Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Asian Transformation Part 2

It started slowly, but it happened.  After injecting herself with more of the DNA virus, Dani changed even more. 
Shrinking in height, her boobs slowly grew out along with her ass.  She had no inhibitions, she would play with herself any time, any where.
Nathan had managed to keep people away from their lab since it happened, and had said that Daniel was on a business trip, so they were covered there for the meantime until he could cure Daniel.
Problem was, Dani was losing interest in being cured.  Her main interests involved playing with her pussy...

She had managed to escape once, finding a way out through the AC ductwork.  But it was simple to find her, she had only gone down a block and had to squirt her juices onto the ground.  A side effect of her change, she was making huge quantities of female ejaculate.

Usually, without warning, Dani would tremble, then have to squat and her body would convulse in orgasm, her fluids flowing from her pussy in streams.
Nathan was concerned about this, but Dani didn't care, it just felt good to her!
"Naateeee come here baby!" Dani had said that day, bending over at the waist... Nate knew what she had wanted, her smile obvious.  He couldn't do this to his brother!
Nathan had even gone so far as to hire someone to try to control Daniel.  He was rough, but it worked for a time.  Daniel had calmed down. 

I was during this intense training that Daniels mind showed signs of recovery.

Daniel had assisted Nathan in several of the calculations.  But for some reason always seemed fearful of his trainer.

Nathan, concerned for his brother, installed camera's to watch his next session, and was horrified.
The trainer had been teasing Daniel sexually!
Twisting his nipples, pulling hair, causing her to orgasm several times.
But the most serious issue was with the trainer massaging Daniels new breasts.
No one knew what would happen... when stimulated so much...
They swelled up several cup sizes!  Daniel's mind, horrified at what was happening, snapped after the trainer pierced her nipples and clit...
The trainer was fired immediately.
The Dani\Daniel personality had started to combine due to the stress and training of the man.  Nathan worried if there was any going back.

"Nathan, where you at brother?" Dani said out loud... She had gone into Nathans private office, which was not allowed since her transformation.  Especially after the 2nd injection.  Dani had liked what had happened after that 2nd one, and after her training!  It had made her shorter but bigger in her boobies and butt!
Dani looked around the office, looking for an appointment book or something, and smelled a strange odor... familiar but strong.  She looks at his laptop, which has a camera in her room?  Looking down into the trash she sees..
Condoms!  Filled... with cum?
Dani, shivering in delight, can't stop herself from pulling out her boobies and pulling up her dress... stroking her pussy, she realizes that her brother has been jerking off watching her...
Dani cums as she realizes this... the pleasure shooting through her body.
Kneeling before the trashcan of cum filled condoms, Dani realizes that Nate has been doing this a long time, as there are dozens of condoms.. filled with his cum...
Dani's pussy tingles thinking of Nate watching her...
Picking up one of the many condoms, she looks at it in wonder... lifts it up... and suckles on the reservoir tip...  Dani's pussy quivers and leaks out cream as she does so...
"Oh my, that tastes soooooo good!!!  How many of these are fresh..."
Dani picks up the trashcan, puts it on the desk, and starts to go through the condoms picking out the ones that appear to have the most and freshest semen in them.
As if in a daze, Dani picks up condoms, chews on the ends of them, creating little holes in the ends, the cum leaking into her mouth.
"OH IT TASTES SO GOOD!!" cries out Dani.
"MMmmmmmmm" Dani's body shivers in pleasure as she slowly sucks out the cum from the condoms.
Grabbing another, she doesn't waste any time and dumps the contents directly into her mouth, dripping onto her body as she does so.
Savoring each and every drop, Dani sucks each condom dry.
One after the other...
Condom after condom filling her stomach... dripping onto her body, semen from her brothers cock and balls...
"Oh Nate... I know how you taste now... I will have your fresh cum inside me!  I have to have it!"
Dani forces out cum from the last condoms onto her body...
Cooing in pleasure, she empties out one after the other...
She smears each load onto her body, down to her pierced pussy, covering herself in her brothers cum...
"Oh Nate, I need this... I need Daddy's cum on me... Daddy's cum..."
"Nate isn't my brother any more... he helped create me... he's my Daddy.  Now I have to convince him it's true."
With about 12 loads of Nate's cum on her body, Dani's body absorbs the cum through her skin and ingestion, her belly rumbling as she digests it.
What no one knows is how addicted she now is to cum!
To Be Continued...


  1. WOW this one and the penny for thoughts one were both incredible! I love the humiliating acts and bondage and being addicted to cum! Incredible! I wish this could happen to me!

    1. Maybe one day soon! I'm glad you enjoy it... I think Asian will be around a while... Penny I think I'm wrapping up... she may pop up now and then though! Just like a bad Penny!

  2. Hmmmm, this one is interesting so far. I still wanna see more of the Admit It story tho :)