Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Stan was a rich, spoiled man who had tried to take over the family company, CHEMLAB, and sell it to their competitor.  Janice, his sister, was lucky he was discovered attempting to break into their research facility.
Unlucky for him, however.
When Janice arrived at the facility, in her anger, she infected him with the DNA Transgressor.  Untested, she had no idea what it would do.
Now she knew.
It had been a quick change.  Nothing was left of Stan at this point... his pleading and begging quieted down as the changes progressed... not much of Stan left except for maybe some general knowledge.  Stan had turned from a 37 year old bastard, to a squealing, hot and horny 18 year old sissy girl.
Most of her male memories were wiped clean, and strangely enough, extreme feminine attitudes towards... everything had taken her over.
Calling herself Stacy, she refused to wear anything male oriented, and insisted on pink frilly panties, and school girl uniforms.
Her sexual appetite was discovered on day one, when she was caught fucking the night guard...
and fucking the day guard...
Two Months Later...
Having checked her DNA, it was found out that her changes had completed, and her form now permanent.  There was no risk to anyone or to Stacy of anything going wrong.  She was now a healthy, 18 year old girl.
Today she had on her little sailor uniform and her favorite frilly panties.  She was waiting in a small room with a bed, and a chair in it... playing with her hair.
"Are you sure you want me to do this, Janice?  I love you with all my heart, and I feel weird about this..." Sam told Janice.
"Yes baby, it's ok.  The DNA test confirmed this.  Sam... well, Stacy, is an almost exact match, 99.9%,  for my DNA.  And her reproductive organs are working overtime now.  She's extremely fertile.  This is our chance to have what we've both wanted for years... a baby that is ours..."
"Are you sure artificial insemination isn't an option?"
"It isn't... something to do with the original nanites... If there was another way, I'd do it... but having to have that hysterectomy when I was a teen has been stopping us.  Now we have an option."  Janice looked through the glass at Stacy as she looked at what appeared to be a teen oriented magazine.  "Ironically, Stan caused the accident that left me this way... I guess it's karma..." she smiles.
With a loving kiss on the lips, Sam leaves Janice in the room, and walks in with Stacy.
"Hello Stacy, my name is Sam.  Wanna have some fun?"
"Sure Sam!" Stacy giggles, and lays back on the bed.
Janice watched as her boyfriend, Sam, toyed with what was left of her brother, Stan.  It didn't take much to get Stacy worked up... pulling her panties to the side, Sam spread her tight pussy apart, revealing her excitement...
Stacy squealed as Sam played with her pussy... his fingers thrusting deep into her, causing her to moan and squeal in pleasure.  She buried her head in the pillow, as her pussy became wetter, squishing as Sam fingered her.

Looking over to the mirror, Sam mouthed "I love you Janice" and slowly pushed his hard cock into Stacy....
"Oooh Mr. Sam that feels so good in my little pussy!!!" Stacy squeals in pleasure as Sam begins bounding into her.
Stacy fondles her own ass as Sam grabs her skirt and pulls her back onto him...
Feeling himself getting closer, he stops, and flips Stacy over onto her back.

"Oh Mr. Sam, that feels so gooooooddd!!" Stacy screams, an orgasm crashing over her...
Sam feels her pussy milking his cock... he knows he's going to cum soon... and he wants to make sure she does at the same time.
Grabbing her skirt again, he holds her in place as he pumps deeper and deeper into her... her voice rising in pitch as she nears orgasm again... and screams as Sam's cock throbs and jerks inside her, filling her womb with his cum..
Stacy moans and quivers, her pussy leaking out the huge load of cum that Sam just filled her up with.
Janice watches, smiling as the cum leaks out of her former brother, who had betrayed her so many times in her life.  "Karma's a bitch, and now so are you..."

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