Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, May 15, 2017

Gag Me!

"MMpphhhh!!!  MPPHHHHH!!!!"
"What's that, Leo?  I can't understand you... after all you've got a gag in your mouth..." he laughs.
"Oh that taste?  It's cum.  I soaked the gag in human sperm.  Hope you don't mind... Oohh wow you're tight, Leo.  Your pussy just tried to suck me in!"
"Why is this happening?  Mmmm damn baby... that pussy is golden... well, I need me a compliant, obedient, little slut, and I thought my slack ass roomie would fit the bill.  After all, you do nothing around here but mooch off of me, never clean... MMmm damn baby... looks like you're about to cum..."
"Mmmm MMmmm MMMM... MMMMM!!!!!!!!"
"Wow, now that was a big one!  You ALMOST made me cum!  I see you're sucking on the gag more... here, let me pour some more cum on it... there you go... not quite fresh, but it's only a day old from the sperm bank..."
"Now, where was I, oh yeah, SLACK ASS.  So you may as well serve at least one purpose in life... and a horny little bimbo is it!"
"Wow baby... you don't mind if I call you baby... sweat's rolling off of both of us now... uh oh, here you go again!"
"Mmmm MMmmmpphhh MMMM... MMMMMPPHH!!!!!!!!"
"They look like they're getting stronger... good... that means it's almost time...  Hmmm?  Oh, the why... well, because.   That's it.  Oh, and you don't have family to really speak of, so if you disappear, no one will miss you."
"No, really, no one will... Oh my, Uggggg gonna... gonna cum... UNNNGGGGGGGG YEAAAAHHHHHH!"
"Wow that was great... I see you came again as well!  Good!  That should make it permanent... Lisa!"

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