Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Risky as Hell

"Seriously, Hank, I need a way to make some extra cash... You seem to make money all the time with those photos... what can I do to get some of that?" Will asked.
"Will, I take pictures of hot chicks and sell them.  Taking a picture of you, no offense, a fat ass, isn't going to sell."
Will sat on the couch, depressed.  He had met Hank a week ago at the local bar, and they had become fast friends.  "There's nothing that you can do... nothing at all..."
Hank looked down for a moment... "Well, there is one thing, BUT it's risky as hell... BUT you could earn some serious cash..."
"WHAT!  What is it?  What can I do!"
"Hold your horses... let me make some calls buddy... Give me an hour.  I'll call you.  Be sure to pick up the phone I may call from.. the office." Hank said, and left the bar.
Will agreed, and waited by the cell.  45 minutes later, his phone rings...
"Ok buddy, you're in.  Meet me at 207 Charles Mac Way.  Hurry up, we have to start soon..."
"Well, what is it that I'm..."
"Look, you're in or not, what is it?"
"Ok Ok I'll be there." Will said.
Hanging up the phone, Will pays his tab, and walks out of the bar.  Using his phone, he locates the address.  Right by the high school, apparently.
30 minutes later, Will knocks on the door.
"Come in, come in.  Ok man, we gotta do this quick.  They need this by 7:00 tonight."
"What do you need... I still don't know what's going on." Will says.
"Oh, it's really simple.  You drink this drink, and you absorb nanobots into your system.  They change you into a girl, and we take some pictures.  Then I change you back, and you get paid.
"A girl... changed to a girl... You've lost your mind man, I'm leaving..."
"No seriously, its true.  Watch..."
Hank picks up a strange remote and pushes a few buttons.  He suddenly changes into another form.  A female one. 

"Wow, ok, I never thought this was possible... you're fucking hot as balls, dude!"
Hank changes back quickly.  "Look, we've got a deadline.  We already have to rush this.  Drink this..."
Will guzzles down the beverage.  Tastes odd, but not unpleasant.  He feels woozy suddenly, and everything goes dark.
"Wake up man, hurry up... we don't have time for this..." Hank says.  "You gotta stand up!"
Will grumbles, his head hurting badly.
"What was in that crap... wait... my voice, what happened!"
"I changed you dummy!  Now let's get started..."
A bit confused, Will stands up and starts posing...
"Don't play with your tits, man..." Hank says.
"Oh, sorry, just.. ummm adjusting..."
Will poses in several ways... sometimes not noticing that he's revealing a bit too much...
"That's perfect, very pretty Willa... " Hank says.
"Willa?  Not bad I guess..." Will giggles.
The poses are a bit clumsy, but some are very sexy.
As the day goes on, Will becomes more comfortable in this body, instinct seems to be taking over.
He's able to walk and pose with feminine style...
"Ok Willa, we're done for now.  I have to go and get this sent to my clients.  You don't have any plans tonight, do you?"
"What, you asking me out?" Will asks, laughing.
"Funny!  No, it's just if I change you back now, then try to change you in the morning, you'll look different.  If the client likes the photos, they may ask for more.  You'll get paid twice as much... you mind staying this way for one night?"
"Nah, it's ok, it'll be kinda fun!"  Oddly, Will feels a bit disappointed for some reason.
"Just be careful, Willa.  Here's a bag with some extra clothes... they should fit.  Might be a bit tight.  See you tomorrow!"
Will went into the ladies room at Target, almost going into the men's room!  She opened up the bag of clothes, and put them on.
"Wow, he could have given me something a little less sexy..." he thought.
Walking out, he decided to get some Starbucks, so went by the counter, ordering his usual.
"Thanks" Will says the guy behind the counter.  She looks him up and down and smiles at him... she doesn't realize she's checking him out.
"God why is this guy staring at me... Oh.  I get it, ha!  He'd be surprised if he only knew I was a guy!  Too bad to.  He's a cute one..."
Will sipped on his drink, not noticing that the longer he sat there...
The more feminine his mannerisms were becoming.
Finishing up his drink, he decides to wander around the store... and starts looking at clothes...
"I just love these panties!  All my favorite super heroes!!  I wonder if they make bra's too..."
"Oh here they are... This black one is so pretty!  Damn, it's so big... Maybe I could get implants... wait a minute... I'm not thinking right... that coffee must have messed with my head... I better head home and get some rest."
Will shakes his head and walks out of the store.
As Will walks out, he takes on a very feminine gait... hand on his hip, he walks out of Target, his ass swaying back and forth.  He doesn't see the men watching him as he walks away.  He glances over at a man walking toward the Target...
"Mmmm he's a looker, got a nice cock it looks like..."
Will gets in his car and drives home, his free hand idly toying with a nipple.
Getting home, Will decides it's time to relax, and have a little fun!
"Since I'm a girl for right now, I wonder how it feels to... mess around with myself..." he giggles. 
"Oh damn.. that does feel good... I never knew a woman's tits could feel so... so wonderful!  MMmmmmm" Will moans, pulling on his nipples... and gets weak kneed... "OH shit I just about fell... I better lay back..."
"Mmmmmm that's better... Ooooo my... that feels so weird... so... hot... I guess that's my pussy getting all worked up..."
Will closes his eyes for a moment, and an image burns into his mind... kneeling in front of someone... a man... licking his dick!!!  Will feels it in his hand, how it tastes on his tongue!
His mouth licks along the shaft up to the tip of the cock, and she swallows the tip, her tongue dancing along the head, tasting the pre-cum as it leaks into her mouth!
"Oh MY... OH that felt to real... what was.... OOoooooo that feels sooooo good!!!" Will says out loud, his fingers almost mauling his nipples.
"I never knew cock tasted so good... and the cum!!! Makes my pussy so wet..."
"I gotta find out how touching my pussy feels... OOoooohhhhh yessssss that... that's so good... OOhhhh how to girls stop themselves from touching themselves all the time!" Will moans.  Instinctually Will spreads his legs wide...
Will slides his panties to the side, stroking the outer lips of his pussy.  He feels himself become wetter as he does so... he gasps and mewls in pleasure as his pleasure increases.
"Oh God... feels so good... wonder.. what... OOOooo a dick would feel like..." she moans, eyes closing...
She cries out in pleasure as the cock pumps deep into her pussy... the strange guy watching her as she cums hard on his cock...
"No stop thinking.. thinking about that.... " Will moans softly... but his mind doesn't stop...
"That's it baby, ride my dick!  I know you love it, Oohhh damn... gonna shoot my load... Uggghhh your pussy's milking my cock so good!!"
Will gasps and moans as the images flow thru his mind... of the cock pumping deep into him... the hands gripping his hips... pulling him down... the feeling of cum flooding his pussy...
"AAAAAHHHH CUMMMinnnnnnggggggg!!" he cries out, his hand furiously rubbing his clit.
"Jeezzzz that felt way to good... I better stop this before it... Ooooo damn my pussy it hot now... I better take off my panties before they get ruined..." he says.  Pulling them down, the fabric sticks to his lips causing pleasure to rush through him....

"Oh damn... MMmmm maybe on for a few more... oOOooo minutessssss...."
"Damn, my legs are trembling..." he says, looking at his backside... "I wonder... what it feels like... from behind... a girl in heat... taking a man..." Will moans, his pussy clenching... he feels a liquid heat run down his thigh...
His hand, as if on auto-pilot, goes between his legs, and finds his engorged clit... gently he starts rubbing himself... 
"Oh God it feels so goooooddd..." Will moans... she... no he... feels her.. his pussy... no... her pussy?  Only girls have pussy's... her eyes open wide... "What's happening... to meeeeee..."
Her eyes close as the feeling of a cock deep in her pussy overcomes her senses... the rapid thrusts as he pulls her hair, her tits swaying beneath her as she is fucked... His cock is so big... His big cock feels so good in my pussy... I love this...
Will's eyes open... his tits feel hot... nipples so hard... he... she... can't stop... playing with pussy... "Someone... Oohhhh please.... OHhhh yes... help..... help...OH yes so good!"
The man thrusts harder into her... the pulling of her hair sends sparks to her clit... her ass jiggles each time he pumps into her slick pussy... milking his cock...
"OH yes milk his cock... I want his sperm... cum in me... cum in me... OOoooh yes Daddy fuck me hard!!!"
Will... Willa moans loudly as she spread her pussy apart... the juices from her pussy were covering her hand... she was so ready for a cock...
"No... please... someone... anyone..." she squeals as an orgasm washes over her body... her entire body trembling in pleasure...
Willa is pounded into from behind, the man fucking her pussy gripping her hips as his cock plunges deep into her... her tits wildly sway beneath her as one orgasm after another courses through her body.
 "NNNGGGGGGAAAHHHHHH!!!" Willa screams as another orgasm washes over her... The images in her mind clear and distinct... she can't stop them... she can't stop herself...
Her hand wildly playing with her pussy and clit... her pussy drooling juice down her thighs...
"Oh no.. .cumming...cumming... OOOOOHHhhhhhhh!!!!!"
"That's it, take my cock you slut... I can tell how much you love dick, you've cum like 10 times... well, I can last a while, so you get to cum as much as you want..."
The sounds of Willa's wet pussy fill the room, as their bodies slap together.   His huge cock throbs inside of her...
Willa's breasts rub on the ottoman, creating more pleasure... her pussy spasms around her fingers as she cries out...
"Oh yeah baby, gonna cum in your pussy... getting closer... OH YEAH!!  AAARRRGHHHH!!!"
"AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Willa screams, falling forward, her fingers not stopping as she thrashes around on the ottoman.  Wet squishing noises come from her pussy as she bounces her crotch onto her hand...
 Willa screams as the man's cock floods her pussy with cum, his cock throbbing and spasming inside of her as load after huge load fills her... leaking out of her pussy, down her thighs as she cums over and over...
"Oh God... what's happening... that was so good... no.. not good, that shouldn't happen..." Willa whimpers, her body shivering as she grinds her crotch into the furniture... and licks her fingers clean... wishing she could taste cum...
"I... I need to call Hank... he can help... I need his help..." Willa moans.
Willa picks up her phone... hand shaking... and texts Hank.
"Hank... something is wrong... please hurry... I need help..."
His response... he'll be over in 30 minutes.
45 Minutes Later...
"Hello, Willa, are you there?" Hank yells through the door.  "Willa!!! Come on, don't tell me you left..."  Hank pounds on the door again, then just tries the handle... the door swings open.  Hank stands there shaking his head.
"Willa, that was stupid.. you shouldn't leave your door unlocked... someone could walk...right... ummm... what are you doing?"
"Hank... thank God... I need help... I need help baaadddd...." Willa moans... her voice squeaking in a high pitch tone, her body trembles in need as her fingers play with her quivering pussy.
Hank see's a large stain or puddle of what has to be Willa's pussy juice on the carpet.  Her thighs wiggle as her fingers move around her pussy, slipping in and out of her slit, squishing sounds filling the room...
Hank's cock immediately becomes hard, and Willa quickly unzips his pants and engulfs his cock with her mouth...
Whimpering with need, she starts sucking, looking up at Hank.  She appears to be as if she was on drugs, her eyes glassy, rolling into the back of her head at times in pleasure, moaning and whimpering.
"Mmmmm damn Willa, you must be worked up..." Hank says, shutting the door behind him.  "You've got me like a hoover vacuum... shit... that's good... yeah, use that tongue..."
Hank reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone.
"Hey, yeah.  Quickest one yet.  Oh, couple days.  Won't be a problem.  Go ahead and line up the sale... Oh she's already sucking my dick... didn't say a word.  Just unzipped...OOOhhh damn... sorry... uh... yeah I'll call you back later."
Hank looks down at Willa, and smiles.  "I told you it was risky as hell, buddy."
Willa moans around the cock as it throbs in her mouth, flexes, and unloads a huge load of cum into her waiting mouth.
She gulps at the cum filling her cheeks, and cums so hard she passes out.
To Be Continued...


  1. Oh my... that "What's happening... to meeeeee..." bit was so good I had to go back to it and I couldn't contain myself when I did. Something about being aware of it all happening and a little scared gets to me in such a good way. Loved it, keep it up!

  2. Oh boy. I can see myself with this. I would take the risk and see where it goes. Always not knowing what's next. Keeping me on edge. Mmmmm yummy