Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Other Side

The sound of flesh slapping flesh, and a loud humming fills the room.
The girl tied up on her knees moans and mewls in pleasure as the vibrator positioned and tied right on her sensitive clit causes her orgasms to build and build quickly, and the man's huge cock fills her pussy, pumping away, until she succumbs to orgasm after orgasm...
"D..D...Don't... p..please.... I... I... I don't...want... to be... youuuuuUUUUUUuuu" the girl moans between orgasms.
The man above her laughs as the girl beneath him quivers in another orgasm...
"You would never give me a chance, or an option, would you... IVAN?  Forcing me to have so many orgasms... making me crave them almost... I just think fair is fair... it's your turn now, my little TRIXIE!  Time for you to crave them!  I'm going to make sure that you crave sex every moment of every day for what you did to me!!!"  the real Trixie screamed at her.
Trixie looked up at her former body and screamed in orgasm as the vibrator forced her to cum.  Every feeling, every time the cock pumped into her sopping pussy, every time his heavy balls slapped her pussy lips, built her closer and closer to another orgasm.
His wife had found a magical spell that transferred their minds, and now he was trapped, just as she was earlier.
15 Days Later...
The new Trixie, her mouth stuffed with two cocks, screams as a third cock pumps deep into her pussy as another orgasm overtakes her.
What's left of Ivan just babbles inside her mind, as the Trixie Slut Slave personality has taken over completely.  She loves all kinds of cocks, takes them in all of her holes.  Master wants it this way.
As one man shoots his cum into her mouth, the other's cock also shoots jet after jet of semen into her mouth.  She swallows greedily, and happily cleans their cocks, then takes the next two into her waiting and willing mouth, moaning and whimpering as she does so.
The new Ivan watches as the man fucking his pet grunts, then cums deep into her ass, pulls out, and another man takes his place, this time in her pussy.
He's enjoyed being a man, and doesn't plan on going back.  Ever.  His current plan is to cast a spell enhancing Trixie's already bountiful assets, giving her a bigger ass and bigger boobs, plumping up those cock sucking lips, and making her asshole a second pussy so she can orgasm more frequently.  That should really torcher her ex.
Ivan allows what he calls, the other, to speak now and then to talk about his suffering... but then he fingers him, until SHE screams as she cums...
Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side...

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  1. Oh I'd love to be taken this way. Kept me up and leaking all night!!!