Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Piece of Candy

"As you can see, he... she's quite excited about what's she's doing."
"I.. I see this... Do we know why he did it to himself?"
"I don't believe he did it to himself.  Candy, what's the last thing you remember?"
"OOOOHHhhhhh Doc, who cares, just come over her and let me swallow your cummies!!!" giggles Candy, formerly Carl Jones, CEO of XGEN Pharmaceuticals.  Her growing breasts and butt jiggle more and more as the cock pumps into her.  She moans as her body quakes, her little cock spurting clear juices onto the sheets.
Dr. Ben Simpson nods his head... "She was able to answer earlier... had said that she remembered going to bed, then waking up like this.  Her mental condition has gotten worse, but we think it's stabilized.  She remembers who she was, but just doesn't care any more.  Cock, cock, and more cock is all she cares about.  We tried tempting her with a female, but she had no interest except in her hairstyle and where she got her clothes."
Candy coos and moans bouncing up on the young mans cock, her own little cock continually leaking.  Frank Jones, Carl's son... watches on, fascinated at what's happened to his father.
"Does he know who he is, or who I am?"
"No.  I'm sorry to say but all of her former life's memories are nothing but a blur.  Sex is the only thing she cares about now.  She may recognize you as someone she knows, but that's it."
"When will he... she stop changing?  Will she become a full woman?"
"No, whoever did this wanted her to have some knowledge that she was once a man.  We think that knowledge further fuels her lust and orgasms." says the Dr.
"Well, let me know when I can take her home... she'll have to stay at the mansion.  I'll take care of her and her needs." Frank says.
"You do understand that her needs will include sex?" the Dr. asks.
"I'll hire some people to take care of her.  Thanks Dr."
The Dr. watches as Frank walks out.  He hopes that if something crazy like this happened to him that his son would help him like Frank is helping his father!
Candy squeals in pleasure, her voice even more high pitched as the man fucking her cums in her ass, triggering wave after wave of pleasure to rush through her body, her shrinking cock squirting streams of juice.
Smiling to himself, hearing Candy scream as she cums, Frank has to walk to the bathroom, to allow his raging hard on to go down.  He had come out as bisexual to his father 2 months ago, and he had almost thrown him out of the business and family.  It had taken Frank weeks to convince his father he was kidding.
Now with the new XGEN feminizing formula, he'd turned his bastard of a father into his future shemale slave, to worship his cock for the rest of his life.  No one would care, it would appear that Frank was taking good care of his dear old dad, and he would be... fucking him night and day, along with the other men he'd bring in.. his friends and buddies.
Candy would lead a very busy life!


  1. Oh yummy. What a good son he has. I'd love to be doing this!! I'm all hard and tingly.

  2. Oh yummy. What a good son he has. I'd love to be doing this!! I'm all hard and tingly.