Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Monday, July 17, 2017

Mike to Megan - Miles

"You better be quiet, Miles... she may hear us... "

"Ain't no way, baby.  She's been fucked to sleep.  All I was thinking of was you, Melissa.  You... how many more times do we have to... well, I guess how many times do I have to cum inside her?"
"It's almost there.  We'll be able to tell as her fixation will be on men only.  When that happens, 2 loads of cum inside her will seal her forever... that last time we'll tell her about what's going to happen to her if she doesn't stop... she won't be able to of course..." Melissa giggles.  "That will be priceless, won't it?  It will be all up to her whether or not she goes back to Mike, or she traps herself as Megan." Melissa starts fondling herself... "MMmmm it makes me so hot..."
"That's so fucked up baby... I love it... I love you..." Miles says as he grabs Melissa.
"I love you to Miles... we're so close to being together, forever..." Melissa says, kissing him.
As they kiss, Miles quickly removes his clothes... his cock rock hard as he does so.
Grabbing her, he spins her around and pushes himself into her already wet pussy, causing her to moan loudly... she muffles herself before she is heard.
The sounds of flesh slapping flesh fill the room, with her mewling softly...
"You're my bitch now, Melissa... Mine.  I'm glad you're turning your sissy husband Mike into a whore... and so are you, aren't you?  You liked watching her act like a slut... sucking cock, getting fucked, acting just like the slut she will be... for the rest of her life... unable to control her lusts, because of what YOU DID TO HIM."
"Oh God yes it was so.... UUGHHHH YEAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!" Melissa cries out as her body is wracked with orgasm after orgasm.
Miles cock explodes inside Melissa, setting off several more orgasms... she holds on as he pumps deep into her, slowing down until he is finally spent...
Gasping for breath, he finally says... holding her tightly...
"Are you sure about this... changing him permanently... we can stop now and eventually he'll return to his former shape... a little fucked in the head, but..."
"NO.  I want it this way... I want him to wonder why he can't stop, why he loves cock... he'll always wonder why he can't stop himself... even as he brings children into the world, he'll still desire men... I want him to be a total and complete nymphomaniac for men.  It's what I WANT." she says, squeezing her pussy muscles around his cock, milking the last bit of cum from him.
"Yes, ma'am." Miles says, then kisses her gently.
"Damnit, I hope this won't stain!  Melissa, what do..."
"Just go change tops and throw it in the wash... it's fine."
"I think someone is still thinking about those dreams she had last night, all that bondage and stuff..." Melissa laughs.
"I am not!  It was just an accident, is all..." Megan protests, but inside her heart flutters thinking about it, the men, the sex...
"Just go get another top.  Guest room, top drawer.  Josh is in there, he's still asleep.  That was so hot you pretending that he's our master and all... I'm still worked up thinking about it..."
Megan smiles thinking of the night before.  Oddly, she still felt a need to obey him... "It's just in my head... right?" she thinks.
"So when do I change back?"
"Come on, we need this 'girlfriend time' that we have... I feel so much closer to you now.  Besides... just a few more days...." Melissa smiles... lying.  A few more days if he can stop himself... a lifetime if he can't.
"I know... but I can't wait to make love to you again..."  Megan says... but feels strange about the comment, almost as if... she wasn't interested.
"Oh girl, I'm no lesbian!" Melissa laughs...
"Funny!  I meant as a man..." Megan says, and walks away, not catching Melissa's knowing smile.
Walking down the hall, Megan doesn't notice how she walks, with a sway in her hips, head up... a very proud, sexy woman.
Listening carefully at the door, she hears no sounds... and opens it slowly.
"Good, still asleep... gotta keep quiet..." she thinks.
"He smells so good... " she thinks as she opens the drawer... still feeling drawn to her Master... Josh... her pussy tingles as she thinks of the night before...
Finding the top she wants, she pulls her dirty top off, and starts to put on the clean one.
"Don't do that on account of me..." Josh (Miles) says.
"Oh!  I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you, I just needed a shirt... please, go back to sleep."
"How could I do that with such a beautiful woman half naked in the room..." he says.
Megan giggles and leans back onto the dresser, closing the drawer.
"Stop, now last night was fun, but..." Megan tries to say.
"But what?  We're two consenting adults.  I'm just saying we should have a good morning kiss is all..."
"Well, ok, I guess..."
Grabbing her head, Josh pulls her close and kisses her deeply.  Megan's arms slowly wrap around his waist... the shirt falls to the floor as Megan moans softly.  There bare chests touch, she feels his body against hers... and she likes it.
He moves her to the other side of the room...
She suddenly feels the bed beneath her... and sit's down on the edge as they continue kissing.
"No... got to... stop... kissing... Mmmmmm..." she thinks to herself... but gives in... her desires growing quickly...
"Ohhh God... MMmmm baby... oOOohhhhh... no, should stop..." she moans as he fondles her breast...
His strong body covers her... she weakens quickly as she lays back... his hands grabbing at her waistband of her leggings...
He sucks first on one nipple... causing her to gasp...
Then the other, his tongue licking around her breasts... she feels a heat inside of her...
"No, Josh, I shouldn't... breakfast..."
"I think you should, baby... It's ok..." Josh says.
Suddenly, it all seemed ok to Megan.
She reaches up and kisses him again... any control she has slipping away.
"I'm going to take off your pants, Megan..." he says to her... she nods weakly, obeying him...
"It's ok Megan, you want this." Josh says, smiling, watching her reaction.  As long as he tells her she wants it or forms the sentence as a command, she does it, willingly.
"Mmmmm I can't wait to taste you... you love having your pussy eaten, don't you Megan?"
"I... OOhhhhhh yes... that feels good... OOooohhhh...."
"AAhhhh AAAHHHHH! OH YESSSS CUMMINGGGGG!!!" Megan screams as his tongue licks on her sensitive clit.
"OH yes lick me LICK MEEEEEEE!" she pushes her crotch up into Josh's face, her juices starting to flow out of her pussy, down her ass.
"Mmmm you taste so good, I think you're ready for a dick, aren't you?"
Megan's pussy twitches at the thought... and nods her head...
Megan rolls over and gets on all fours... knowing she loves this position... shakes her head for a moment... "Wait... maybe we shouldn't..."
Josh grabs her ass, and roughly massages it, his fingers massaging her hole gently, causing bolts of pleasure to rush through her.
"Oohhh that feels so good... OHhhh..." she moans and whimpers... Josh pulls her backwards...
"Yeah, you love cock, Megan.  That's for sure..." Josh says, sliding his cock slowly into Megan.
Megan thinks to last night... how she did seem to love cocks... she came so much... she thought it was the alcohol that caused her to lose her inhibitions... but as Josh's cock sunk deeper into her, she may be wrong...
Megan moans loudly as his cock hits her cervix... her eyes close in pleasure... then his cock pulls out... back in... she spreads her ass for him, and she feels his balls slap her clit.
"Yeah little Megan... addicted to dick.  Megan's addicted to dick.  You can't get enough."
Megan whimpers in pleasure, the words filling her head just like last night... helping to reiterate what she was hearing last night...
"Oh my God... it feels so good to let it all go... to be filled... I.. I love to be fucked!  This is SO much better than being... than being... what I was..." she thinks to herself. 
Josh rolls her over so they face each other... her whimpering as his cock spins inside her pussy...
"Oooooohh..." she moans loudly...
Moaning and groaning in delight, Megan's pussy milks Josh's cock expertly... as if it knows the outcome of all of this...
"Oh this feels so good... I don't know if I ever... ever want to... stop... if I ever want to go back to being Mike..." Megan thinks to herself.
"OOOOOHHHH PLEAAASSEEE CUMMINNNGGGG!!!" Megan screams as an orgasm washes over her, her legs folded over, his cock continuing to pump deep into her.
Megan thrashes around on the bed, pulses of pure pleasure wrack her mind and body... when suddenly Megan realizes that Mike is losing himself, and in turn will lose Melissa!
"What... what am I doing... I'm... I've got to stop.. Josh I'm...Ooooo I'm sorry... stop please..."
"It's... ugghhh to late... UGG getting to close... to cumming!" he says to her... knowing he could stop, but he's going to push forward.  Make her give in again!  "I'm so close, Megan..."
Megan whimpers... thinks to herself... "Just... one more time... then I can not have sex... any.... OHHhhhh moooooreeeee!!!"
"Finish baby... cum in me, give me your seed... I want it... I want to feel it fill me up!" Megan moans, and realizes she's really into this, she almost  believes herself...
Josh smiles knowingly.  She was fighting it but gave in again to a man... even now her pussy is clamping down on his cock... another orgasm building inside her... this time though he will cum as well!
"Oh yeah, baby... gonna cum!  OHHH YEAHHHHHH!" Josh grunts, his cock throbbing, jerking inside her pussy as it explodes, filling her pussy with his cum... setting off another orgasm in her as her body trembles and quakes as his cum fills her up.
As they lay there, Megan feels Master's... Josh's cum seeping out of her...
"Mmmm that was wonderful... Thank you Megan." Josh says.
She smiles at him... then kisses him.  "It was wonderful... but we're going to have to stop..." she's says meekly. 
Josh smiles at her.  "Why don't you taste my seed leaking out of you, see how you like the taste.  You'll love it."
Without thinking, her hand wonders down to her leaking pussy, and scoops up a large dollop of his cum, and licks and cleans her fingers.
"He's right, it tastes so good... but I can't continue this... I've got to be strong for my... ummm... my marriage..." she thinks.
"I knew you'd love it.  It's so addictive, isn't it?" he asks.
She nods, again tasting their mixed juices.
She closes her eyes... and drifts off...
Someone grabs her hips, she feels the hard, hot head of a cock at her pussy, then feels as it slides into her slowly... filling her up as it sinks deeper and deeper into her... her eyes close in pleasure as the stranger starts pumping into her slowly, her bottoms around her knees keeping them close together, so that she can give him the most pleasure.
As her tits wobble on her chest, she feels an orgasm well up from deep inside her, causing her to wail in pleasure as she cums multiple times, and as she feels his cock swelling inside her, it explodes, filling her pussy with the cum she craves...
Melissa watches using the hidden camera's in Megan's room as Megan continues losing herself to her femininity...  Miles had carried her into the guest bedroom and had gone to work.  It was up to Melissa for now to be sure that Mike's fate continues down the path to whoredom.
Megan wakes up suddenly, and looks around the room.  The dream was so real, like the other one from last night!  Her hand reaches down to her sopping crotch, still leaking out some of Josh's cum from earlier in the morning.  Megan slowly fingers herself, moaning softly as her and Josh's juices trickle out onto her fingers.  Megan lifts them to her nose, smelling her fingers, and moans again, then cleans her hand by licking it.  Her body quivers...
Leaning back... she closes her eyes and continues to play with herself... moaning and whimpering.
"Oooh yes fuck... fuck me there.... cum in me.... OOhhhhh..." she moans softly to herself.
"Yes yes... OH yesssss..." she whimpers, the camera picking up her pussy spasming around her fingers as they plunge into her, her legs spread for her imaginary lover.
Offscreen, her hand hits something on the bed, and she grabs it, looking at it curiously.  Her face shows that she knows what it is, and she brings it down to her pussy... a vibrator, left conveniently by Melissa.
Megan squeals in pleasure as it touches her clit, her legs quaking as she manipulates her pussy...
Her legs spread even more as she moans loudly, her head rolling back, and loud squishing sounds coming from her crotch as she orgasms multiple times.  She squeals and moans softly, trying to muffle her cries as she does so.  The rest of the cum from this mornings sex with Josh trickles out.
 She grabs a tissue and cleans herself.  Walking to the bathroom, she sits on the toilet to relieve herself, still feeling a little weird at having to pee sitting down. 
She starts to throw the tissue in the toilet, when she just starts looking at it oddly... the smell... she can almost... taste...
Without thinking, she starts licking the cum off of the tissue, and her body tingles in pleasure...
"Mmmmmmm that tastes so good..." she squeaks... her voice raspy from a dry mouth.  The taste of semen lingers on her tongue.
Wiping herself (front to back), she stands up and gets a glass of water...
"Time for a shower..." she thinks.
Melissa saves the recording for later.  She'll be selling a compilation of videos to a company that specializes in forced feminization movies.  A little extra hubby can provide her...
Picking up her cell, she dials a number.
"Charles, this is Melissa... You up for a fuck?  ME? No, no, I have a friend..."
To Be Continued...



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