... Ahhh yeah, hot, wet, and always ready for a big cock."
"Ooohhhhhh so big..." I moan as Daddy's hands grab my arms and hold me in place, as he prepares to use me.
"This is what you're meant for, isn't it Kitty?"
"Y..y..yes D..Daddy...OOOoohh" 
His cock goes deep again into me... 
Kitty is meant for big cocks... all your holes to be filled..."
One of Daddy's fingers goes into my ass... I moan loudly and jerk away but he holds me down. 
"Oh no, soon all your holes will be filled at the same time.  Won't Kitty like that?  Having lots of cocks to service?"
More fingers join the first... I can't help but push back onto him...
I imagine a cock in my mouth...
"That's it... I see you licking your lips... you're thinking about cocks..."
I shake my head no even as I realize I am...
He pulls me up onto the bed, I straddle him as he holds my face... he looks into my eyes... I'm hypnotized by him... he starts thrusting into me again, and I grind down onto him now...
"You are staying this way, Kitty.  You are going to be my fuck pet.  First, I'll make you pregnant, make you carry our child... then I'll transform you further as you're with child.  You'll flourish and grow as a woman... a slave for me... your sole purpose will be to obey my every command, won't it pet?"
He grabs onto my hair and head tightly as my pussy milks him... hearing his words make my pussy quiver and spasm...
Can I get pregnant?
"Spread your cheeks, there you go... feel me go deep inside you... where cocks belong, don't they Kitty?"
I nod but don't say anything...

His hand reaches around my ass and I feel his fingers press into it again!!  I cry out in pain, but Daddy feels my pussy pulse and squeeze his cock hard.
"Oh don't lie to Daddy, I know you like it, your body betrays you."
"Oh... OH no... no..."
 I feel a huge cum building... it's going to be big... I can't stop it...
His fingers wriggle inside my ass... I scream as I cum on his cock, my pussy gripping him as he holds onto me... my body thrashes around as he continues pumping into me.

He holds me tightly for a moment, then rolls me over onto my side, reinserting his cock...
He folds my leg over, spreading me wide.

"This... this will be your life, Kitty... a fuck pet, a breeding bitch..."
"Please... oh God please..." I whimper, but I know I have no control.

"Yeah baby... I'm gonna cum... Damn... I'm gonna cum a lot... been saving up for this..."
He starts thrusting faster...
I feel his cock swell inside me... it's starts to throb... Daddy's cock quakes inside me, jerking around and filling my pussy with his seed... so much cum...  it's so hot inside my pussy, I cum again and again as he fills me.
Daddy grunts and moans, pulls out his cock for a moment just to cum on my pussy, covering it.

He pushes it back inside me, his cock still hard.  My pussy squishes noisily as he finishes off inside me... my own orgasms causing me to quake and shudder.
"Mmmmm perfect... a nice big cum for both of us... my little Kitty..."
I realize I'll never be free...
1 Month Later
I really can't stop touching myself... I get dressed and wait for Daddy to come home... and I feel funny, kinda sick sometimes, and my boobs are all sensitive...  But I still play with my pussy waiting on Daddy... or Daddy's friends...
6 Months Later
I wake up every day with Daddy's cock pumping my pussy... my belly is big now cuz our baby is going to be a handsome boy.
I'm still always wet so Daddy has no problem just pushing his big dick into me... I love it so much!
I cum so hard when Daddy takes me from behind, my pussy just gets all juicy and runs down my legs... and my belly!
God it feels so good to be... OH GOD.. CUMMING
"CUMMINGGGGGGG!" I scream as Daddy fucks my pussy, my body jiggling more and more.
I feel his cock throb and swell inside me, filling me again with his seed... I get sad that I can't get pregnant again being pregnant... a waste of Daddy's seed.
Daddy kisses me, then pulls out leaving me on the bed as his load dribbles out of me.
Not wanting to waste to much of it, I reach down and scoop it up, licking my fingers of our juices... it tastes so good!!
1 Month Later
Daddy says I'm doing so good with the baby an all, my boobies are getting bigger!

He likes it a lot when they bounce all over, sometimes they leak milk, he gets really excited by that... he makes me milk my boobies and drink my milk cuz the baby isn't here yet.
1 Month Later
My huge fat tits jiggle along with the rest of my body that Daddy gave me.  I leak milk all the time, Daddy says that good that I will be able to feed the babies all the time.  He says he's going to make me a wet nurse too!
I'm about due to have the baby now in about a week or so, so Daddy is fucking me all over the place, and letting his friends fuck me too!
I love cum and cocks!!  Daddy let's me have lots of them all the time!  I get to suck a lot of dick since I got preggers... Daddy takes me to a glory hole every week.

I grip my big nipple as Daddy's buddy fucks my hot pussy with his dick... it's not as big as Daddy's is, but it feels so good, I've cum like 4 times already! 

He starts fucking faster, and I feel his dick get big in me, and I know he's gonna shoot his load, and that makes me cum hard!  Feeling a mans cum shoot inside my hot twat is so good!!!
Daddy pulls me up and bends me over, he likes taking me from behind, he says he likes watching my fat ass jiggle as he fucks me.... I love feeling my big titties wobble on my chest... they bounce all over and feel so good!
I sometimes wonder why so long ago I didn't want this...
Daddy says don't worry about it, that he gonna keep me like this forever... I love Daddy so much!



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