Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, April 15, 2019

Need It

At first, Tanya said it was a game she wanted to play, wanted to tease him, and they started out with a small dildo.  She toyed with his asshole, calling him her little girl.  Jeremy was like, whatever, but a pressure started building in his cock, it swelled up and throbbed in time to her thrusting, and he came!  The first time Jeremy came with a dildo in his ass he cried out in bliss, not realizing that his body changed ever so slightly...

That was two weeks ago.  Tanya kept up her teasing of Jeremy, fucking him every few hours.  The dildo's got bigger and longer...

His hair had grown longer, his body shrunk down, his ass ballooned out, and his tits had grown.  His hips widened, his belly redistributed to other needed areas.

With each orgasm he was becoming more and more feminine.

Jeremy had  become addicted to it.  Needing to be fucked.  He tried to resist, but would end up begging Tanya to fuck him.

"I won't fuck you unless you ask me, Jerry honey..." she would tease.

"Please, please Mistress Tanya, I need it..."

"My little sissy needs a big cock in HER ass?"

"Yes oh yes please, make your sissy cum!"

Jeremy squirmed and moaned as his wife plunged the dildo into his ass.  The newest dildo was a replica of his own cock and balls, and he could feel every inch as it pumped in and out of him.

He bucked and writhed on the end of the dildo.  Pushing himself back onto the dildo, Jeremy came in buckets, squirting a huge load onto the floor, screaming in pleasure, his body shrinking down even more, his body changing further and further every day.

Tanya watched as Jeremy lapped up his own cum off of the floor, his higher pitched moans filling the room.  Jeremy was stuck in a vicious trap, the only end in sight was for Jeremy to become Jeri, Tanya's force feminized toy...


  1. If hé don't stop and take more ,he'll lost his cock definetely by a wet pussy in this place and more féminine with big breasts to become à very slut horny all the time. .. May be it's a good idea take me this gode in my ass too.

  2. Absolutely rollplayed this last night. My girlfriends idea to do it. Then again... she does love stealing my manhood by fuckin it out of me. I have to admit I was hard as a rock reading it. Gf caught me and apparently felt it necessary to do it for real. Lol.
    You’re the best. I love being transformed... to female and then back to male too. But I especially love loosing my intellect as well. So hot.