Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Monday, April 3, 2017

VR Revenge: The Last Reality

"Where...Where am I? Is that my voice?  What... what going on... my head hurt..." a high pitched voice squeaks out.  Looking around, the room seems so big.

"Welcome back to the real world... Sindi..."

"What... what has happened... I don't understand Mistress... wait.. why I call you Mistress..."

 "Because my little fucktoy, I own you body and soul... you chose to steal from US... our money... our savings... for a FAKE vacation... as a woman at that!"

"But Mistress that not true..."


"But... but..." Sindi whines...
"You have the butt, that's for sure... Sindi, your life is this now.  You have no choice.  Most of your life, from now on, will be nothing but sex slavery."
"Roll over... look at that plump ass, Sindi.  No man has an ass like that.  Pull your skirt away..."
Sindi whimpers as she feels her ass jiggle in her panties.
"That's a nice, plump ass, Sindi.  I bet it can't wait to taste a thick, hard, cock!" Jane laughs as Sindi blushes.
"I just love the way it gets that lovely apple shape when you bend over like that!"
"Now, show me your boobies, little girl... come on, unbutton your sweater..." Jane teases her former husband.
"Y..y...yes Mistress..." Sindi whimpers in response.  She feels so hot... ashamed...

"Sindi, go ahead and take off the sweater please... good girl... don't be ashamed little one, you're very beautiful now.  SO much prettier than that smelly boy you used to be..." Jane says, smiling. 
"That's it... oooh they do jiggle a lot for being as small as they are..." Jane laughs.

"Very good, now smile while my friend here takes a few pictures..."
The man starts taking photos of Sindi as she smiles... she doesn't seem to be able to refuse any suggestion from her Mistress...
"Ok, good, now take of that pretty little skirt... oh my you'll have all the cocks hard, won't you sweet girl..." Jane laughs.
"There you go... get a shot of that Bob, yes right there... hold still Sindi..."
"Ok onto the bed, Sindi!  Come on... oh Bob, get that shot right there... Sindi, don't move... that's such a beautiful ass shot...
Sindi whimpers as she's on all fours, but also feels a tingling in her crotch she's not familiar with... a heat seeming to rise in herself... she rubs her legs together, feeling her wetness between her legs.
"MMmmhmmm I think someone is liking this... I can smell you from here, Sindi..." Jane giggles.  "Looks like my former husband LOVES being a little slut!  Now take off that bra and panties, quickly!"
"Y...yes Mistress" Sindi quickly says.
Quickly removing the bra, Sindi then feels her panties sticking to her crotch as she pulls them down.
Looking down at her crotch, she blushes as sees that she's almost soaked through her panties!
"Oh those nipples as precious!  And so big!  Sindi, I bet you can't wait for someone to suck on them!"
Sindi again blushes but feels her nipples harden at the thought of someone's warm mouth and lips suckling from her tits...
"Show us your tight little asshole... I want to see what it looks like before you have so many cocks in it won't close up any more!  Be sure to get a picture, Bob."
"Nice and tight! Well, for now at least... After a couple of weeks, well, we'll see... won't we Sindi!  Oh and watch.. it's puckering up!  Are you thinking of a man's cock going inside your ass, Sindi?
Sindi, unable to refuse any questions from her Mistress, blushes and nods... it's true.  She's been thinking about men this whole time... stealing glances at Bob... his crotch...
"I thought so... turn around and spread your pussy for us... let Bob see how turned on you are..."
Sindi moans as she spreads her pussy apart, trickles of cream dripping from her hot pussy.  She can't help but look over at Bob and moan... but when she looks at her wife, she feels no interest... nothing.
"I see my little toy has realized that she's as STRAIGHT as an arrow... no lezzie for my little girl... she loves nothing but big, strong men with a throbbing cock!"
Jane takes a vibrator and as Sindi lays back playing with her pussy, Jane presses the vibrator onto it.  Sindi jumps as she feels it touch, but then grabs it and presses down onto her seeping pussy.
"I like to see that my toy is enjoying HER new toy... You'll find you have to use that several times a day just to get relief, Sindi.  After all, you're one hugely horny little slut!

Sindi writhes on the bed as she masturbates using the vibrator, caressing her body as she moans and mewls in pleasure.
Jane watches, gently teasing her own pussy, as Sindi brings herself off not once, not twice, but three times, screaming harder with each orgasm that crashes over her.  As she thrashes around on the bed, Jane nods to Bob, and he undresses quickly, his hard cock popping out, throbbing in front of him.
Sindi takes in a deep breath, and immediately pulls Bob onto the bed.  Using her new tits, she massages his cock until pre-cum starts to flow from the tip.
"I'm glad to see you know how to use those, Sindi.  Get used to it..." Jane laughs.

Glancing up for a moment at Jane, Sindi, with her bottom lip quivering in shame, moans and lunges down on the cock I front of her.


Stroking and sucking on Bob's cock, Sindi seems to lose focus on everything else, except for the cock in her mouth and hand.

"That's a good girl, Sindi.  Suck that cock... I see how you love it..."
"I see how you savor the taste of his cock... the manliness that you once had..."
Sindi whimpers in pleasure and need, her tongue caressing and dancing over the cock...
"How good it is to have a real man's cock inside your mouth.  Feels so good to you now, doesn't it?"
Sindi nods, her pussy drooling on the sheets as she sucks the cock in front of her... the first of many to come...
"And to think I loved you as a man... you never were much of one, were you... taking our hard earned money to become a... a woman in your mind... " Jane leans over and whispers in Sindi's ear... "I know you didn't, but this works out for the both of us now, doesn't it, bitch?"
Sindi's breath speeds up and she orgasms, her lips still locked around Bob's cock, as it too orgasms into her waiting mouth, flooding her mouth with cum.
She swallows quickly, setting off another huge orgasm. 
"Yes my dear, when your mouth fills with cum, you cum... when you swallow cum... you will cum as well... isn't that nice?" Jane says grinning.

Sindi fights as best she can but can't stop the cravings she is having... the need to be filled.
She straddles Bob, who's still gasping for breath, and uses her pussy to try to entice his spent cock back to being hard.
"Please... please Mr. Bob... Sindi need hard cock in pussy..." she says, slowly teasing his softened cock with her wet pussy.
"Ooooh it not hard enough yettttt I need COCK PLEASE!!!" Sindi screams.
"Oh no, little Sindi... not yet... tell Mistress what you are..." Jane smiles.

Sindi looks confused, still trying to push Bob's cock into her drooling pussy.
"Sindi a... Sindi a..." she moans, not wanting to say but knows the answer...
Jane nods to Bob, who thrusts his cock up into Sindi's pussy, causing her to gasp and moan... whimpering in arousal and need, Sindi looks up into her Mistress eyes... Jane see's a hint of resistance, of what was once her husband.
"Sindi is slut slave, Mistress!!"
"That's right Sindi!  Good girl!  All slut slaves get rewarded when they say what they are, they get to CUM!  Now Bob!"
Bob sits up and throws Sindi on all fours...
He gets behind her, his cock again rock hard, and slides it deep into her... her eyes open wide in pleasure and shock as Bob begins relentlessly thrusting into her pussy, causing orgasm after orgasm to wash over her...

His hands grip her ass as he pulls her back, his heavy balls slapping her clit causing waves of pleasure...

Jane watches as what was once her husband succumbs to one orgasm after another, and she see's the look in his eyes... the look of fear of losing ones self...

"Look at my sissy slut!  So afraid of losing yourself in your femininity, you've forgotten one thing... It's to late.  You are lost.  I'll never change you back into a male.  Besides, sweetheart.  It was a one way trip for you."

Sindi begins to cry as her world crashes around her, just as a huge orgasm builds within her.  Moaning and sobbing, the cock pumping deep within her body, causes her to scream as the biggest orgasm she's ever felt washes over her body.


"There, there, little slut, that was a nice big cum for you... washing away all those nasty boy thoughts and replacing them with sweet, pink dreams of cocks and cum!

Sindi moans as her breasts sway beneath her... she wishes... she had a cock to suck on!


At that thought, Sindi cums again!

"Oh Bob you should see her face... she's falling in complete love with men's cocks... yours in particular..."

"Uhhh yeah her pussy is milking me... Uggghh Yeah.. .oh yea.. for all she's worth... she wants that cum in that hot pussy of hers!"


Sindi mewls in pleasure, her ass jiggling wildly as she pushes back onto Bob's dick.


"You've become one hot twat, haven't you, my sweet husband..."

Sindi glances over at Jane and moans, her pussy convulsing around the cock inside her, her breasts swaying beneath her.

Jane smiles... her husband is gone, he's nothing but a voice in her head... nothing but Sindi remains in control.

Sindi rolls over, exhausted from her orgasms, and let's Bob use her body as he wishes.


Breathing hard, Bob quickens his pace, his cock slapping into Sindi's ass... she cries out as another orgasm washes over her body...

Bob grunts loudly, his cock exploding within Sindi's pulsing pussy, flooding it with his semen.  Bob continues to empty his cock into her, her pussy sloshing it's so filled.
Jane watches as Sindi passes out. 
"Step one!" she laughs.

 Two Weeks Later:

Sindi screams in pleasure as the man cums inside her, the 4th guy this morning.

She still heard a voice now and then that told her to stop, but she ignored it.  It usually was moaning along with her within 5 minutes of kissing her clients.

The man behind her squeazes her breast, and she feels a rush as something squirts from her chest... her nipple!
Her pussy milks his cock as she thinks "Oh my God I'm lactating!"
She then cums on his cock, causing him to cum inside her...
2 Hours Later:
As Sindi stayed on all fours, a small, steady, vibrator keeping her in a state of constant arousal, Dr. Stein started pulling on her nipples.  The dildo gag dribbled a steady amount of semen into her mouth, which totally distracted her from paying attention.
Along with causing her to moan, Sindi's nipples each squirted milk into a bowl.  Her eyes rolled  back into her head as she orgasmed again, her juices running down her thighs.
Dr. Stein picked up his cell phone, and called her.
"Miss Jane, Dr. Stein.  Yes, I've got her right here.  Yes, ma'am.  Like a cow.  For now, get her to drink her own milk, it's loaded with stuff she needs anyway.  I'll start bottling it up.  Hmm?  Oh, yes, hornier than ever!  But you'll have to keep stimulating the nipples to allow her to milk herself continually, which is what I assumed you want.  Human cow... exactly.  The gag?  Took to it like a champ, already through a half gallon of cum... modeled after her old cock, that's too funny!  Alright Miss Jane, talk to you later!"
Dr. Stein checked a few things on the monitors, and heard Sindi slurping on the dildo.  Thinking for  a moment, he steps behind her.
Sindi hears a zipper, and feels a hot cock at her pussy!  She moans as it sinks deep into her...
2 days later, Sindi whimpers in need as her nipples were milked on the temporary milking machine.  Her usual one was being built.  All she could do is lean back as her nipples squirted, and squirted, and squirted...
Sindi couldn't help but wet her panties when she was milked, it just felt so good!
She usually had to masturbate furiously after a milking, just to take the edge off...
If she was lucky, one of the maintenance men would let her drain their cocks... she had so gotten addicted to the taste of cum, it was almost the only thing that she lived off of.
3 days later, during a servicing of one of her clients, Sindi screamed for a full 10 minutes as he fucked her from behind.  Dr. Stein wasn't sure what happened, until the client finished up.  After he left, Sindi rolled over, and Dr. Stein was amazed... her nipples had grown a full inch!

Dr. Stein inspected her nipples, and found how sensitive they were.  The slightest touch sent Sindi into orgasmic convulsions.
"Well Sindi, this is an unusual side effect, huge sensitive nipples.  Let's see what we can do..."
An hour later, wrapped in a body suit with just her breasts jutting out, Dr. Stein applied nipple pumps to her nipples and pulled them into the glass... Sindi sat in delirium as her sensitive nipples were pulled and compressed into the glass, sending huge waves of pleasure and pain through her body.
"I'm sorry Sindi, but per your Mistress's orders, you're to stay like this for 10 days.  She wants your areola to be large as well as your nipples.  Sorry dear..." Dr Stein said, laughing under his breath. 
Sure enough, 10 days later Sindi's nipples were much larger and longer, and dribbled milk constantly.

Dr. Stein then performed a sensitivity adjustment to her pussy... Her pussy was to be constantly flowing her juices from now on, just like her nipples would be constantly flowing.

Within 5 minutes, Sindi's pussy completely wet itself, to the point where anyone would have easy access to her pussy.
Sindi's waved her legs in the air as the Dr. toyed and tested her pussy, his touch causing her to cum multiple times...
Jane always teased Sindi, saying that to be so wet all of the time in such an abundance of her own juices, she must really love being the way she is.
She could always see a hurt look on her face, knowing that her former husband still existed somewhere inside the fucktoy.
As Sindi's breasts swelled with milk, Jane put her on a strict diet of semen and her own milk.  Dr. Stein monitored this for 10 weeks, and announced to Jane that Sindi's body relied on semen and her own milk to survive, now.  The only way she would ever survive, ever, is if she injested cum, and drank her own milk.

Jane looked over at Sindi, her breast pumps noisily doing their job, seeing nothing more than a walking set of holes for cocks to cum in... nothing more than a sissy cow, really, as she toyed with her pussy and came again and again, mewling into the penis gag as it dribbled her own milk into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it time after time.

Jane giggled, then laughed...

Sindi's pussy squirted cum across the room as she came yet again...








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  1. Great tgtf as always hun. I would love to see this couple revisited at some point. Sindi's mistress may be justified in seeking to punish her former husband, but Karma is a strange and powerful thing! 😉