Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Asian Transformation Part 8

Nathan wakes up, hears a giggling and a voice... "Bye Daddy, uhhh Sissy!  See you around!", and a door slams.
His whole body tingling, Nathan doesn't pay attention to his surroundings.  Sitting up, he groans, the sound strange to his ears.  He realizes first the tight collar around his neck... and a leash?  Are those bars?
"You'll find that it's hard to see...  Your formula was an almost instantaneous transformation, this one is a step by step process, makes it more enjoyable for, well, me.  Your vision will return soon." a woman's voice says.
"You wondered why Dani was so attracted to you... well, I discovered the reason... your DNA.  It was virtually identical to your former brother's, with a few differences, but it made her attracted to you because of your DNA, and it made her able to infect you with your "formula".  Basically, your pet made you like her, with a few differences."
Nathan moaned as he felt his crotch dampen... wait, what the fuck!
"That's it... you feel it coming on!  Good!  Well, as I was saying, you're becoming not unlike your "sister".  You'll become a raging nymphomaniac too.  It will just happen a bit slower, and where Dani's body was almost instantaneous, you'll "grow" into yours.  More feminine as time passes.  Isn't that lovely, NATALIE?"
"No please.. not.. not this..."
"You let your brother go through it, actually stopped looking for a cure when you decided to make her your pet.  Well, now it's your turn to be someone's pet.  Mine.  And I share my pets with my friends.  Dani's already out on her second date.  You're going to go through some training first.  Here he comes!  Natalie, meet Steve.  Steve, your instructions are simple.  Cum in her mouth."   
Natalie looks confused, still trying to focus when someone pulls her out of her cage by the leash.  She catches an odor that makes her swoon... What is that... smells so good... Natalie breathes in the scent... her body feeling so strange as her nipples harden, and her crotch melts in her panties.
Natalie hears the rustling of cloth, and her vision clears enough to see... a cock!  Natalie tries to pull away, but is held tightly.
"STOP NO FUCKING WAY!!" Natalie yells...  The grip on the leash tightens and pulls her closer.
"You don't have a choice in the matter, Natalie.  Not any longer.  You'll feel the urge quickly, my little whore...  You'll make Mistress Sophia plenty of money!" Sophia laughs as she walks off.  Sophia stops for a moment.  "Something to think about as you become the slutty whore you'll soon be.  You were a week away from finding an antidote.  If you had only followed through with your promise to your brother, you'd both be back to your former lives.  Happy Cock Sucking!"
Natalie cries out in shame and fear as the man's cock slaps her face, causing her to shudder, his strong hand holding her there.  Natalie thinks of the times she had done this same thing to Dani...
Swearing to herself that she'll bite off the mans dick, Natalie's mouth opens and the cock slips inside her mouth.
Natalie doesn't bite, however.  She immediately starts sucking like a starved woman... the man's hands gripping her hair tightly as her face is literally fucked.
Try as she might, Natalie can't stop herself... the taste is so good!  Her crotch tingles with an itch... leaking girly juice into the panties she has on.
"Oh please, no don't let this happen, I don't wanna be like Dani!  I've got to stop myself from sucking and loving this cock in my mouth, how good the pre-cum tastes... how good it feels to be used by a man... STOP IT PLEASE!" Natalie says in her mind... the only sounds she makes from her mouth are slurping and moans.
Inside her panties, her clit throbs in time to the face fucking... Natalie feels like she's peed, but it's her pussy juice filling her panties and soaking them through.
The man holds her head tightly, and grunts.  His cock throbs and twitches inside her mouth, and suddenly load after load of cum explodes from the tip flooding Natalie's mouth quickly with sperm.
Choking on the amount of cum, Natalie has to swallow several loads and chokes out the rest, drooling down her chin and clothes.
Natalie pulls away, the inside of her mouth, her tongue, everything covered in sperm.  Gasping for breath, as she kneels on the floor, her pussy quivers and throbs as she has a huge orgasm, her body quaking.
"Oh no,  it's so strong... the taste..." Natalie thinks, still swallowing the semen in her mouth, feeling it drip off of her chin.
Without thinking, she uses her hand to catch the rest of the cum on her face and licks her hand clean, whimpering as she does so... trying to stop herself.
Looking down between her legs, she sees the wet spot on the floor from the amount of pussy juices leaking from her pussy.  Then feels a warmth in her stomach... a tingling feeling courses through her body, causing her to shiver.
Natalie instinctually opens her mouth and the man's cock is shoved into it.
Again, without conscious though, Natalie kneels on all fours, and cleans the man's cock using her tongue.  Her hips wiggle around as her pussy spasms in unwanted pleasure.  The man rips open her top.
Allowing her skirt to fall down, Natalie's entire body heats up... her thoughts focused on the cock in her mouth.
Pulling off her panties, the man pulls Natalie onto the small bed.  It's now that she realizes how tiny she has become.  Another man takes a vibrator and gives Natalie her first taste of a vibrator on her pussy, and it sends her crashing through one orgasm after the other.
 Laying exhausted, the new man straddles her small chest, and pushes his cock past her lips, slowly fucking her mouth.  Gurgling sounds come from her as her body trembles.
The man moves off the bed, pulling Natalie along with him, his cock still in her mouth.  Her nose even with his balls, she smells his crotch as his balls rub on her nose.
With a grunt, the man cums, filling her mouth with semen, then pulls out and shoots the remainder onto Natalie's face, rubbing it into her skin with the head of his cock.
At this point Natalie, in a state of shock, realizes there are several men in the room, all dressed alike.  It's then that she is pulled off of the bed, and another cock is pushed into her mouth.
Like a baby sucking on a mothers nipple, Natalie does the same to the cock in her mouth, nurses from it.  Using her tongue and lips, coaxing the load of semen from it.
"Button your shirt, whore.  If we wanted you naked, you would be." the man says.
Pulling away from the dick, Natalie tries to plead for mercy...
"Puhwease let meeeemmMMPHhhhhh" Natalie mewls as the cock is shoved deep into her mouth.
He  quickly pumps his cock into her mouth, holding her hair.  She feels it swell, then throb, and then feels the hot spunk flood her mouth.
Natalie moans as he pulls his cock out of her mouth, the taste causing her to shudder in orgasm.  He smears semen over her chin and face, laughing as she trembles.
"Go over there, whore, pleasure him! Now!" the man yells, a thick strand of cum attached from his cock to her lips.
Looking up in fear, Natalie crawls to the next man.

"He is very difficult to arouse... you must work hard on him.  Do ANYTHING!  Do you understand, whore?"
"Y..yes s..sir..." Natalie squeaks out... her voice high pitched.
Kissing the inside of the man's thighs, she tries to get him hard...
She suckles on his balls, but still, he's only semi-hard.
"Do ANYTHING!!" the man screams...
Natalie whimpers as she gets an idea from when she visited strip clubs... she stands up, and moves her ass against his cock, rubbing it.
She feels it swell underneath her, and is also feeling herself becoming wetter as she rubs his cock with her ass.
She looks at him as he smiles, and she feels her pussy grasping at his cock... she wonders... what would it feel like...
Natalie takes his cock in her hand and pushes it against her ass...
"Stop!  You are not to be penetrated yet.  Suck his cock, slut!"
Whimpering in need, Natalie turns around.
Using her tongue, she tastes her own juices on the man's cock.  Natalie again whimpers in pleasure as her body responds to the taste of the mixing of their juices...
"You were born for this, little Natalie.  A born cock sucker."
Natalie's body quivers as she listens... the taste of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock intoxicating to her.
"I can't wait to see what Mistress Sophia has planned for your next step."
Natalie licks the side of the cock, her pussy leaking more juices onto the floor.
"I understand that you'll get some... upgrades, so to speak.  We all look forward to that."
The sounds of slurping and moaning fill the room as Natalie cums at the same time the man cums in her mouth.
She swallows all of his seed as it fills her mouth.
Licking her fingers clean as well as the cock, Natalie looks up to her captor.
"Take off that skirt."
"Good girl.  Such a sexy little thing..."
"Spread your legs for me... that's it.   Wow, you sure are turned on there, little whore.  That pussy is pulsing!"
Natalie whimpers as she pulls her leash up through her pussy lips...
"Come over here, whore, and clean my balls.  Then we'll go through all of this again...  and again... and again..."
Looking up at the man, Natalie trembles again and again as her own body betrays her, causing her to orgasm time and again from just thinking about sucking cocks... she kneels on her hands and knees, her ass twitching behind her, her pussy quivering as it tries to milk a cock that's not yet there.  Her juices literally flow down her legs as the men line up again, ready for seconds.
Natalie opens her mouth for the next cock... 

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