Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Be Careful, Wishes Can Mess With You... Part 2

Two Months Later...
In the corner of the room, the lamp shudders, and a sparkling mist flows out of the tip...
The light forms a human shape, though it's definitely not a human.
Jarez takes shape and looks around... "Oh Mistress... where are you?  Your favorite one and only genie is back!!"
Looking around the room, Jarez see's a lot of women's clothing, especially maid uniforms and fetish clothes.  Many appear to be stained, especially the crotches of the panties.. Jarez smiles.
He hears the shower running and smiles... and saunters over to the bathroom.
Inside Marcie is on the floor, recovering from her last gang bang with Master Bryan.  Her entire body is sore, from her mouth to her knees...  The hot water feels good on her.
She feels the stickiness of the cum rinsing off of her body...
"Mistress, I do not wish to disturb you, but I wanted you to know that I've returned!"
"Jarez?  Where in the hell... have you been... You've been gone for 2 months!" Marci says.  "That's longer than 2 hours... I've been stuck here ever since performing like a slut for these men..."
"I'm sorry Mistress, but for a genie such as myself, 2 hours is 2 months in your timeline..." Jarez grins.  "Besides, it is as you wished, Mistress.  And it cannot be undone, per the rules..." Jarez says with a smile.
"I didn't wish this!  The computer had the wrong image on it... It's a mistake and it needs to change!" Marci whimpers.
"I do not think so, Mistress.  I have searched your heart... you feel this is your true self now... you have come to love this life more than anything..." Jarez says, looking down on Marci.  "It may have been a mistake, but I do not believe you want to change.  Not any longer."
"I wasn't given a choice, Jarez... most of my memories are gone from my previous life... I don't know if I'd like it more or less now..." Marci says, and starts to laugh.  "You messed me up so bad... all I want are men... their cocks... their cum... I have no control..."
"It is as you wished it, Mistress.  That was the substance of the wish, to be like that person.  It is not my fault I have to take wishes so literally.  The person on the picture box was playing a character... a submissive slave wanting to please her employer... that and along with the dozens of other pictures on the screen... well, it set up the perfect storm, so to speak."  Jarez grins.  "The perfect toy for men, really."
He looks down upon the submissive slut his Master became because of his own foolishness, and smiles broadly.
"Think about your favorite thing, Mistress."
Marci thinks for a moment...
The image of herself taking a cum bath fills her mind, the feeling of the hot sperm splashing on her face, dripping into her mouth... the oh so salty taste...
"NO don't do that... I don't want to think about THAT right now!" Marci yells.  "That's not what I WANT!!!"
"Are you sure, Mistress?  Where are your hands..." Jarez laughs knowingly.
Marci looks down at her fingers teasing her pussy..."No.. NO I don't want this!"
"What's your favorite sport, Mistress?"
"That's easy... it's fucking... no.. FUCKING.  It has balls and a huge, throbbing bat... You play with the balls... rub and suck... on bat... so it's nice and hard... "
"No Jarez, stop it... I don't wanna think about men's cocks... and cum..."
"But you're still touching yourself, Mistress..." Jarez laughs down at her.
Sure enough, she's AGAIN playing with her pussy...
Jarez waves his hands... "Here you go, little one.  This will help." he smiles.
A large dildo appears in Marci's hand...
"No... I don't..."
"But you DO, little one.  You want it.  You need it, don't you?"
The steam in the shower wets the dildo down, but it's not needed.  Marci's pussy is always wet now... ever since the first gang bang.
Marci eases the dildo deep into herself... moaning as it goes.
"Just for a moment..." Marci gasps...
"Just for a moment... yes little one..." Jarez suppresses a laugh.
Marci slowly starts pumping the dildo deeper and deeper into her pussy.  Jarez see's how it's clamping down and milking it like a real cock.  Marci's eyes are closed as well.
"I see you are quite enjoying yourself, little one." Jarez laughs.
"What... No... I don't like this at alllll OOOooooooo...."
"Then stop yourself..."Jarez says...
Marci nods, then moans as she pulls out the dildo to the head... she stops... her hand trembling...
Without warning, Marci plunges the dildo back into her pussy.  She whimpers and moans as it pumps quickly in and out.
"You see, you can't stop.  You love it too much."
Marci squirms and moans, obviously cumming hard on the dildo...
"Please... please Jarez... change me... back... OOOooooooo!"
"Even if I could, you would fight it... look at yourself... pulling on those beautiful udders of yours..."
Marci squeals in pleasure as she cums again... looking at the genie, whose cock is rock hard...
"Oh I see, the little slut wants her genie's big dick, is that it?" Jarez laughs loudly.
Marci's eyes look up and the genie, then back down to his cock.  She nods slowly as she continues pumping into herself, breath coming in loud gasps and moans.
"You could always wish it to be so..." Jarez says, watching Marci carefully, trying to goad her into wasting her last wish...
Marci looks up and ALMOST says something... but stops herself.  She places the dildo onto the bench with the suction cup, and straddles it... facing the wall.
" won't... get me that... OOooooo eassssssily..."
"I'm not really trying little one... though I do enjoy watching that lovely ass of yours bounce up and down on that dildo..."
"OH GOD... so good..." she whimpers quietly...
"You... you did this on purpose, didn't you.... OOOooohhhh so big... GGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CUMMINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!"
 "Did it really take you this long to figure that out?  Turn around and mount that facing me.  I want you to see my cock while you fuck yourself..." Jarez smiles evilly.
Marci does just that... and lowers herself down.
As she settles down, she eyes Jarez's cock, now outside of his pants, throbbing in time to his heartbeat.
Marci can't help but moan, her mouth opening as if expecting that cock to enter it.
"There, there... isn't that better..."
"Go ahead, ride the dildo like a good little whore..."
Mewling in pleasure, Marci starts posting up and down on the dildo.
"That's it, just like a good little submissive girl..."
"Oooohhhh make it stop Jarez... please... it feel ssooooo goooooddd!!!"
"Now why would I stop something that gives you so much pleasure, little one..."
She grasps it firmly and tries to yank it off the bench... but can't do it.
Sighing in pleasure she pistons up and down a few times, her huge boobs shaking like jello...
Marci cries out, building up to another orgasm...
"That's a good little submissive slut... you truly love having a cock inside you don't you, sweety..."
Marci doesn't answer, only manages a squeal as she cums again.
"I'll tell you what... if you stop now, I'll give you ANOTHER full wish... BUT if you don't make it, your wish goes to your Master, Bryan!  Do you accept my accord?"
Marci whimpers... already trying to slow down... Another wish, she may be able to change everything with 2 wishes to use.  She looks up and Jarez... "I...I accept..."
 "I'll even give you 30 seconds to stop... starting....NOW!"
Marci cries out, trying to slow down at least to raise herself up... but her pleasure is so great... only a few more seconds then she can...
"Oh you're going faster... trying to get in that last cum before time is up... You might make it... 20 seconds..." Jarez laughs.
Marci's breasts jiggle wildly on her chest, adding fuel to the fire in her pussy...
"AAAAAHHHHHHHH CCCCCUUUUMMMMINGGGGGGGG!!" she screams loudly... her body convulsing and shaking.
"OH GOD CUMMMINGGGGG" she yells, another orgasm washing over her on top of the one that doesn't seem to stop...
"10 seconds..."
She touches her clit sending waves through her body... cumming so hard...
"5 seconds..."
"Got to... stand..." she moans, lifting herself up... body shaking still... and stands all the way up.
"Oh that was hard... but worth it... another wish..." she says...
"No, you lost it dear.  30.02 seconds... now your Master has your wish."
"What, no... .02 seconds come on Jarez, that was close enough..."
"It wasn't the agreed upon timeframe my dear.  You lost fair and square..."
"No... No please..."
"Let's see... what does he wish for... I can do this from here, just look into his deepest, darkest secrets... Oooo interesting..."
"What... what is it..."
"Apparently he has kind of a fetish... one you don't know about, but are about to experience..."
"No wait Jarez!"
"KALAZEEEM!!" Jarez yells, and everything disappears in a flash.
And with that, Jarez and his lamp are gone, leaving Marci standing in the shower, towel around her, her pussy still quivering.  She looked around and didn't notice anything different... maybe she got lucky and Master Bryan's wish was simple and didn't affect her...
She starts putting on clothing... and a strange shiver runs through her...
"Everything seems strange... feel weird..." Marci thinks.
And her world changes one last time...

To Be Continued...

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