Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Monday, March 20, 2017

VR Revenge

Tracy Wilkins was tired of it... boring job, workaholic boss, nagging wife.  He wanted some excitement in his life before he got too old.  One last blast, he thought, before he accepts his lot in life of being a boring nobody.
And he had found his answer... the new Ultra Vacation!  You set up the scenario you want, and they let you live it in your mind!  You could be a super hero, a spy, the president, anyone, lead any life!  And it only takes 30 minutes of your time!
It all sounded like bullshit, until an investigation was done and showed it was true.
Problem was:  It cost $3000.

But, Tracy wanted... no, NEEDED this.  Figuring he could take the money out of their 401 without his wife noticing, he bought the procedure.  He thought he could pay it all back without her seeing it.

He chose the Ultra Deluxe package.  Why not go all the way with this, he thought, experience it all!

He chose the secret agent scenario.  He always had a thing for 007!

2 weeks later, he shows up at Ultra for his appointment.  Hooking him up to the VR machine, they start the process...

Tracy closes his eyes... feels like he's leaving his body...
And they have a power failure.  Their systems go on backups, but it's to late for Tracy... he's stuck, attached to the VR machine!
Tracy's head spins... feels so weird... everything starts coming into focus...
"What the hell..." Tracy says, his voice high and squeaky...
"This isn't what I signed up for!"
"I'm supposed to be a spy!! Not a girl!"
"What do you mean he can't get out..." Dr. Jones says.  "Use the emergency shutdown procedure!"
"We can't!  Somehow he's gotten into a vacation... an experimental vacation.  It's not supposed to be used yet, they had it in the premium section of the servers.  For whatever reason, when the outage occurred, and the backups kicked in, it bypassed the entire safety protocol section."
"The entire section.  Shit."
"I've got to think.. get out of here... why am I sitting like this... holy shit, I don't have on any underwear!" Tracy whimpers.
"Is there a doorway... a secret panel..." Tracy thinks.  He feels very strange, hot almost, as his mind adjusts to the form it's taken.  He gets on all fours and giggles...
"Why did I giggle... what's happening..." he thinks.
"Ok Kitty, think... wait.. my name is Kitty... no.  It's KITTY.  That's not my name!!" Tracy yells at no one, and giggles again.
A door appears to the side, and opens, and in strolls a man in black.  Tracy looks him up and down and smiles.
"Can you help me?  I don't know what's going on and I have to get out of here.  I'm not supposed to be here."
"I see.  I don't see why a sexy little thing like you should be all alone, or need to go anywhere.  And if you'd stop staring at my crotch, we could get started..."
"Staring at... no I mean that's not right..." Tracy says, but see's she's doing just that.  Suddenly she licks her lips... and why is she calling herself she?
"So what's your name, girl..." the man says.
"It's Kitty!  Kitty Cumsucker!" Tracy says without thinking.
"The perfect name for the perfect little whore... come here Kitty Cumsucker, time for you to earn your keep..." the man says, sitting down beside Tracy.  He begins caressing her breasts, causing Tracy's body to shudder in pleasure...
"No please... don't..." Tracy tries to say... but says "Oh yes please touch me..."
"No problem there, Kitty... Oooh your pussy is already sopping wet." the man says.  Tracy hears squishing sounds between her legs as his hand toys with her.
"Oh God please... help me..." Tracy thinks.
"So how much did this cost?" Jane Wilkins, Tracy's wife asked the head of Ultra Vacations, Frank Jackson.
"$3000.  You'll get a refund of course... we just need your help in getting your husband..."
"So the bastard is stuck in a vacation.  Probably having the time of his life..."
"Well, Mrs. Wilkins, it's hard to say, I guess we could peak in real quick..." Jerry Broke, head of development says.
"Jerry..." Frank starts to say.
"Do it.  I want to see what was so important to him that he had to STEAL our money." Jane says.
"That's a good Kitty, squealing like a sissy!" the man says, as Tracy squirms on his fingers, his pussy on fire, his tiny body shuddering and quaking as small orgasms wash over him\her.
Gasping for air as the man moves to the side, she asks "Please... please stop a moment... got to catch..."
"There is no stopping Kitty Cumsucker.  Speaking of..." he says, smiling.
The man removes his shirt, and teases Tracy's pussy, she moves with his fingers until she's kneeling in front of him.  She looks up at him as he unzips his cock, and it pops free, right in front of her face... her eyes lock onto it.
Tracy giggles and grabs onto the long, thick shaft... then his hands grab her head and shoves it onto his cock.
Tracy cries out in his\her mind as the cock pumps slowly into her mouth, the taste of pre-cum filling her mouth.
Kitty whimpers and moans around the shaft.
"So, he's got this little slut making her suck his dick, what a bastard." Jane says with disgust.
"Ummmm no ma'am.  Your husband is the girl in pink..." Jerry says... "There was a..."
Jane stares at the screen, anger flashing across her face as she watches what she thinks her husband chose as a vacation, ignoring the man talking to her.
"I'm sorry to interrupt you, but how long is he in there for?" Jane asks.
"We...we don't know yet.  could be hours, could be months.  We're prepared to keep everything going until we get him out."
"I see..." Jane answers... smiling.
Tracy\Kitty gulps on the cock in her mouth... her little pussy drooling down her legs... she hopes she get's help soon.  Images and thoughts that she knows aren't hers are slowly filling her mind...
"Oh yeah baby, here comes the first load... UUGGHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!!!" the man says, and Kitty\Tracy's mouth fills with semen...
So much cum fills Kitty\Tracy's mouth it shoots out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her clothes.
"Wow, a good way to take the edge off, Kitty.  Thank you... now be a darling and clean my cock for me..."
"What do you mean sue us?  Look, we're taking care of him and he'll be out, we guarantee it!  Mrs. Wilkins, we can..."
"I don't care.  I'll sue the hell out of you... unless..."
"Unless what?" Frank asks.
"Lets just say that he's pissed me off to the point of no return... for either of us.  Gentlemen, I won't sue you, if you make him into that... that slut in his mind.  In other words, make all the changes in his mind real." Jane says to them.
"No, Kitty, call me Daddy, not Mister." the man says.
"Yes, Daddy!" Kitty\Tracy moans as his fingers play with her crotch, spreading her wetness around.
Kitty gasps in pleasure as he spreads her ass cheeks.  "Such a beautiful ass you have, Kitty.  And look, your pussy juice has it all nice and wet too!
"Mmmmm good girl, Kitty!  Spread your legs for Daddy!" he says.
Kitty\Tracy squeals in pleasure as the long cock fills her little pussy, her hand guiding it to her... going deeper and deeper until she feels his balls resting on her ass...
Then, her pussy clamps down on his cock as he pulls out, then back in... speeding up until his heavy balls are slapping her ass.
Jane continues watching the screen, amazed that this is what her husband wanted!  After all those years, she guesses she didn't know him at all.  Jane looks over to her husband in the machine... Oh my God, his cock is throbbing in his pants!
"Mrs. Wilkins, what your asking..." Frank starts.
"What I'm asking for is possible, is it not?  With the resources you have, and the technology, I'm sure you've already got nanites that will do the transformation."
"Well yes we do.  But I don't think you..." Frank says.
"There are no butts... just the one that will be on her when you're done.  Over exaggerate her whole body... I want her to have a big ass especially.  She wants to know what it's like being a girl, well we'll all take care of that won't we guys..." Jane smiles, watching her husband squirm at the end of the cock fucking her.  "A really horny, stupid slut..."
Kitty\Tracy cries out in joy as her pussy milks his cock, cumming for the 3rd time around his shaft.  It feels so good!
"Oh my little Kitty loves cock don't you?"
"Y... yes sir, Daddy... " Kitty\Tracy says... her legs waving in the air.
"Good, cuz you need to suck my cock some more, my little slut." he laughs. 
Laying on the couch, he pulls her to him, his cock standing straight in the air.  Kitty\Tracy can't help but lick her lips, and she starts blowing him...  his hand moves over to her ass and massages it, gently spanking it causing it to jiggle.  Kitty\Tracy can't stop yelping in pleasure each time.
Daddy pulls her up into his lap, and kisses her on the lips... she melts in his arms, Tracy shocked at the feelings, Kitty reaching around and stroking Daddy's cock keeping it rock hard.
"That's it, Kitty, straddle Daddy's dick... good, now sink down slowly... slow... good girl Kitty!"
Kitty\Tracy's body moves as if on autopilot... it seems to know how to do everything that's asked of her...
"Then it's agreed.  We do as your asking, and we never speak of it again.  Your husband becomes... well, whatever it is you want, and we get no blame for anything."
"That's right.  Get your lawyers to draw it up.  Oh, I'll need a few million to take care of her.  I'll need to supervise her 24 hours a day.  I don't need to be working... You understand..." Jane smiles.
"Agreed." Frank says.  "Jerry, start prepping him for nanites.  Mrs. Wilkins, we'll need to discuss what form you wish for him... her to have."
"Can you train him in VR?"
"Yes ma'am we can.  I assume you have some ideas..." Jerry says.
"Yes.  I do." Jane smiles.
"AAAAIIIII YES DADDYYYY YOUR COCK IS SO YUMMY!!!!" Kitty screams as another orgasm washes over her body.
Sweat cascades off her body as she bounces on top of him, the sounds and smell of their sex filling the room.
Tracy Wilkins struggles.  Each orgasm that washes over his girly body seems to destroy more and more of his masculinity.  When he tries to scream stop, either something in his brain stops him or Daddy does...
Kitty's body shakes as he pulls her down, going deep into her pussy.  Tracy cries out in anger in his mind, just as Kitty cries out in joy.
"On all fours, bitch!" Daddy tells her... she quickly moves into position.
"Oh Daddy... your cock is so big filling my tight little pussy...OOOhhh it's spreading my pussy out so much!!!" Kitty cries out, then falls forward with Daddy's cock still inside her.
Daddy grabs her hair, and starts pumping into Kitty's pussy from behind.  She raises her ass up to allow deeper penetration...
A voice in her head seems to babble on about stopping... then says more more!
"Tell Daddy you love cock again, Kitty!  Tell Daddy how much you love it!" he says as he grabs her head from behind, his cock pummeling her tight pussy.
Tracy\Kitty's pussy spasms around his pumping cock and suddenly her mind seems to clear... sweat running down her face, her legs quivering as small orgasms cause her to gasp and moan, Daddy's strong hand holding her hair.
"Time for your cum bath, Kitty!" Daddy says, and spins her around, strokes his shaft a few times and cums on her face.  Kitty sticks her tongue out trying to catch some of the cum, and does so, giving her that lovely taste on her tongue!

Daddy stands up, and walks to the door after putting on his clothes...  Kitty sits on the couch, her body shivering, cum dripping from her face.

"Have a good day, Kitty Cumsucker!"

Kitty's pussy tingles...

"Start the training now.  I want to get in as much as we can.  When I bring him out of it, I don't want any resistance.  He should crave a dick the second he comes out of it.  Understood?" Jane says to Jerry.  "If we get several hours of training so be it, but we need to squeeze in a lifetime of it in VR.
"Yes ma'am.  It will be done.  Starting the next training sequence..."
To Be Continued...




  1. Very hot... I hope little Kitty gets an urge to make a lot of babies.