Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Set an Example

Monica smiles as she sips her wine.  Sitting on the couch across from her husband and new boyfriend, she lazily plays with her slit as her boyfriend, Brad, holds onto her husband... well, ex-husband and ex-man, Neil, now called Carletta.  The new 'gurl' moans and whimpers as she sinks down onto his cock.
Carletta's own clitty is rock hard, her breasts bouncing on her chest, as Brad easily holds up the small 'gurl'.
Carletta moans in pleasure as Brad's cock slips in and out of her sissy pussy, her clitty cock leaking huge amounts of sissy juice from the tip.
Monica reaches over for the vibrator on the end table, and spreads her legs, teasing herself as she watches her former husband pleasure her new man.
Soon Carletta will be starting her own escort business, and bringing all the money home to Monica.  Best way to deal with her cheating husband.  Best way to show her new boyfriend to not fuck with her.
Carletta squeals as her clitty shoots high into the air, her juices landing on the carpet, almost hitting Monica. 
Carletta's breasts swell a cup size, her clitty cock shrinking down an inch.  Her entire body trembles as it also shrinks down.  Soon she'll be all of 5 ft tall...Soon, real soon, Carletta will be past the point of no return. 
Inside Carletta's mind, Neil screams in horror... and pleasure as his clitty explodes again...

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