Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Monday, April 10, 2017

School Daze Part 2

Cindy\Chad wakes up later in the evening, covered up in the bed.  She still has the taste of cum in her mouth, reminding her of what has happened to her.  Looking around, she see's that most of the conservative clothing she had brought is gone, and replaced with sexy, college freshmen clothing.
Looking at the clock she see's that she's still got 8 hours as a girl, as long as she manages to avoid another orgasm.  Then she'll revert back, and all that's happened to her so far will be erased when her male self returns.  No luck on her cell, it was risky to bring one.  He'll have to get a burner phone from the school store.
The safest thing she could do at the moment is hit the shower, then she'll try to find a phone to contact some help.  But for now, she's got to get this cum off of herself!
Still sore from Master... Paul's use of her body, Cindy welcomes the warm water, she uses the body wash in the shower... 

Washing her body, her legs... all tingling from the water...
"Finally starting to feel better..." she thinks to herself...
As she washes herself, her body tingles even more... a low moan escapes her lips... and she seems to slip into a trance for a moment... her hands wander across her body...
They gently massage her breasts, and finally she reaches her pussy, and gently fingers herself...
"Oh shit... got to stop that... I can't cum!" she says to herself, but doesn't stand up... instead she lays back...
"What... what... am I..." she says out loud... and her hand reaches over to one of the shampoo bottles...
"No don't... I can stop... Oooh no it.... it feels so gooood!" Cindy moans as the bottle slides into her ass, and she slowly starts fucking her ass.
"Got... got to stop... OOooooo" she moans, her legs waving in the air, her body shaking... her pussy quivers and drools out her juices... her body heating up quickly.
"Roll over... slide out bottle... stop from... from... OOooooooo" Cindy again moans, as she moves around the bottle shifts around, giving her more pleasure...
Finally on all fours, she pulls out until just the top is inside her... but for some reason... she can't.  She has to pump into her ass a few times... building closer and closer to orgasm... and she manages to finally fling the bottle across the floor...

"That... that was so close..." Cindy thinks, rubbing her ass... it feels so empty now... like it needs something...
"I'm going to have to be careful.  Apparently I'm closer to losing control than I thought... one more orgasm and I'm stuck for 2 more days like this... I don't think I can stand it stuck."
Cindy finally is able to sooth her body and calm down... and finishes washing up.
Cindy was finally able to start looking for Julie Watkins again... having to join up with the gym was part of it.  She had found her locker key in her dorm that morning, after she had "accidently" opened the door with her pick.
"What the hell, she's got a vibrator in here?" Cindy thinks to herself.  "I thought this would be in her dorm..." 
"Ooooh this is a good one, from what I've heard..."
Cindy doesn't see the man who had followed her the day before... he had stayed in the shadows all day, and now he had his chance.  Putting on a mask, he waits...
Cindy was still inspecting the vibrator, not noticing the man.
"Damn this thing is worn... still smells of... mmmm" Cindy breathes in the odor of pussy... and something else... "Is... is that cum I smell?" 

Cindy licks the top of the vibrator, and sure enough, tastes male semen on the tip... she voraciously licks the tip of the vibrator...
"Oh damn that tastes... tastes so good..." she says out loud...
Having watched her with the guy last night, the man knows about the drugs she was given and about her orgasm limit.  It was a hot night, he had to jerk off watching them last night.
"Good,, she took the bait..." the man thinks to himself... "gotta give her a few minutes to get ramped up... then I'll move in..."
"Just... just a little bit... I won't let myself cum... just let it feel good..."
The man watches for his opening... he's going to enjoy corrupting Chad Ford...
He hears her moaning softly... it's time... he unzips his pants, and takes out his hardening cock...
Set on low, the vibrations give Cindy a euphoric feeling of bliss... so much so she doesn't see the man walking up to her with his hard cock out...
Cindy starts making little whimpering sounds... she getting closer to cumming... she knows she has to stop... but it feels so good...

"Well, well, look what I found, a horny little bitch... you better keep your mouth shut or I'll beat you down, slut!"
Cindy gasps, fear filling her as he grabs her arm.
"Oh shit... what can I do?  I'm so scared..." Cindy thinks to herself... the part that is her that is Chad Ford, tells her "You've trained for this!  As a female!  You can get out of this now and run! Just fight back... fight... back..."
Cindy's mind blanks... her fear is so great...
"You will do everything I say, or you'll pay... do you understand?"
"Y...yes sir..." Cindy squeaks out.
"Good... let's see... kneel in front of me and suck on my balls..."
"You heard me bitch, now do it!"

Whimpering in fear, a voice screaming in her mind, far away, Cindy kneels down and sucks on the man's balls... the taste... familiar... and good... she softly moans.
The man looks down at his victim and smiles... the XGEN variant has worked wonders with Chad Ford.  He has no idea that the longer he says a she, the hornier and more susceptible to men she'll get.
And the harder it will be to change back.
"Now suck my cock, bitch!"
Cindy's mouth opens quickly and engulfs his cock.  Her tongue twirls around the tip as his hands hold her head, just in case she decides to bite down, but Cindy can't... she's in a state of bliss... and she can't stop the feelings rushing through her body...
Unable to understand what's happening, Cindy's need to suck on the man's cock increases the longer she does it... she is no longer forced... she's doing it willingly.
The man smiles and removes his hand from her head... for the moment at least, she's willing to suck cock.
Cindy's mouth waters as she sucks and licks the man's dick.  She's loving the taste, the smell of the man's cock and balls... her crotch is on fire as her panties are soaked through...

"Good girl, now time for some fun!  Help me take off my pants..."
The man lay's down, and as Cindy helps, her face comes back to his cock again... she can't help herself...

She sucks it right into her mouth and causes the man to groan in pleasure.
The man see's Cindy's crotch and is amazed at how wet she's gotten... her jean shorts are soaked through as well!  Her juices are running down her legs!
Sitting up and standing, Cindy never lets go of his cock from her mouth... her eyes are glassy and she whimpers and moans as she suckles from him.  Her hand reaches for the vibrator... and slowly picks it up, and places it on her crotch... she hits the power button, and moans loudly around the man's shaft.
"That's it, you like this don't you, bitch!  Look at that, playing with your pussy, happily sucking my dick!"
Cindy whimpers... Chad screams... he can't stop himself.
 "Lick my balls!  Take them both in your mouth!  Savor the taste, cunt!" the man says, and see's the fear in the girls eyes, and knows... that's Chad's fear.
He smiles.

Chad manages for a moment to regain control just as his mouth is filled with the man's balls, and his own pussy sends huge bolts of pleasure though his body... Chad doesn't have time to recover before Cindy again takes control, just as the man grabs the vibrator.
"There, there, girls like you LOVE being used and told what to do, don't you?" the man growls.
Cindy's leg spasm as she spreads them wide... a dark, wet spot appearing on the crotch.
"Oh yeah, you love this... sucking on a real man's balls... addicting, isn't it?  Now, taste my pre-cum, slut..."
"That's it, lick it clean... awww little girl just liked that a lot, didn't you?  The taste... I saw the pleasure on your face..."
Cindy looks up, and is in love with the taste of cum!  Chad yells in their mind "This isn't right it's a trick or something!  You aren't in charge I AM!"
Cindy giggles inside her mind at Chad... "We have a hot pussy, and I wanna taste his cock more... you shut up!"
Crawling on all fours towards the man, Cindy engulfs the cock with her mouth and sucks hard for a few moments, relishing in the taste of pre-cum... letting Chad taste it as well.
The man see's her sticking her ass out... "Ford is losing his battle... soon he'll be nothing but a cock sucking and fucking piece of meat"... the man thinks to himself as Cindy\Chad's mouth again sucks on his balls, mewling in pleasure, her nose up against his shaft.
The man pushes her back and opens her shirt, caressing her small breasts... "To bad these aren't bigger.. but they'll do... You'll grow bigger as you get older... or you'll get implants." the man says.  "I have the feeling your future will involve pleasuring many, many men..." he laughs.
Cindy moans at his touch... her crotch on fire as his hands caress her body.  She stares between his legs, seeing his throbbing cock bouncing.
"Let's check the temperature down here..."
Cindy whimpers... but is unable to speak... she's only slightly distracted by his hand going to her pussy... his cock takes all of her attention.
Cindy squirms and moans as his fingers play with her sopping pussy, making squishing sounds as his fingers slip in and out of her.
"I see the little whore has soaked her panties, haven't you?  You don't need these anymore..."
 Pulling down her shorts and panties, he places the vibrator directly on her clit, causing her to moan loudly...
"OOOOOOOOOOhhhhh yes that feels soooo good!!!!"
"Oh God... it's building... sir, please... please no... if I cummmmmmm OH NO DON'T... DON'T PLEASE!" Cindy starts screaming  "I can't take it!!!"
"MMMMMMPHHHHHHHH!!" Cindy screams into his hand... she's damn close... her legs are quivering...
Pulling her, he pulls off her panties and shorts completely.
Holding her still, he puts the vibrator back onto her steaming pussy, watching as her legs open and shudder... her mewling sounds covered by his hand... he knows she's very close to cumming.
"There, there little one, lay back and enjoy your cum..." he says, smiling behind the mask.
Cindy\Chad struggles inside himself as he is held down... the fire building between his legs is growing stronger by the second...
He presses the vibrator down onto her pussy and holds it as she struggles... the feelings between her legs intensify as she feels the orgasm getting closer... she feels her body quaking and her legs spread involuntarily...
The man holds onto Cindy\Chad's mouth as she cums harder than she ever has, her legs flailing around on the floor, kicking, as she rides her orgasm to unbelievable heights... 
The man gets up as Cindy\Chad flop around on the floor, and he turns her head to face his cock, and he stuffs it into her mouth, causing her to cum again!
Cindy\Chad's screams of pleasure are muted by the thick cock in her mouth, but she sucks on it as her orgasms rock her body.
Cindy\Chad feels another orgasm building quickly, but she can't seem to stop herself from suckling on his cock... she actually grabs the vibrator from the man's hand, but still holds it to her steaming crotch!
As he fucks her face, the man watches the moaning and sqealing girl bring herself off again, as the vibrator does it's work and adds another day to Chad Ford's transformation.
Cindy\Chad falls on her ass looking up at him... confused and afraid and feeling so good all at the same time, she moans again as she cums, the vibrator giving her another...
"NO NO I've got to stop myself... got... to drop... vibrator... drop..."
Cindy\Chad finally manages to drop the vibrator on the ground, but not before her face get's go close to his cock again, and he rubs his cock onto her face... shaking in lust, Cindy\Chad loses herself in the scent of a man and she sucks on his balls... before sucking on his cock again.
The man looks down as she works hard on his dick... he feels his cum boiling up from his balls, and he lets loose a huge, thick, load of cum into her mouth... filling it to capacity before it drools out of the corners of her mouth...
"Ahhhh yeah baby... that was so good... now swallow it all down... let me check... good... good... but one more thing before I go..." he says to her after tightening the grip he has around her throat.
"I want you to have one more orgasm to remember me bye..."
And with that, he picks the vibrator up, and presses  it gently against her sensitive pussy...
"Nooooo!!!" Cindy\Chad cries out as yet another orgasm builds inside her body... the sperm covering her face as she struggles... her legs opening and spreading as they shake.
"Oh, yes.  You will cum again, little Cindy.  You will cum so hard!"
"PLEASE NOT AGAIN!!" she cries out, her pussy swollen and red.
He just laughs as he put's the vibrator directly onto her clit and then massages up and down her pussy...
"AAAHHHHHHH!!" Cindy\Chad screams as another orgasm crashes over her body!
Cindy\Chad's legs push out as they spasm, her pussy leaking enormous amount's of her cream, puddling on the floor beneath her...
"Oh God... oh no..." she whimpers, collapsing on the floor and against the man.
Doing some mental calculations, the man believes she's stuck for at least another 4 or 5 days... some of those orgasms were very strong.
Picking her up, he stuffs her, the vibrator, and her clothes into the locker.
"Be quiet for 5 minutes or you'll pay dearly, fucktoy!" he quietly hisses.

The man quickly retrieves his clothing and puts it on, leaving the building, then the school.  He's on the way to report back to his boss...
Inside the darkened closet, Cindy\Chad shivers... cum dripping off of his face, he wonders what's happened to her\him... even now he looks down and see's his small hand teasing his pussy again!!
To Be Continued...


  1. Damn nice Kayla I love the internal struggle s/he is going through Having the female side take over is so great. Yummy

    1. I have to agree. Watching him fight to hold onto his manhood/personality is very fun. I can't wait to see how he deals with it if/when they take him past the point of no return!