Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Other Side Isn't Always What It Seems...

"Ok, so Nikki, this is all cool and all that you can transform me into a woman, but why did you tell me not to wear panties?" I asked my wife.  "And the name, Bambi?" I whisper.  "Isn't that a little over the top?"
She had recently started studying spells with one of her former high school classmates, and had wanted to test it out on me.
"I wanted to have a girls night out, with a little adventure for you... I know you've always wanted to see what it was like on the other side, so to speak.  And not wearing panties, well, makes you feel like a dirty girl, doesn't it?  Sometimes Bambi's are dirty girls..."
"It does... giggle... I guess you're right..."
"Now, part of the spell I cast onto you makes you more or less my slave..." Nikki said.
"Slave, what like in a sexual way?" I laughed.
"Oh, that, and much more... You will let my friend Marcus use you in any way he see's fit, Bambi..."
I looked at Nikki curiously, then felt someone lift up my skirt... I couldn't look back at who it was, but somehow knew it was Marcus.
"What.. what have you..."
"I've made you into my little sexy toy, Bambi...  literally..."
I giggle at first, then I gasp as I feel something hard and warm at my ass... Marcus holds onto my hips for a moment as I feel what had to be his cock slide into me!

"Oh you should see your face, the pleasure on it..."
I lean back into his body, his thrusting into me causing my new pussy to quiver with each stroke.  I look over into the mirror and see myself... I gasp and moan.
"Feels so good doesn't it Bambi?"
I nod, licking my lips.
"I knew you'd enjoy it, honey... well, since I made your body so sensitive to sex... you'll never be able to say no..."
I grab his arm in an attempt to push him away, but I just hold onto him... I feel my pussy tingle more and more, my nipples harden...
"Oh sure you'll pleasure me whenever I want you too, but you're true fate is to be a toy for real men... men that will use you.  They'll pay me handsomely, of course...  Oh I know we don't need the money... it will be used for future... wardrobe additions." She smiles sweetly at me.
"War..wardro... OOHH!"
"Of course!  You can't always wear the same slutty clothes... plus some of this stuff gets expensive... You'll need all sizes too... since you'll be changing... big tits, little tits, huge, wide hips, bubble butt... You'll need clothing to fit all of your shapes..." she giggles. 
My eyes widen as I feel something building up quickly, a heat inside of me.
"Oh, Bambi, you're about to cum as a woman for the first time, aren't you?  Oh don't worry, it's only slightly addictive..." she smiles at me.
I quickly look around trying to see if anyone is looking, and they all are.
"No... no please... Oh.. Oh my GOD AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" I scream as an orgasm rips through me, my pussy pulsing!  I feel a liquid heat leak out of me as my pussy spasms over and over.
"Just look at yourself over there... do you think I could remain married to a man who even considers being a woman, even if it's just a fantasy?"
I can't help but look, my breasts bouncing in my blouse... his hips pumping up into me...
"This is for the best... I was thinking of divorce after I found those files on your computer.  But then I said to myself, I still care for him, so why not make things better for the both of us?"
She grabs my hand, holding it as she watches me... my breathe heavy, gasping...
"I love you, but not as a man anymore... since you aren't one.  Never were, were you darling?"
"Just... Oohhhh fant...fantasy... don't... don't want this, Nikki... OHHHHH!"
I grip her hand as another orgasm washes over me... I feel the chair beneath me, slippery with my juices... I'm sliding around on it...
"No, it's better that you're my pet now.  Oohhh you are milking his cock with that cute little ass, aren't you!  I'm glad I included everything you need to know to be a whore in my spell... My little slut to play with.  Oh, and don't call me Nikki any more... Call me Mistress."
My eyes close as she tells me... I feel the change in my mind... I can't call her Nikki, Mistress... only Mistress...
"And Bambi loves and obeys Mistress always, don't you Bambi?"
I whimper and moan, looking into her eyes... "Yes, Mistress..."
"Now, you have one chance, and you better hurry... if you can stop yourself right now, and pull forward, pulling his cock out of you before you milk his cock to orgasm, I'll change you back and all is forgiven.  But he cannot cum!  If he does, you will remain this way, well, for eternity.  The choice is yours, Bambi."
I hold her leg and hand, my ass can't stop... Oh how I try to stop it... but my little hole tightens around his shaft... my eyes roll back.. my hand grips hers tightly as I feel my pussy gush my juice onto the seat... I feel his cock swell inside me... it feels so good...
She looks into my eyes, and smiles at me.
"I knew you couldn't do it, Bambi.  Welcome to your new world of being my sexy little slut..."
I cry out as I cum again, as I feel his cock spasm inside my ass as it shoots a load into me...
He pulls out and starts jerking off onto my ass...
"There you go... the first time your ass will be covered in a man's cum... definitely not the last..." Mistress smiles.
His load seems huge as I feel his hot seed on my ass and in my asshole... thick and warm.  My body tingles in pure pleasure as it settles into my fate...

"Thank you Marcus, I'm sure we'll both be seeing you again..."
"My pleasure Miss Nikki."
I lay across Mistress's lap as she strokes my hair, my ass hanging over the chair, my body quivering in aftercums...
I kiss Mistress thighs as she smiles down at me... I smell her pussy, it smells so good, but I always want a nice cock in me.  I think of who's cock I will suck first, and who will take me in my pussy for the first time.  I wriggle my hips a bit, grinding down on the chair.
Mistress continues stroking my hair, when I hear something...
"Who wants to be next?"
My pussy quivers as I lick my lips... I look over and see a line forming.





  1. Hummmmmm...yes, that is good hummmmmmmmmm

  2. It’s so much fun to see him/her being unable to avert the transformation despite wanting to. Things will be better this way though. Great work Kayla!