Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Preston's Choice Final

It had been 3 months since Master had taken her in, and it had been a wonderful 3 months!  Coming down the stairs, Prissy went and prepared breakfast for Master.
It hadn't been easy for the Preston part of Prissy... but it had come to feel comfortable in the luxury of living in a mansion again.
Jake had come to care deeply for Prissy, but she couldn't replace his wife... it just wasn't the same.  Prissy was a slave, and Preston, well, was a small part of Prissy.  Sure he could bring Preston back now and then, but it just didn't interest him.  Preston was interfering with what he wanted.
In other words, slaves don't make good wives.  A wife was to be his equal, and though Preston had the intelligence, Preston didn't have the female experience.  Yet.
He wasn't going to toss her aside, no... he did care for her.  Love her even.  But he had come to realize that this wasn't going to be his wife anytime soon... no amount of money or drugs would make that happen.  His wife was gone, he needed to accept that.
In the meantime, something needed to be done with Prissy.  Sure, she was great in the sack and all, but something needed to change.  As sexual as she was, she needed proper training.
So while she was asleep, he injected her with one more version of his drug...
One that would change Prissy one more time, forever locking her into that form... giving her what he believed was Prissy's true calling...
He smiles down on her as she moans in her sleep... her dreams very, very vivid.
 It would take a day or so for it to take effect, so he decided to monitor the changes in her...
"I made you breakfast, Master!"
"Why thank you Prissy, set it on the table please."
"Yes sir!" Prissy giggles... she feels a bit cloudy today... not quite out of it but, like, distracted?
"Are you ok, Prissy?  You're still standing there..."
"Oh, ummm I was just waiting for you to move to the table, Master..." Prissy says, confused a bit.  She squirms, rubbing her legs together as she stands there.
"It's alright dear." Jake smiles.  He see's she seems a bit flushed... Jake smiles.
"C'mere you..." Jake says, grabbing her hands.  He moves her around the table, kissing and nibbling on her body...
Jake suckles on her nipple, causing her to gasp... she squirms in his lap as she heats up quickly, her excitement obvious as her pussy wets her panties.
"Mmmmmm I love these tits of yours baby..." Jake says, his face between them suckling on both...
Prissy sighs in contentment as she slowly grinds into his leg, her nightie falling around her waist.  She feels his hard cock in his jeans...
"Mmmmm I think I found Prissy's breakfast..." she giggles, unzipping his pants, and pulling them down.
Jake watches his pet as she licks his balls, and nuzzles up to his hard cock.  Ever since she's come to live here she's become obsessed with his cock... soon she'll be obsessed with more than one...
She gets between his knees, stroking the shaft, drawing out some of his pre-cum...
She quickly licks the tip, savouring the taste of it.
Jake looks down.  He can already see a change in attitude.  He hates to do this to the Preston personality, but all Jake wants is Prissy to be his complete slave.  Hopelessly obedient and addicted to men.  Preston would probably fight it.
With the final drug, the Preston personality would melt into Prissy's, and they would forever be one, with Prissy in control.
"Mmmm delicious baby... you make a wonderful meal... mmmmm that feels so good my girl..."
Prissy gurgles around his cock as she sucks on it, her head bobbing up and down.
"I have plans for you, Prissy.  I've decided something..."
Prissy\Preston looks up at him, with adoring eyes... Preston feels strange... he seems to feel... the same things that Prissy is feeling... he doesn't understand until he notices that he's enjoying sucking Master's cock!
 "It's time for old Preston to become one with Prissy, don't you think baby doll?  That way you can enjoy being my slave so much more if you didn't have that independence..."
"Oh yes Master!!" Prissy squeals...
"No wait... don't do this... I didn't ever want this to... be... my... fate..." Preston manages to say.
"I'm sorry Preston, but you made the choice.  You made yourself into Prissy, and it's time for her to live her life.  You, sadly enough, won't have any control over that life.  Prissy needs to be on her own... well, under my control.  You know that she's an obedient little submissive and that scares you, doesn't it.  Move over to the counter there, Preston."
Preston moves to the counter as ordered... tries to resist... "But I wanted more out of life than being a submissive..." she squeaks as Jake pulls down her panties, soaked at the crotch.
 "Now Preston," Jake says, purposely using Preston's name to emphasize her inability to resist Prissy's true nature, "there will be none of that... bend over so I can fuck your pussy from behind."
Preston can't help but do as she is told... whimpering as she does so... "Please no... I.. I can't stop myself, J... J... Master..." she stammers.  Preston gasps as Jake's cock slowly slides into her pussy.
"You see Preston," Jake says, as he grabs her leg and pulls it up, allowing him to go deep into her, "I came to the conclusion that I don't need Preston that much.  You interfere with Prissy way to much for her to be my submissive whore.  I think you'd fight her anytime I take her to the slave clubs and let my friends use her."
Preston squeals as her pussy pulses and milks Jake's cock.
"This little fuck session will literally FUCK the male out of you, Preston.  You'll merge with Prissy, and she'll be in charge."
Preston moans in pleasure as Master... Jake... Master pumps deep into her pussy.  Preston looks down at Master's cock and feels... love... desire... a need to serve...
Jake moves Preston to the middle of the room and lays down, guiding her to hover over his cock.
"Now Preston, sink down on the dick that owns you..."
Preston squeals in pleasure as she does so... her ass jiggling as she feels his thighs against hers... she smiles...
Jake takes control quickly and pumps rapidly into Preston, building up a huge orgasm quickly, taking Preston by surprise... and then sending her over the edge, a huge orgasm washing over her body.
Prissy screams in orgasm as she feels Preston merge with her... both of their screams become one as their pussy... her pussy... Prissy's pussy spasms and milks Master's huge cock.
Jake smiles seeing Prissy's body convulse and shudder, her eyes clouding over as they merge.  He see's her change... she quietly, submissively, bends over and lowers her head to the ottoman, sticking her ass in the air, her pussy wet and quivering, milking an imaginary cock.
Her submissive nature has taken over and Prissy is giving herself over to her Master.
Jake toys with her for a moment, the tip of his cock going only an inch or so into her dripping pussy, causing her to gasp and moan.  But he wants to really send her over the edge...
He turns her over onto her back, and lifts one of her legs...
"When I cum inside you, Prissy, your fate is sealed.  NO LONGER will you be anything, or anyone, but Prissy.  No last name, as you are now my PROPERTY." Jake says, and starts to quickly fuck Prissy's pussy.
Prissy moans in pleasure as her Master fucks her deeply.  His cock hitting her womb as it goes deep... the last bit of Preston cries out as Prissy's mind forever takes over, just as her Master's cock throbs, and cums deep into her pussy.
Prissy squeals in joy as she looks down seeing her Masters cum seep out from her pussy.  All thoughts of her past, gone.  She takes her fingers and inserts them into her pussy, then takes them out and licks them clean.
Jake watches his toy, and smiles as she brings herself off again.




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