Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Nanite Delight

James couldn't stop squealing in pleasure every time his ass was slapped... it caused his growing ass to jiggle wildly.  His hips were flaring out nicely, just as his tits were growing out at an alarming rate... his shrinking cock slapped the bed every time the guy pumped his huge cock into James tight ass.  

It just felt SO GOOD!

His eyes widened as his body shuddered, another wave of bliss flowing over him as his cock squirted onto the bed, thick gobs of cum streaming out of him.  

James cried out throwing his head back, pushing against the guy fucking him, his cock squirting load after load of cum filled with his male hormones... causing his body to morph even faster.  His voice becoming higher pitched.

His once 6 ft frame now a small 5 ft 4 inches, was still shrinking, his mass being redistributed to other areas.

James whimpered as his tits grew even larger, his nipples growing out even fatter, becoming so sensitive.  He could feel his ass jiggle even more as it bubbled out and his hips widened, his thighs thickening to match his girlish form.  His once manly cock shrinking down even more each time he came.  He licked his lips as they plumped up, his waist constricting slowly.

James hand reached up and pulled his fat nipples, crying out in pleasure, his cock twitching and leaking even more cum!

Heather watched as what was left of her husband continued bucking into the cock fucking him.  All she could do is shake her head as her husband slowly fucked the male out of himself.

At first he had resisted... but the first guy had to jack off as James watched from the corner... but the nanites had done most of their work already, James finding himself unable to resist the building urges within him... especially after the first man came on the floor, the smell of the cum drawing James closer... and then he cleaned the mans cock!

Now there was no way back, James would morph into a tiny nympho slut in just a few hours.  He'd... no, SHE'd taken on a dozen men so far, and there were so many more waiting.

Once complete, James would be no more, and Jennie would be born, and sold to a pimp in New York.

Heather watched as Jennie screamed as the man came inside her ass, her body quaking as it morphed even more, and the next man stuffed his cock into her mouth.  She eagerly sucked on it even as another man stuffed his cock into her ass...

That's what he gets for cheating on me with a hooker...


  1. Thanks a lot, Kayla, i cum a flot of sperme everywhere to read it, to think it's may be me to be fucked and my wife Sabrina to watch and smile i my cry.

  2. Great caption! I really like how he is slowly transforming as he is fucked

  3. I’m so I’m so glad you’re back Kayla! I always enjoy your stories and this one is no exception! Seeing a guy get punished like this for cheating or looking at porn is really hot!