Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ming Lee

Wendy watched her beloved husband, Davis, giggling at him.
She had found out that Davis had cheated on her 3 years ago with his secretary, a little 25 yr old Asian girl named Ming Lee.  She had gotten pregnant, and he had her deported so that Wendy wouldn't find out.
6 months ago, Wendy was contacted by Ming's grandmother, and was told the whole story.  Ming and the baby had passed away during childbirth.  It had taken her grandmother this long to get up the courage to go through Ming's things, and had found several letters concerning their relationship.  Davis had refused to allow Ming to come back to the states, and her grandmother blamed him for their deaths.  She demanded retribution, and had come up with a plan.  Create a new Ming Lee out of the bastard Davis... and she had just the way to do it.
Wendy agreed.  Their marriage had been over for years, and they both were looking for a way out.  It looked as if Wendy had just won that battle.
Faking an attempt to reconcile, Wendy seduced Davis.  As they had sex, Wendy injected Davis with a viral agent that Ming's grandmother sent to her.  The effect was almost immediate.
Davis arched his back and screamed, his cock swelling hard and spurting out cum...
"Oh my God.. what waaaaassssstTTHHAAATTTT!!!!" Davis moaned, again spurting a huge load of cum onto the bed.
Wendy walked over to her dresser, and pulled out a butt plug.  Smiling and walking over to Davis, she looked down at him.  "Bend over dear..."
Doing as he is told for some reason, he bends over.  Wendy, lubing up the plug just a bit, shoves it deep into his ass.  As it fills him, she see's his ass literally swell to accommodate it.  She switches it on to a medium vibration.  "Now, come sit over here on the edge of the stool..." she orders him.
Davis walks over to the stool, and sits down, pushing the plug deeper into himself.
"Lean back, and watch your body... Ming Lee!"
Looking down in horror, he see's breasts develop on his chest, his nipples engorging and swelling up. 
The room seems to grow around him, as everything changes... He had shrunk down to 5'6" from his towering 6', and it looked like he was still going.
The vibrator in his ass hummed noisily away, as he moaned in arousal, his voice becoming high pitched each time.
Wendy watches, as his features changed to that of a girl of Asian descent... his skin darkening somewhat.
Tensing up, Davis cums again... his cock drooling out the cum from the tip.
"Look at the little slut cumming like a common whore... when you're finished, you'll look just like your old flame Ming Lee... and you will live out her life... but instead of a secretary, you'll work in the local brothel.  Serving all those manly cocks... knowing you used to have one... should make you feel so humiliated!  Enjoy your new life honey!  You're new owners will be here soon to pick you up."  Wendy closes the door, as Davis squirms on the couch.
Davis cums again, mewling in pleasure more and more as his... her body changes more and more... images of men and their hard cocks fill her mind... her body wracked with pleasure... her cock and balls shrinking with each load that drools out of her...