Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Friday, July 28, 2017


 This is the 6th weekend in a row that you've taken XGen... and you've had man after man fuck you all weekend... ass, pussy, and mouth.  Though you didn't taste or have any cum fill you.  You can't.
You always had them use condoms, not wanting to get stuck as this fantasy slut, their cum sometimes covering you, the used condoms are on the floor and on your body.  The cum would change you permanently if to much was swallowed or pumped into your ass or pussy.  You could have one load inside you, it would extend your time as a female by a week, but more than that, it starts being weeks, and then months, then permanently.
But you've come to love being a slut... the orgasms were addicting... you crave it so much so that you remained on all fours this time, waiting for your room mate to come home.  You want one more cock to fuck you... then you'll change back...
You hear your front door open...
"What the hell... who are you?  Jack, what the fuck why's there a girl on the floor..." Brent asks, thinking that she's just some woman and Jack is in the apartment somewhere.
"Brent... OH Brent, I need one more... please... please..." you ask... you wiggle your ass at him, a used condom stuck between your ass cheeks.
"How do you know my name?"
"Brent, it's me, Jack... I need a cock in me, please!  One more before I change back.... please!"
"Jack, what the fuck man... you're taking that XGen junk?  You know you can get stuck like this, right?"
"I don't care!  Give it to me please!!!  I wanna cum again, feeling a hard cock in me, before I change back... get a condom out of the bowl... hurry!"
Brent kneels down, and see's all the condoms on the floor... full condoms.
"What the fuck man... how long... how often are you doing this?"
"Every weekend for... the past month and a half..."
"You know you've got writing on your butt... is it true, Jack, this is what you want to be?"
Hanging your head down, you cry softly.
"No... I don't... but yes... at the same... time..." you say... in your mind you cry out 'NO!!!!'
You jump as his hands touch you, start caressing your ass... you feel your pussy contract wildly...
"Oh God Brent... the urges are so strong... just one more, please..."
Brent notices that Jack's pussy is literally drooling... the smell of a woman in heat is stronger than ever...
"I'll give you a mercy fuck, Jack..." Brent says... a smile crossing his face.
"Oh thank you thank you so much... I need it so bad..." she wiggles her ass, and the condom stuck there falls to the floor.
"I can tell.  You're crotch is soaked.  How many men today, Jackie..." he says, changing the name to a more feminine one. 
" least 10... I'm not sure... S..Some went multiple times... Oh God help me get off of this XGen, Brent... please... I want to be normal again.  I don't want to be this way..."
"Let's do this first, then we'll talk..." Brent says, grabbing a condom.
Stripping off his clothes, he walks over, and kneels down behind the moaning, transformed man.
"You have the most fantastic ass... Do you like being a slut, Jackie?  All those guys fucking you in the ass and pussy?  Feeling their heavy, cum filled balls slapping your clit?  You like it don't you?"
" I got hooked it's wrong and I can't help it now... but you can help me..."
"You want me to help you be normal, Jackie?"
Jackie moans... "Yes... Yes... please Brent..."
Brent grabs her ass and spreads it wide...
"Look at that.  All those juices just trickling out of you..."
Brent looks down at his mewling friend, pouring lube onto her ass... she gasps in pleasure as she feels it hit her hot skin.
Brent smiles, putting on the condom.
Lining up with her asshole, Brent pauses for a moment.
"Look at you.  I don't think you know what normal is anymore.  I think you don't want to change back, Jackie.  I think you want to stay this way, don't you?"
"No... no please... stick it in me... fuck my ass..." she whimpers.
Brent looks down, Jackie's flesh quivering she wants it so badly.  He pulls back from her ass.  "No, I don't think so.  I think you want something else, don't you little girl... your normal isn't being what you once were..."
"What... what are you doing?" she says, her voice quivering.
"You're too weak to ever be a man again, Jackie.  You can't stop yourself.  You don't want to.  The man I knew would never do this to himself..."
"Brent please, I'll stop!  I just need one... more please!  What's that you.. you put on my ass... what is that... I can't tell..."
"Something I'll never use with you.  Jackie, we're making a change here tonight, one that will satisfy both of us... well, at least ME."
Brent smiles down as he puts his hand on her ass, lines up his cock, and slowly eases into her pussy.
Jackie's eyes widen as she feels bare skin!
"Brent please no!!! Don't it's to rissssky... Oooh to do... with..out condddooommmmmOOOOHHHHhh!"
Jackie's fingers claw at the carpet as Brent's cock fills her pussy, stretching it out.  The hot feeling of flesh fills her... for the first time she feels a cock filling her bareback...
Her back arches as Brent starts to slowly pump into her.
"Noooooo please Brent don't!!!  UGGHhhhhh OOhhhhh fuck... fuck... noooooo" Jackie moaned and screamed as his cock sped up, pumping deeper and deeper...
"Ugghhh yeah... month and a half... you've done this to yourself, Jackie... You just need a Master to control your life from now on... a REAL man to hold your leash... a REAL man to help you get  your addiction to cock filled... not stopped, no.  I want you always addicted... addicted to dick!" Brent says.
"Oh please... don't make me... don't do this..."
"I didn't... Uggg do... anything... Damn even after all those cocks you're still tight... Shit... gonna... gonaa cum in you already!"
"NOOOOOOOOOO!!" Jackie screams as she feels Brent's cock swell inside her, it pistoning in and out of her pussy.
"UGggggghh yeah..... fuck... YEaaaahhh!!!!" Brent yells, his cock pumping load after load into her spasming pussy...
Jackie's body shudders violently for a moment as it absorbs the huge load of cum.  As Brent fills her pussy for the first time, it streams out of her pussy, dripping onto the floor.  Her eyes roll back into her head and her head hangs down... her body tingling strongly as it he cum is absorbed.
"Yeah, there you go... there's what... a week or so?" Brent laughs.
Brent leans back on the wall in front of Jackie, spent for the moment.  He picks up a condom filled with cum, as Jackie is still kneeling on the floor, her body shuddering still.
"Put this in your mouth and chew it until it breaks, then swallow the cum, Jackie."
"W..what?  No please... I'm stuck... stuck for a week..."
"Do it now, bitch!" Brent yells at her.
Jackie whimpers, but puts it in her mouth and chews on it like gum.  It doesn't take long for it to break, and the cum fills her mouth, and she swallows it.  The tingling in her body returns... her pussy quivers as she has a small orgasm just from the taste of the cum.
Eye's closed, she spits out the empty condom, but Brent stuffs another in her mouth... she chews it as well, it breaking even quicker than the previous one, it's cum swallowed eagerly now by Jackie.
15 minutes later, as Jackie's head hangs down, the tingling in her body keeping her in a constant orgasm, tears fall to the floor as the former male cries.
"See?  You can't control yourself at all any longer... look at you Jackie.  You're already stroking my cock..."
"Brent... I don't want this... I'm already stuck for months now... I don't know how long... I don't know how many more times will make it permanent... please don't do this..."
"I'm not making you stroke me, Jack." Brent says, for the first time in a while using the former man's male name.  "You stop right now, and I'll help you over the next few months.  Stop stroking my dick, Jack."
Jackie tries to stop... but her hand only slows down... she can't let go of it... her eyes look into his, then down to the cock in her hand... her mouth waters... her pussy drools and spasms seeing pearls of pre-cum seeping from the tip.
Brent slowly pushes Jackie against the wall as he stands... her hand still stroking him.
"You see?  Jack is no more.  Only Jackie remains..."
Brent pushes her down, grabs Jackie's chin, and slowly shoves his cock into her mouth.
"Noooooo MMpphhhhhh...." Jackie whimpers.
Jackie gurgles and gags on Brent's shaft as it starts going in and out of her... filling her mouth.
"That's it, take it all down... loosen your throat... good... You'll be a good little cocksucker with some more training.  And you'll be getting plenty of that, my sweet little slut..."
Jackie mewls and moans as his cock pumps into her mouth and throat... Brent's hands holding her head steady.  Her chin is hit by his swaying balls, and her drool drips down her chin onto her chest.
"Good girl, Jackie.  I can feel you changing... your technique improving... Mmmm that's a talented tongue you have.  Are you sure that you didn't suck cock as a man?" Brent laughs.
Jackie whimpers in shame, her feelings of lust increasing as his cock hits the back of her throat, and her throat opens allowing it to go all the way into her, deep throating it.  Her drool drips from her mouth.
"Now lick my shaft, slut... good, taste that pre-cum, good..."
Moaning softly, Jackie can't resist rubbing his cock over her face, his pre-cum and her saliva making her face slick.
Brent pushes her down onto the floor, grabs his belt, wrapping it around her neck... he lays on top of her and slides his cock between her legs.
"I'm going to get you a collar, my pet.  Get used to this feeling of leather around your pretty little neck."
"Please Brent don't... I don't wanna be a slut... I wanna... Oooooooo" she moans as his cock slips between her thighs and rubs her clit...
"I don't think so, Jackie... no... I don't think so... you're too female now... you'll NEVER be able to stop yourself..."
"Pleeeeaaasseeeeeee nOOOOOOooooo!" Jackie cries out as she cums from his cock on her clit.
Brent grips the belt and leans down, getting into her face as his legs spread hers apart...
"You will be a woman for the REST of your LIFE!  You'll be MINE!" he growls.
"You aren't going to have a choice, slut.  When I'm done with you, you'll be stuck like this, forever horny for dicks..."
"You won't have ANY identity..." he whispers in her ear.  Her legs spread further apart...
"You will have to rely completely on me, Jackie, for food, shelter..."
He leans up and pushes himself deep into her pussy, and lets it sit there for a second...
He then starts slowly pumping his cock into her. 
She lifts up her legs, spreading herself... he looks at her actions. 
She's hooked.
"There, you see yourself?" he laughs softly.
"Jackie loves having a fat cock in her pussy, don't you Jackie!  You love being fucked!  TELL ME NOW JACKIE!!"
"YES YES I LOVE IT I LOVE DICKS FUCKING ME OH GOD HELP ME I LOVE BEING A SLUT!  FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK MASTER!!" Jackie screams.  Her eyes widen as she feels his cock start throbbing inside, then his hot jizz filling her pussy.
Jackie screams in pleasure as she orgasms several times, as his cock floods her pussy...
Brent leans up and looks between Jackie's quivering thighs, and see's his cum trickling out of her pussy.
"Come on slut, no time for crying..." Brent says, grabbing her head and lifting her up... and shoving his cock directly into her mouth.  Jackie moans and starts sucking automatically.
"Damn slut, you just can't stop yourself can you?" Brent says, feeling himself get hard again as she sucks and cleans his cock.  Feeling her heavy breasts, Brent smiles.  Eventually he'll get her implants, go up to a EEE cup...
Jackie squirms as his hands play with her tits, causing her to moan in delight.
"Ugghhh yeah... damn girl..." he groans, as his hips start fucking her mouth.  She slurps on his cock loudly, her body trembling.
"Ok, slut... stop... stop it... I SAID STOP!" he yells, grabbing her hair.
"You will STOP when I tell you to stop is THAT CLEAR!"
"Yes... yes Master I'm sorry..."
"Not sorry enough..." Brent says, grabbing her throat.
"You need a shower, whore..." he says, dragging her to the bathroom.
"When I use you, you'll be clean, slut.  I expect it every day.  Even after your little gangbangs, before you can lay in my bed, you will shower and clean your slutty little pussy... repeat what I just said..."
"I will s..shower and clean my pussy..."
"No, I said repeat!" he hisses in her ear.
"I will shower and clean my slutty little pussy before I lay in Masters bed..."
"Good whore..."
Jackie whimpers...
Jackie feels her body becoming more and more sensitive... the loads of cum she's injested and taken in her pussy are taking their toll on her... she knows time is added, she just doesn't know how much right now... at least several months... and if this continues on, it will be the rest of her life... but now she doesn't know how to stop him...
Or herself.
She yelps out in pain\pleasure as his cock is shoved into her ass.
"Going to make sure this hole has enough cum in it as well, my sweet slut..."
"Ooohhh Master please... so much time... no more cum please Master I beg of you..."
Her answer is the slapping of her ass against him, his arms locking hers... his shaft pumping into her ass.
"Mmmm damn girl you have such an ass... did you make it extra sensitive too?  I bet you did... You love taking a cock in the ass, don't you Jackie?"
Jackie whimpers.
She moans as he pulls her closer to him... his cock still deep in her.
"Hmmm you need a better view..."
He pulls her over to the counter, and pulls one of the used condoms from there... apparently she had been fucked in the bathroom too..
"Another condom filled with jizz..." he laughs.  He wraps it around his fingers being sure that the semen is in the middle as he wraps it around her mouth like a horses bridal.
"Just look at you... my God, you used to be a man, now look at what you've become... a slave to me, to all men really.  I'm just ballsy enough to TAKE you as mine."
Jackie moans and mewls as he holds her... his cock pumping into her ass slowly but steadily... her pussy contracting wildly.
"Mmphhhhh MMmmmmMMmmm"
"What's that?  You want to chew on this too?  If you insist... "
Brent stuffs the filled condom into her mouth...
"Chew it, make sure that cum fills your mouth and you swallow all of it..."
Jackie whimpers, her mouth and teeth shredding the condom, the cold cum filling her mouth.
"That's it.  Every time you have cum in you, your time as a woman increases... until the point of no return.  I'm going to make sure that happens, Jack."
"I'm going to make sure that you never change back... I'm even going to make you use XGen again... I hear it does wonders to those that have abused it..."
You gasp as Brent pumps into her faster.  His body slapping against your ass...
Like so many times over the last few days, you start loving the feeling of a man inside you.  You feel every vein, every ridge...  You whimper as he pulls out for a moment, but then cry out in pleasure as he rams back into your pussy!
You feel your pussy clamp down onto his cock, it's muscles milking it.
All you can do is gasp and moan in pleasure as he takes you, your ass presented to him.  You didn't even realize you had done that...
He pushes your head down onto the counter, and grabs one of your tits, mauling it.  Sparks of electricity go straight to your pussy, and you cum around his thrusting cock!
"Cum on me, whore..." he whispers to you... and you do...
"AAhhhhhhhh Master please... OOHHHH!!!" you scream as your pussy spasms uncontrollably.
He shoves you against the mirrored door, cracking it, his cock still planted deep within you.
He starts pumping into you, pulling your hair... your body quakes in response, your eyes wide.
He kisses the back of your neck... sending sparks through your body...
His pumping cock deep in you... and you feel something building inside you...
You gasp with each thrust inside you as he holds your arms... your ass jiggles with each and every thrust...
"AAAHHHHHHHHHH!" you yell as an orgasm crashes over you... but that other feeling... that building inside of you... it's not an orgasm...
You moan out loud as he pulls you to him, his hand gripping your throat...
"I want you to think about what your life is going to be like from now on, Jackie... once you earn enough money, you're getting implants."
"No.. please no..." you moan to him hoping for mercy.
You don't get any.
As the sounds of his and your body fill the room, you think about your past... and find some of it gone from memory...
Your back arches as he pulls down on your head... and your body quivers in another small orgasm... your ass pushes back onto his cock...
Your hands start kneading your breasts, almost milking them...
"That's it Jackie... give into your desires... it's what your destined to be..."
"NNHhhhhhughhhhh Ugghhhhh OHhhhhhhh" you moan and whimper as his cock fills you...

"Soon, very soon, your former life will be nothing but a far away memory..."
He grabs your neck, forcing you to look at you as he speaks... his hands forcing you to look at yourself...
"Just imagine, Jackie, what you'll be like in 6 months... a year... after we're through with you... how much of a slut you'll be..." he smiles, thrusting harder to make his point...
You cry out in pleasure at the thoughts filling your lust addled mind...
You squirm back onto his cock... the feeling of being fucked and used is so good... your body tingles, that wave of pleasure still building within you...
He grabs your waist, pulls you back... your face lays against the mirror as you feel his cock throbbing...
"OOohhhhh Brent... OHhh GOD HELP ME!!!" you cry out, but the only response you hear is Brent's laughter.
"That's it... beg.  Beg for your former life... MMmm damn... your ass is milking my cock... you must want this cum REAL bad... adding another month at being my personal whore... you must want it real bad, Jackie... you must want to be a whore...
You feel the pressure building faster within you... an orgasm like no other approaches... As his cock swells within you, the orgasm that's been building breaks, and washes over you like a hot blanket, your body quaking violently as your eyes roll back into your head... you gasp for breath as you let out a scream that builds and builds as your pussy quivers and drools, and spasms in orgasm, as his cock finally, with several thrust, releases a flood of his cum deep, deep into your ass.
You realize that Brent is fucking whatever part of a male that is left inside you, out of you... and it will leave nothing but a sex addicted slut...
And that thought causes you to cum again...
In the morning, you wake up to someone shoving something into your mouth... you look down and see it's a pair of Brent's worn underwear, probably from last night...
"You need to get used to the taste, Jackie whore..." he says to you...
You whimper as he holds the underwear in your mouth... you smell and taste his crotch in them... and it causes you to moan.  He slips his cock into your pussy for the first time today, and within minutes, you orgasm around his pumping shaft.
Brent rolls you over slightly, and whispers into your ear...
"Welcome to your new life, Jackie!" he says, just as you feel his cock throb and swell inside you, then his cock floods your pussy with semen, causing you to cum again and again...
For the rest of your life...


  1. Oh man what a story. I love the loss of control and how she gives in reluctantly.

  2. Mmmm... I loved that story!