Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


"You want me to dress up like what?" Jack Marlow said to his best friend.
"Come on, it's Halloween... no one will think less of you, besides, with this technology from my bio firm, no one will know it's you!" Mark said to him.  "I'll dress like the 'pimp' and you'll be the 'hooker'.  What could go wrong?  The tech is amazing, Jack... come on, it'll be fun... and it only lasts 24 hours... come on Jack... I promise to do whatever you want me to..." Mark smiles.
"Fine... 24 hours... remember, you'll do whatever I want!" Jack says with a smile, thinking of all the fucked up things he'll make Mark do...
"I promise!" Mark says with a smile
"This is so weird!  The world is like, so huge now..." Jack said.  He had put on the bio-tech, and had gone unconscious during the physical changes.  Waking up, Jack found himself in a petite girls body.
"And the beauty of the Bio-skin is that we can change the clothes you have on to different outfits!" Mark says, pressing a few buttons.
"Oh wow, this happens with any clothes I put on?"
"Yep.  I can even set it to change to the same clothing all the time, say I wanted you to wear this dress whenever you wear clothing... you put on jeans and a t-shirt instead... one minute later the nanites turn your jeans and t-shirt into the same dress!  I can also set it to only allow a certain type of clothing... always sexy outfits... change your clothes every 2 hours, that kind of thing." Mark says, showing Jack the display he's brought up.  "See, all kinds of settings... personality, body shape... you name it."
"That's just weird... but at least we can save money on clothes..." Jack says, smiling.
Mark smiles, pointing what looks like a remote at Jack, and he hears a pop... looking down he see's a skimpy outfit....
"Hey, what's this..."
"Jack, you gotta look the part, right?  Remember, I'm the pimp and your the hooker..."
"Yeah but does it have to be so revealing... I mean I've only been in this body for like a half hour... give me a chance to get used to it..." Mark says in his high pitched voice.
"Mark, come on now..."
"That'll work for now... damn you look hot." Mark says.

"Hey now back off there Mark... Remember who I am..." Jack says.
"I don't know though... is this sexy enough Jack?"  Mark smiles...
"UH, yeah!" Jack says, and smiles at Mark, looking beautiful.  "So when's this party... tonight I assume..."
"Yeah, I just shower and change... give me a few." Mark says, and walks into his bedroom.
He habitually throws the remote onto the couch, where it lands on the cushions, then bounces, and hits hard on the floor, and lights up.
Percy the housecat chooses that moment to lay on top of the remote.
Jack hears a pop out of nowhere, but doesn't see anything different.  Shrugging his shoulders, he looks into the mirror and primps.
"Gee, I do look so hot!  Giggle" 

On the remotes screen, the settings slowly begin changing...
As Mark showered, he wondered if he could possibly, maybe talk Jack into sex... it was weird sure, but Jack was just so damn hot!  It'd be a shame to lose out on the opportunity...
"No, it would be wrong.. and way too weird... I need to just shut myself up..."
Jack stood there at the mirror as his mind seemed to wander... everything seemed to be slowly changing... his body felt even weirder... heavier in some places... his hair darkened, his skin as well... eyes turned brown... he became a little shorter.. thicker...
In a daze he wanders into Mark's room, hears a pop, and giggles...
He walks over to another mirror, and stares at himself...
"Wow I look so fucking hot!" he giggles... not noticing his shorts shrinking until they go up his ass, spreading his cheeks more as they too swell larger.
"Now, what was I gonna do..."
"I guess I was gonna... OOh damn these got so much bigger... giggle" Jack says as he moans in pleasure, his nipples hardening.
Jack leans over and pulls down his shorts... looking in the mirror as he does so... see's his big boobies hanging, swaying with his every movement... something isn't right... Jack can't figure it out... he needs Mark to help him out!
"Mark!  Mark come here quick!!"
Without thinking Mark comes out into his bedroom wearing only a shirt, his cock still hard from thinking about Jack's earlier form.
"Hey Jack... wait who are you?"
"I need your help Mark!  Hurry up, before it's to late..." Jack says and spins around, grasping Marks cock in his feminine hands.
"Hurry hurry!  I need it inside me now!!!!"Jack mewls as he moves Marks cock to the entrance to her pussy.
Mark looks down and sees Jacks sopping wet pussy dripping down his legs... what the hell has happened to him?  At that moment Jack pushes back onto Mark, and Mark's cock slips deep inside him.
"Oooohhh YES!!!" Jack moans loudly.
"Jack.. wait what are.. stop... Oh man.."
"Oooohh deeper!!! PLEASE!!!" Jack squirms back onto Mark, the curvy new woman getting to him.
Jack cries out in pleasure as her first orgasm washes over her body...
Mark holds onto Jack tightly.. feeling that he's about to fall as Jack cums...
As Mark's cock plunges into Jack's new pussy, Jack moans loudly... loving the feeling... milking the cock inside him... her... her large tits bouncing on his chest...
"Oh my God I love this... love cock so much... must have... must have his cum!!!" Jack thinks to him.. herself... "I don't want to go back! I want to be a WOMAN!"

 Jack falls onto the bed onto all fours, and looks behind herself at Mark...
"Mark, I need your thick, hard cock inside me... I want it so bad... I need it SO BAD!  I want to be your woman, Mark, please!" 

Mark looks down at his friend, and watches as her pussy literally quivers before him, sopping wet.  Her juices trickle down her thighs as she wiggles her ass to him, her eyes pleading.
 "I need this Mark, please!!! FUCK ME!!!"
Mark stares at her quivering pussy, her ass wiggles as she looks back at him expectantly... He cannot resist, and slips into her.
"Oh God, yes... your cock.. it feels so good inside me... I love it..." Jack says, her pussy milking Mark... 

"Make me your bitch, Mark!  Fuck your slut!  Make me CUM!" Jack screams as Marks cock slowly starts pumping into her.

"OH GOD FUCK ME!" Jack scream again, falling forward as Marks cock starts pumping deeper into her... her pussy grasping, milking the cock... wanting his cum.
Jack's mind shifts one last time... images of serving Mark as his slut... willingly doing anything he asks... sucking him off, pleasuring anyone for her man... Jack's mind is filled with images of cocks and cum, and Jackie is born even as Mark's cock speeds up it's thrusts.
Jackie pushes her plump ass together as she feels Mark's cock swell inside her... and then she screams as she feels his hot cum flood her pussy, hot, wet semen squirting deep into her, filling her completely until it seeps out around his shaft....
Jackie becomes instantly addicted to his seed at that moment... loving the feeling of Mark's cum inside her.
Mark's cock slips out of her pussy, and Jackie lays there as Mark strokes out the rest of his seed on her ass...
Jackie lays there quivering... her mind permanently changed... Jack forever gone.  The pleasures of the flesh have erased him completely.  All that remains is the always horny Jackie, who loves her mans cock so much she'd do anything for him.
Mark tries to talk to Jackie and asks that she allow him to try to change her back, but she refuses, always ends up sucking his cock instead.
All Mark can do is accept the fact that he now has a little whore to play with.
Now when Halloween comes along, Mark is the one that has a party.  He invites his friends over for a little gang bang with his girl...


  1. I think that new body suits Jackie better. Fun seeing her friend giving it a test run!

  2. Great story as always! I look forward to each and everyone!

  3. Did Kayla dieded? No new content :(

  4. She’s a person who gets busy like everybody else...sometimes writer’s block strikes us all as well. I’m sure she’ll be back when she’s ready <3