Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Asian Transformation Part 6

Dani soothes her hot pussy for a bit, the previous nights activities leaving her sore and a bit tired.  Closing her eyes, she see's in her mind Lady Sophia, her previous trainer.

"Listen up, sissy slut.  I know what you are, and how you got there... I know what you must do to make you and your brother happy... You're drawn to him for one reason, and one reason only... You share the same DNA.  You're body's cells are going to try to change him into a woman, and they will if you keep having sex with him.  The more sex, the faster he will change.  Then after you change him, you will bring her to me, and you both will become whores in my whorehouse.
Dani wakes up on the bed, with Nathan's hand in her pussy teasing her cunt until she cums hard... She tries to tell him of her dream, but she can only moan and cum...

"Wait, Daddy, I haveeeeeeeeeeOOOOHHhhhhh yyyesssssss feed Danni your COCK DADDY!!!" Dani screams, unable to tell Nathan what's going to happen.

Nathan starts feeding his cock into Dani's ass slowly, teasing her.

Dani's eyes roll back into her head as his cock sinks deep into her, then out, then back in.

Gasping in pleasure, Dani holds her legs up as her huge tits wobble on her chest, her ass milking her Daddy's cock...

"Ohhhh Daddy fuck your little slut please!!! Fill Dani with cum, DADDY!!!!"

Dani screams as she cums on Nathans cock... her legs spread wide as her ass is filled with Daddy's cock...

Holding her legs apart as her sexy boobies bounce on her chest, Dani's pussy pulses as his cock pumps into her ass... Dani feels herself going further and further away from her former boy self...

The only way Dani ever wants to have a cock again is if it is using her body...

Dani squirms on the end of Daddy's thick cock as it pumps into her... orgasms washing over her in waves... one begins and never really stops, just wave after wave of pleasure.

Daddy's cock pulls out with a loud slurping sound, Dani's ass not wanting to give it up.

"Roll over my whore... Daddy wants to watch that ass bounce..." says Nathan.

Dani does as she is told, her body more of a rag doll at the moment.

Dani pulls her ass apart as Daddy's cock slides back in where it belongs... groaning in pleasure, Dani cums again, just from Daddy's cock entering her body.

On her knees, her ass high in the air, Dani lowers her head to the bed.

Nathan smiles down at his former brother, now nothing but a mewling whore to be used and humiliated.  Placing his foot on her head, he pumps harder into her ass.

"This body of yours is mine, slut..."

Dani moans loudly as her pussy quivers, sending streams of juice down her thighs...

"Tell me that you're Daddy's little whore, Dani... Tell me..."

Dani's body quakes as she begins to speak... "I...I'm... OOoohhh DaAaaadddDDYysss little WHOOOOOOREEEEEEE!!!!" she screams as orgasms rock her body.

Dani falls face forward onto the bed, her body completely spent.  Nathan continues to pump into her asss, never really giving her a rest as she cums on his cock.  Nathan finally cums, filling Dani up with his seed, causing her to scream in pleasure as each hot spurt of cum erupts from his cock into her ass.

As Nathan walks off, Dani looks at him from behind...

Is his ass getting fat?

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