Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Penny For Your Thoughts Final

This is the end to a story I came up with last year... been on the backburner for a long time, and got tired of seeing it sit there... finally finished it!  Hope you enjoy it!
"Hello, Penny.  I'm Dr. Hormaker.  I'm checking on your progress since... the laboratory.  How are you feeling?"
"Fine Dr.  I've been keeping in shape and drinking those special shakes!" Penny giggles.
"Good girl!" Dr. Hormaker says, noting on his tablet that the hormone and cum shakes are still working.
"Now Penny, turn around and take off that jacket, I'll hold onto it for you.  I want to see how good a shape you are in, sweetheart... Good, nice jiggly ass, perfect.
"Excellent.  Ass bubbles out when jutting it out..."
"Tits are perfect for you.  Though bigger in future is a possibility.  Pussy still clean and shaved... and wet I see."
"Yes, Dr." giggles Penny.
"Bend back over dear...that's it.  Take down your shorts... good.  Stay there a moment."
Dr. Hormaker takes out a syringe and injects Penny's final dose of medication, this one preventing any disease from infecting her, or allowing her to infect others.
"OWWW Dr!  That hurted..."
"Sorry dear... just a booster shot for you."  The Dr. makes some notes, bimbo personality fully in charge, seems to be constantly horny judging by swollen labia and the fact that her slit is wet... clit appears engorged as well.
"Penny, spread your ass for me please... thank you, stand there for one moment..." the Dr. says.  Asshole puckered and throbbing, he types.  Appears to be trying to milk a cock, consistent with her training.  Time to bring in the boys, he thinks.
"Penny, this is Rocco and Frank, boys, this is Penny."
Penny giggles and twirls her hair... "Hi boys, wanna feel me up?" and she bends over as Rocco caresses her ass.
Both men say "Sure!"
Dr. Hormaker notes that Penny's response is a bit over the top, but is much better than planned.
The Dr. see's Penny hesitate for a moment..."Penny, why did you push Rocco away just then?"
"I dunno, Dr.  I...I was scared..."
"Do not fear a man's touch, Penny.  You crave it always.  Let Rocco fondle your ass... go ahead, do it..."
"Yes sir..." Penny says.  Moving closer to Rocco, she moans as his hands rub her ass firmly, pressing into her flesh.  Frank watches, and nods to the Dr.  He can smell her excitement.
"I think we need to go somewhere a bit more private, don't you Penny?"
"Yes Dr. Hormaker..." she says, eying the men and licking her lips.
Walking down the trail, the Dr. notices that Penny's wet spot has increased in size... and she's grabbed Franks hand...
"Boys.. I.. I kinda... Ohhhhh guys come over here to the bushes..." she says, leading all three to the bushes.
"Bring your cock here, Dr... Penny needs you...." she says, as she pulls down her top showing off her tits.  Grabbing the boys shorts, she pulls them down exposing their throbbing dicks.
"It's ok, Penny.  I'm here to observe you... maybe next time." he says, disappointed.
Penny giggles stroking their cocks, as she turns around presenting her ass to them.
"Penny needs you touch her... pleeeeeaaasseee!!!"
Sliding down her pants, exposing her ass, the guys touched her cunt and stroked their own cocks... Penny moans in pleasure as they teased her.
"Get her real worked up boys... I want her real hot!" the Dr. said.
Penny moans in need, and bends over, taking Franks cock in her mouth.
With her shorts around her knees, Rocco moves behind her, and slides his cock deep into the sluts pussy.
Dr. Hormaker watches intently as Penny milks the cocks in her pussy and mouth.
The Dr. makes several notes, one of which is Penny's pussy is leaking more than it really should, but it's not an issue.  Apparently the training was more than enough to turn her insatiable.
"Oh yes fuck my pussy, it feels so goooooddddd!!!!!!"
Penny's heavy tits bounce on her chest as she strokes the cock in her hand, and her pussy milks the dick in her cunt. 
Dr. Hormaker notices the thick streams of pussy juices running down her legs.  Gasping for breath, Penny cums hard, her legs shaking.
"OH YES YES CUMMMMINNNNGGGGGGG!!!!" Penny screams, her entire body quaking in pleasure as his cock thrusts in deeper and deeper, sending her into multiple orgasms...
Another wild orgasm, the Dr. notes down.
Penny moans as they pump her full of cock, her juices trickling down her thighs.
"Gentlemen, let's take her to the compound... I'd like to view her reactions inside please." Dr. Hormaker says.
Penny dutifully cleans their cocks, and they all walk down to the compound.  The Dr. notes a noticeable sexy sway to Penny's walk.  Very successful therapy.
Dr. Hormaker watches as the three of them chat.  He doesn't care about the men, only Penny, and her reactions.
As Penny flirts with the men, the Dr. can still see a bit of the original male fighting, but he will never win.  He will always be on the inside, fighting his therapy, his training, his conditioning.  It's all part of the plan.
They pull down Penny's top, and play with her pussy, as both of her hands move towards their crotches.
"MMmmmm you boys sure know how to get a girl worked upPPPppmMMMPhhhhh..." Penny says, when Rocco leans in and kisses her, as Frank licks her hard nipple.
Penny giggles as she is caressed, her breasts fondled lewdly.  Hormaker knows that if he could talk to the male inside, they would cry out in horror and shame... and that's the whole point of turning him into a 20 yr old slut... a slut who won't age for another 50 or more years... unending torture for the male.  It doesn't matter what they did in their previous life to the Dr.  He's just paid to make sure it happens and that they stay this way.
As Penny smiles, her boobs out, the Dr. notes how hard her nipples are and can even see the wet spot on her shorts get larger as he watches.  Making some notes, he signals the boys to turn her around... he's interested in seeing if their new process works...
Squeezing and playing with her ass, the Dr. sees another wet spot on her shorts... the anal lubrication procedure appears to have worked on Penny.
Both Rocco and Frank lick and caress Penny's ass, causing her to moan softly...
"That's it boys, get her worked up now..." Hormaker says.
Penny wiggles as they tease her with her shorts, their hands caressing her sensitive ass.
Jeez, even from here Hormaker smells Penny's excitement... her pheromones filling the room.
Even Dr. Hormaker isn't immune to Penny's scent, as he feels his own cock swell in his pants.  Outside he didn't have this reaction.  Inside, however, there is no place for her pheromones to go, so he's more exposed.
Penny's shorts are peeled off of her body, sticky with her juices.  Her pussy drooling her juices, Penny bends over enough for Hormaker to see her asshole glistening as well as her pussy lips.
"Oh come on boys please hurry, my pussy is on fire and I'm hungry for cock!!" Penny moans as their touch inflames her sex...
She grabs onto the closest dick, and tongues the tip, greedily lapping up the pre-cum already there...
Penny engulfs the cock with her mouth, moaning as she sucks his cock, as she strokes the other...
The Dr. see's Penny's thoughts are fully on what she is doing, her need to pleasure men superseding her own need for pleasure, though he believes Penny will orgasm just from sucking cock...
Sure enough, Penny's eyes widen as her body convulses in orgasm, her screams muffled by Rocco's cock filling her mouth.
Penny gasping for breath, moves to her knees, presenting her ass to Rocco.  "Please... oh God please fuck me!" she whimpers...
Dr. Hormaker makes some notes... he's got to develop a serum to give him the body like these two guys... he hates missing out on fucking their creations!
Penny moans loudly as Rocco's strong hands grip her waist... his cock at the entrance to her quivering pussy...
The Dr. watches Penny's reaction as Rocco's cock slides deep into her pussy... the sheer pleasure on her face telling him that this is a complete success.  And she never stops stroking Franks cock either.
Whimpering in pleasure, Penny's mouth lowers onto Franks cock, and she vigorously feeds from it, sounding like a starving woman on food binge, her grunts, moans, and squeals fill the room along with the squishing sound of her sopping pussy taking Rocco's huge cock.
Rocco begins pumping harder into Penny, and looks over at the Dr.  The Dr. nods, and Rocco groans loudly as his cock throbs and jerks, filling Penny's pussy with cum.
Penny moans and squeals as her pussy milks the cock of cum, orgasming as she is filled.
Penny wastes no time in hopping onto Frank's cock, quickly lowering herself onto it, her ass fat and jiggling.
The Dr. makes a few notes... wider hips on the next conversion, more bubble... Penny's are fantastic, but the Dr. likes a good ass...
Penny's ass jiggles and bounces on top of Frank, as she frantically fucks him.  At this point Penny is losing control of herself... wanting to feel more cum shoot into her quim.
"Damn girl... that pussy is a vise... milking me... Ughhhh that's so good..." Frank says, his hands gripping her hips.
Penny hungrily eyes Rocco's cock, and he gladly stands, letting her suck and clean it, trying to get it hard again.
In no time Rocco's cock swells up again, filling and stretching Penny's mouth.  Just as Rocco's cock recovers, Frank's cock explodes inside Penny's pussy, flooding her pussy with his seed.
Penny cries out as she feels the cum fill her until it seeps out around Frank's pumping cock, Penny whimpering in pleasure.
The Dr. watches as both men move the small woman into position, with Frank on the bottom, and Rocco fucking the whore's face..

The Dr. writes... "No trace of the former male exists... externally."
"All body modifications have taken hold, resulting in permanent transformation from male into extreme female..."
Penny moans around the cock as her ass slaps down onto Frank, her filled pussy slurping at the cock pumping up into it... her heavy tits wobbling on her chest, nipples swollen...
"The pre-programmed thirst for men has been successful, but a bit too much.  Will be sure the next subject can be controlled more for missions outside the country."
"I recommend using Penny as a tool..."

"Possibly use her as a reward to male agents, as Penny has no interest in women any longer.  She is a complete and total nymphomaniac, unable to control her urges to please men."
Penny cries out as she cums, bouncing up and down on Frank's cock.  Orgasm after orgasm wash over her body, until she senses the men's orgasms building...  She then jumps off Frank, and kneels before both men, their cocks pointed at her hungry mouth...
"Her thirst for semen knows no end, and as I have witnessed, has had no problems swallowing semen from multiple men."
Both men grunt, unloading huge loads of cum into Penny's willing and wanting mouth.
She swallows greedily, slurping their cocks and drinking their sperm.
Cum covers her face and tits, but she dutifully cleans their cocks of cum.
"In closing, Penny has become a very skilled slut, which I believe the corporation can use in many ways, from rewarding agents, to employees, to board members.  I recommend setting her up here at the compound permanently.  The only addition I would make would be that all outside communications be turned only to porn channels and information.  No standard news outlets should be allowed."
Dr. Hormaker picks up his cell... dials a number.
"Go ahead and find another one..."



  1. I only started reading you in the past couple months...could you link to the original story?

    1. Glad to have you on board! Please do me the favor of following me? I'd appreciate it!

      As for the previous posts, on the right side of the screen you should see years and months of previous posts... go to October 2016, you'll see the first 3 parts.

  2. Ohey Kayla. My Clifty got so hard and leaked a lot on this one. Mmmmmmm. Yummy